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   Chapter 3 Getting Along With Each Other

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Feeling Adam's intent gaze on her, Cherry feigned an air of annoyance and casually said,

"You know, our marriage will come to an end sooner or later, but your family doesn't seem to think so." In fact, she had already carefully prepared this whole story before Adam had gotten home, so she just recited it from memory. "Anyway, I don't mind giving them a child if it will make them happy, but I just can't give birth to one on my own.

And I don't want my position as Mrs. Mo to be threatened, so I found a woman who will only be responsible for giving birth to the child and nothing else.

Don't worry, she is my junior from school. Her mother just passed away and left her with a mountain of debts, so she came to me for help. Since I'm generous, I offered her this choice, and she agreed." Of course, Adam knew that Cherry was being anything but generous. Although she looked gentle and graceful, deep inside, she was a cruel woman.

What she had done to Elise was the equivalent of pushing her into an abyss.

With an indifferent smile playing at the corners of his mouth, Adam quickly signed his name at the bottom of the agreement.

As he handed the document to her, he looked straight into her eyes. "Cherry, you are playing with fire." With that warning, he left without a second glance.

Cherry wasn't surprised that Adam had seen through her lies, but so what? He had accepted it anyway and even signed the agreement.

If anything, she was proud that she could even corner Adam like this.

'I'm already at the bottom of the abyss. I don't mind being accompanied,' she thought. Then, she smiled like a mango flower blooming on the road to hell, bloodthirsty and red.

After walking out of the villa, Adam called his secretary. "Lucy, get someone to tidy up the Bay Villa and stock it with some women's daily necessities."

Lucy Luo began asking for details, but he quickly cut her off. "I don't care what you get. It's up to you.

Just do it as soon as possible." After hanging up the phone, he got into his car.

As he sat with his hands on the steering wheel, he felt happy and expectant all of a sudden. He was finally going to meet the woman who had given him a headache with her cries.

True to its name, the Bay Villa stood in the southeast corner of Y City, surrounded by the mountains and the sea.

Living in a villa in this area was the highest status symbol in Y City. Even most rich people wouldn't be able to get their hands on one of these villas no matter how hard they tried. However, Elise had easily set foot in a villa here in exchange for having a child.

She had been living here for three days, but Cherry's husband hadn't shown up at all. And after dropping her off here, Cherry hadn't visited her or called her either⁠—not that Elise was complaining, of course. Living alone in this villa was peaceful.

The location was amazing. Standing on the balcony of the second floor, she could see the beach and the sea. At first, she had thought that she wouldn't be able to sleep well in this unfamiliar house surrounded by the sea, but on the contrary, she had slept better than ever, lulled to sleep every night by the calming waves.

On top of that, the villa was unexpectedly stocked with everything she needed, from underwear to clothes for going out.

Elise had a feeling that Cherry must have prepared these things for her, since only Cherry would know her tastes.

Living in such a peaceful atmosphere, she temporarily forgot about the matter of surrogacy. Every morning, she got up and went to work as usual. After returning to the villa, she would cook dinner, take a shower, read books, and enjoy the sea breeze on the balcony.

Today, as usual, Elise cooked dinner after getting home.

Then, she sat at the dining table with dishes of meat, vegetables, soup, and a bowl of rice laid out in front of her.

She chewed every bite of food with relish.

When she was about to have the bowl of soup, her phone on the table rang.


"Elise, where are you now?" Colin's worried and anxious voice came from the other end of the line.

Elise swallowed hard, her eyes filling with tears. She had to take a deep breath to keep them from falling.

"Colin, I..." Her grip on her phone became so tight that her knuckles turned white. She wanted to tell her boyfriend about everything that had happened to her, but in the end, she swallowed her words down.

"Elise, what's wrong? Are you crying? Did something happen?" Colin asked immediately, hearing a slight sob from the other end. He had gone abroad for a month for some work. Now that he was finally back, he had gone straight to Elise's house to give her a surprise. However, Elise unexpectedly wasn't home. Whatever it was, he was glad that she had answered his call. Otherwise, he would have gotten really worried.

"Colin, I'm fine. I just miss you," Elise said, trying to steady her voice as much as possible. Anyway, these words were genuine and from her heart.

"Elise, I miss you too. I want to see you tonight. I have a gift for you." A sweet and gentle smile appeared on Colin's face as he pictured his beloved's face.

"Colin, how about tomorrow? I came over to a colleague's house. It's not convenient for me to go out now," Elise said hurriedly. She really wished she could meet Colin now, but she was not prepared to see him yet.

"All right! See you at the same place tomorrow afternoon." Colin didn't ask any more questions. He trusted Elise completely.

"Bye, Colin." Elise bit her lips and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Bye, Elise. Good night." Colin waited until Elise hung up the phone.

Although the two lovers were filled with longing, distance separated them from each other.

Perhaps this time, their separation wouldn't just be temporary.

Elise, who was still immersed in thoughts of Colin, didn't notice that she was not alone in the villa anymore.

Adam had walked in just as Elise had answered the phone. He always walked with light footsteps, but today, in order to see what Elise was doing alone in his villa, he walked even lighter than usual.

He heard her talking to a man called Colin. And judging from her tone, it was obvious that he was her boyfriend.

Adam hadn't meant to overhear their conversation, but he had arrived at a bad time. When he heard Elise tell Colin that she missed him, he felt like his heart was like being stabbed with a knife.

In an instant, he made his footsteps louder, making his presence conspicuous.

He didn't want to hear this woman calling another man's name on his territory.

From the moment Elise had signed the contract, she belonged to Adam, whether she accepted it or not.

"Are you crying?" Adam asked coldly, taking a seat opposite Elise.

"Who... Who are you?" Elise choked out between sobs. She was obviously frightened by Adam's sudden appearance. Her eyes were wide open with horror and her body was trembling like a rabbit, ready to run away at any time.

"You should know who I am," Adam said lightly, tapping the table.

"I'm hungry. Bring me a bowl of rice," he added after seeing the appetizing food on the table. He subtly touched his stomach, which was growling softly in hunger.

"Y-yes, I'll get you a bowl of rice." Elise went to the kitchen in a hurry and filled a bowl of rice for Adam. At the same time, she thoughtfully heated up the soup in the pot.

"Here you are." Elise set the bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks in front of Adam.

With a frown, Adam took the bowl and began eating.

The whole time, Elise stood opposite him and watched him in fear, worried about how he would react to the food. After twenty minutes of eating elegantly in silence, Adam put down his chopsticks and straightened up. "The food is to my taste. Cook dinner for me from now on."

Elise nodded tentatively. The man in front of her looked cold and arrogant. Even when he was sitting down, he seemed to be towering over her.

Anyone would feel insignificant and humble in his presence. At this moment, she finally wondered whether she had made the wrong decision.

She didn't know how to deal with such an imposing man. It was not difficult for her to cook for one more person, but would he come here to eat every day?

Cherry's husband, a handsome but cold and intimidating man, left a deep impression on Elise.

As if reading her mind, Adam said, "The agreement is very clear about the relationship between the two of us. I won't force you to do anything, so you don't have to be afraid of me. After all, we have to get along with each other for a period of time." He deliberately spoke in a low voice, but it was still far from sounding warm.

"I... I will try my best to not be afraid, Mr. Mo," Elise said, twisting her fingers nervously.


Here's my profile. Have a look." After handing a document with his name on it to Elise, Adam turned around and went to the room on the third floor.

In fact, his room was the master bedroom on the second floor, but after Elise moved in, he had arranged for her to stay there. In his eyes, it was a way for them to slowly become familiar with each other.

"Mr. Mo, you..." Elise hesitated. She wanted to know if they were going to consummate their agreement tonight. After all, she had already signed it and received the money.

"I'm tired. Have a good rest." Adam could sense how nervous Elise was, so he didn't press her. He wanted to give her some time to calm down first.

"Okay." Elise nodded, not fully understanding what he meant. However, a flood of relief rushed through her, and she chuckled.

It seemed that she had been worrying unnecessarily just now.

Elise and Adam lived this way for a week, following the same routine. Nothing happened between the two of them. Except for dinner, Adam spent all his time in the villa on the third floor.

Elise never bothered him either. Every night, she just prepared a midnight snack before going to bed and brought it to Adam's room.

She didn't know why she had begun doing that or what meaning it held. All she knew was that she would feel sorry if she couldn't even do him such a small favor.

They treated each other with great respect. Slowly, Elise got used to Adam's presence, and became less afraid of him.

Finally, the weekend came. Elise was lounging in the villa when she received a call from Colin asking her if they could meet.

She felt sorry that she hadn't been able to meet him the previous time, so she immediately agreed.

After putting on some simple clothes and light make-up, Elise went to the book bar, which was the place they had agreed to meet in. In the past, whenever she and Colin were free, they would come here to read for the whole afternoon and have a date.

A while after she took a seat at their usual spot, Colin arrived.

"Elise, I'm sorry I'm late." With a gentle smile on his face, Colin apologized as soon as he arrived.

"No, I'm the one who's early." Elise shook her head and smiled.

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