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   Chapter 2 Agreeing To Surrogacy

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'Face it bravely?' The cab driver's words echoed in Elise's head as she finally lurched forward into the hospital, rubbing her eyes that were sore and swollen from crying.

Right now, her biggest fear was that her mother would have already taken her last breath.

When she neared her mother's ward, she saw that the light was on and that the room seemed to be buzzing with activity.

She paused at the door, feeling her heart threaten to jump to her mouth. Spotting her, one of the doctors walked forward. "Miss Ai, we have tried our best.

You can go inside to accompany the patient!"

Shaking his head with a sigh, he walked out of the ward, and one by one, the rest of the doctors followed. With tears streaming down her face, Elise tried to catch one of the doctors to make them stay and try harder to save her mother's life, but to no avail.

Finally, when the ward was empty except for her mother, Elise rushed to the bed and knelt down in front of it. "Mom, Mom..." she cried as she held her mother's hands, which were rapidly losing warmth.

"I'm sorry, my dear. I can't be with you anymore." Her mother's voice sounded thin and fragile.

"Mom, I don't want you to leave me. I don't want..." Elise said hoarsely, frantically shaking her head.

"Elise, I..." Her mother's voice trailed off into silence. After suffering from her illness for so long, she had finally found peace in death.

Seeing her mother's frozen face and lackluster eyes, Elise froze too, feeling like she couldn't breathe anymore. The next moment, the ward was filled with her miserable wails of losing the person she had loved the most.

Her mother had died and left her all alone in the world.

How was it fair? Why couldn't she have more time to spend with her mother? Hearing her cries, Adam felt a sharp pain in his forehead.

He winced and quickly walked past the ward, rubbing his forehead.

"What happened?"

he asked Dr. Chen impatiently.

"A patient passed away. Her daughter is in mourning," Dr. Chen explained briefly.

"It's so noisy," Adam hissed, clucking his tongue in displeasure.

"Are you having a headache again? Should I get some medicine to relieve the pain?" Dr. Chen asked worriedly.

"No," Adam refused in a cold voice and glanced inside the ward.

That girl... She was the one who had been hit by his car a few days ago!

"That girl is the daughter of the patient with advanced breast cancer?"

"Yes." Dr. Chen nodded. He was curious about how Adam knew the details, but he didn't ask.

"Don't urge her to pay the hospital fees right now. Wait till she has settled the matter," Adam instructed, still rubbing his forehead.

"Yes," Dr. Chen answered, feeling even more surprised. Adam was notorious for being a tyrant. No one in the business world would believe that he was capable of showing sympathy.

"Close the door. I'm leaving." Adam felt like his head would explode if he stayed even a moment longer, so he left as soon as he finished his words.

After Adam left, Dr. Chen didn't close the door. Instead, he walked in with his hand in the pocket of his white coat.

"Miss Ai, your mother left this to me when she was alive. She asked me to give it to you after her death." Dr. Chen patted Elise's shoulder to comfort her and put an envelope in her hand.

"The dead are dead. Those who are alive should live a good life." Dr. Chen had seen so many people dying that death didn't faze him anymore. However, he did sympathize with this mother and daughter, who had both suffered a lot, so he thought that the least he could do was to personally hand the envelope over.

After Dr. Chen left, Elise didn't open the envelope immediately. It was only when she was exhausted from crying that she finally slid to the floor with her back resting against the bed and slowly opened the envelope.

Inside it was a birth certificate, the deed of their house, and a letter written by her mother.

The contents of the letter were simple. Her mother told her to sell the house to pay off her debts and live a good life, and marry a good man in the future.

She also said that she would watch Elise live a happy life from heaven. Elise felt heartbroken after reading the letter, but she had no tears left to shed.

She just sobbed silently with dry eyes, hugging herself as she rocked back and forth.

There was no way she would sell the house. It was their home where they had once lived happily together.

And even though her mother had passed away, their home was still there, so she would keep it and take good care of it.

As for the 500,000 dollars of medical fees, she would definitely find a way to pay the hospital.

She was ready to do anything as long as it meant that she wouldn't have to sell the house.

In that quiet ward with her mother's lifeless body next to her, Elise went through a transformation from a naive young girl into a strong woman.

Without wasting any time, she made the necessary arrangements and held a quiet funeral with no attendees.

After that, she called Cherry.

In the early hours of the day, the coffee shop was almost empty. Other than the melodious flute music playing in the background and the churning of the coffee maker, there was silence. Elise and Cherry sat in the corner.

Cherry stirred the coffee in front of her with a small smile on her face, as if this was a great start to her day.

In contrast, Elise looked pale and thin, as if she would be blown away by a mere gust of wind.

"I didn't expect you to agree.

Anyway, I'm very sad about your mother's death. There's no need to restrain yourself. You can mourn for her," Cherry said sincerely, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"Thank you. Can you show me the agreement?" Elise asked in a hoarse voice. Since she had already made up her mind, she wouldn't give herself any chance to regret it.

"Yes. Are you sure you won't regret this decision?" Che

rry asked worriedly as she opened her bag and took out a document.

"I won't. Shouldn't you be happy about it, Cherry?" Elise asked calmly.

Cherry felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over her. However, she ignored Elise's cold words and gave her the agreement. "Here you are." As long as Elise was consciously stepping into the abyss, Cherry didn't care about what she said or did.

For her part, Elise carefully read every detail in the agreement. When she was done, she signed her name at the bottom and slid the document back to Cherry.

Now that everything was settled, she suddenly felt like her heart was empty. She looked outside the window with blank eyes as she thought about the uncertain future.

After checking that everything was in order, Cherry put the agreement back into her bag.

Although she couldn't express it out loud in such a somber situation, her heart was filled with indescribable joy. Now that her biggest problem had been solved, she felt refreshed, like an enormous weight had been lifted off of her.

"Elise, this is a check for one million dollars. And take this phone as well. It will be more convenient for me to contact you." She handed Elise a check and a new mobile phone.

Then, she put on her sunglasses and stood up. "If there is nothing else, I will leave now." Once Cherry left,

Elise swept the things in front of her into her bag and then left the cafe as well.

The first thing she did was go to the bank and cash out the check. Then, she transferred 500,000 dollars to Dr. Chen to pay off her mother's medical fees. After that, she deposited the remaining 500,000 dollars into another card.

The money in that card was like a curse, a constant reminder of how she had gotten it.

Therefore, she was determined not to use it.

At the hospital, Dr. Chen was surprised upon receiving the 500,000 dollars all of a sudden. He immediately called Adam and informed him about the payment.

After hearing that, Adam was silent. Sitting on his chair, he rotated the pen in his hand without saying anything for a long time.

He was curious about where Elise had gotten the money from, but in the end, he decided to let it go. After all, they had nothing to do with each other.

At that moment, his forehead twitched with pain again. Recently, his headaches had been getting worse and worse. He stood up and walked over to the French window, looking into the distance.

Once again, the phone on his desk vibrated. After a while, he turned around and picked it up.

"What's the matter?" he asked in a cold voice.

"Adam, come home tonight. I have something to discuss with you." Cherry's soft voice came through the receiver.

"Okay." Adam was not interested in what Cherry had to say, so he immediately hung up.

Cherry didn't bother calling him again. As far as she was concerned, she had already gotten what she wanted. A smug smile appeared on her face as she fiddled with the agreement in her hand.

In her eyes, the most terrible thing in the world was being unable to obtain everything that one wanted.

So whatever she wanted, she would do everything in her power to get it, including Colin Han, who was in love with Elise.

After all, Colin Han was supposed to be Cherry's man. How could an ordinary woman like Elise deserve him?

Just the thought of it made Cherry burst into derisive laughter.

All was fair in love and war.

Her marriage with Adam was nothing but a business agreement. It only existed on paper. The two of them had secretly made and signed an agreement that they would get divorced in three years.

But now, the Mo family was pressuring her to have a baby. How could she have a baby with a man whom she didn't even consider her husband?

And as if things weren't bad enough, she had gotten wind of the fact that Colin Han was planning to propose to Elise on her birthday.

That was when Cherry had come up with a brilliant plan that could kill two birds with one stone. And fortunately for her, everything had worked in her favor, especially the fact that Elise's mother had died with a lot of debts to pay.

This way, she had found someone to give birth to the baby that the Mo family so badly wanted, and she had also foiled the possibility of Elise getting married to Colin.

In the evening, Adam finally came home and walked into the room. Sitting in front of the dressing table, Cherry asked, "Your parents want me to have a baby. What do you think we should do? You know our agreement."

"You figure it out on your own," Adam said indifferently as he sat on the sofa.

Cherry rolled her eyes. "Figure it out on my own?

How can we have a child if you don't cooperate?" she asked softly, gently applying some moisturizer on her face.

"Are you saying you want to have a baby with me?" Adam sneered, raising his eyebrows. He clearly remembered that Cherry would not have sex with him, let alone have a baby.

Anyway, even if Cherry wanted to break their contract and have a baby, he would not agree to it.

Cherry finally turned around and met Adam's sharp glare.

She couldn't help but snort in response. "Don't look at me like that. Don't worry. I won't break the contract and have sex with you, because I have someone I love.

Instead, I found a way that will be good for both of us. I really want to help you, Adam. Look at this contract. You will know my hard work after reading it." With an unfathomable smile on her face, Cherry handed the contract to Adam.

The contract only contained a few pages, so Adam flipped through it in a matter of minutes. There was no superfluous expression on his face, but his eyes darkened when he saw the signature at the end.

"What's the point of this? Tell me." He placed the contract on his lap and shifted into a more comfortable position. Looking at the smug expression on Cherry's face, he really wanted to figure out what was going on in her head.

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