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   Chapter 1 The Refusal

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"What? You're infertile?"

The atmosphere in the room turned cold and awkward. Elise Ai bit her lower lip as she waited for an answer from Cherry Mu, not knowing how to react.

Earlier today, she had received a call from Cherry Mu, inviting her out for dinner. Almost a year had passed since their last meeting, when Cherry Mu had gotten married. Eager to see her old friend, Elise Ai had enthusiastically agreed.

But she had never imagined that she would hear such bad news from Cherry Mu.

Seeing that Cherry Mu just stared at the table with a crestfallen look on her face instead of responding, Elise Ai took her hand and asked nervously, "Cherry, do your parents-in-law know about it?"

"Elise..." Cherry Mu held Elise Ai's hand and shook her head sadly. "They don't know yet. I'm afraid that if I tell them, they will..."

She trailed off as if it pained her too much to say the next few words.

"They will what?" Elise Ai asked anxiously. She could sympathize with Cherry Mu.

After all, the Mo family, Cherry's in-laws, was one of the four famous families in Y City. If the Mo family found out that Cherry was infertile, they would definitely feel ashamed, and might even force her to get a divorce.

That was why Elise couldn't help but pity her.

Distressed, she tried to think of ways to help Cherry in this situation even though she didn't know much about these things.

However, while Elise was genuinely worrying about her friend,

what Cherry was thinking about was how to carry out her vicious plan.

"Cherry, what should we do? Is there anything I can do to help?" Elise prompted again in a tearful voice.

When Cherry saw how worried Elise was about her, a trace of guilt flashed in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced with determination.

She had already made her decision. If she let herself be shaken now, she would lose everything.

"Actually..." Cherry paused before hesitantly saying, "There is a solution, but..."

"But what? What is it?" Elise shook Cherry's arm, urging her to speak faster.

"Well...I can get a surrogate mother to give birth to a child for my husband. That way, I'll be able to face my parents-in-law," Cherry said tentatively.

"A surrogate mother?" Elise's face lit up as understanding flashed through her eyes. "That's a great idea, Cherry. After she gives birth to the baby, you can raise it. The Mo family won't be able to say anything.

You're so smart!" Elise couldn't help but admire Cherry's intelligence. If she were in Cherry's shoes, she would never be able to come up with such an idea.

"So can you help me?" Cherry asked immediately. She hadn't expected Elise to agree so easily. She had always thought of Elise as a naive woman, but now, it seemed that she might have misjudged her.

"I..." Elise trailed off uncertainly, not knowing how to answer the question. After all, she had no experience with this topic, and had no expertise to offer Cherry.

"I know." Cherry nodded in disappointment.

"Cherry, maybe.." Elise began and scratched her head as she tried to think of something to say.

The atmosphere between the two became tense.

After a while, Cherry opened her mouth, deciding that it was time to get to the point.

"Elise, can you..." She licked her dry lips, hesitating to continue.

"What?" Elise tilted her head and listened carefully.

"Can you be the surrogate mother?"

"What?" Elise was so shocked that she dropped the spoon in her hand, causing it to clatter away on the floor.

"Cherry...did I hear you wrong?" she asked, forcing a smile on her face. However, her frightened eyes revealed the fear in the bottom of her heart.

"Elise, I know it's an unreasonable request, but I really have no choice." Cherry avoided Elise's eyes. She was afraid that if she took one more look at her, she would feel guilty and her plan would be in vain.

At this point, she couldn't afford to be softhearted. Being vicious was her only way to salvation.

After all...the man she loved could only belong to her. She would never let a mediocre woman like Elise have him!

Despite being unaware of the cruel thoughts that were running through Cherry's mind, Elise tried her best to persuade Cherry to think of another way.

However, Cherry shook her head and cried, "Elise, please help me. My parents-in-laws want me to have a baby, so looking for a surrogate mother is my only choice. And I can't ask any other woman to give birth to a baby for my husband. She will be a threat to my position for sure. You're the only one I trust!" Cherry grabbed Elise's hand tightly, as if she was holding onto a piece of driftwood.

"A woman's position in a family increases when she has a child. This has been our tradition since ancient times, you know that. But if another woman gives birth to a child for Adam, she will replace my position in the Mo family! My love for Adam will also become worthless. Elise, please help me..." Cherry continued in a miserable voice, trying to coax Elise into helping her.

"Cherry..." Elise couldn't believe what she was hearing.

If other women couldn't do it, how could she? Did Cherry have such a "high" opinion of her? She smiled bitterly, but in her heart, she felt indignant.

Of course, Cherry noted her reactions carefully and knew that Elise wasn't going to agree. Now, she had no choice but to intimidate her into reconsidering.

"Elise, I know you're short of money. Your mother is hospitalized and has a lot of debts. As long as you agree to be the surrogate mother, I'll help you pay off the debts. I'll even take your mother to M Country to see the best doctors. Just help me, Elise."

"Cherry, you're so selfish!" Elise finally shook off Cherry's hand, gave her a cold look, and strode outside. She couldn't bear the insult an


'Her situation is pitiful, but she shouldn't have brought my mother into this,' Elise thought, clenching her fists as she walked out of the restaurant. For her, her mother was her biggest weakness.

Even if she did agree to Cherry's request, how could she face her boyfriend, Colin Han? How could she use the money to cure her mother at ease?

Elise shook her resolutely. She would never sell her body for anything. Cherry would have to give up that ridiculous idea!

As Elise ran out onto the road in a fit of anger with all these thoughts swirling in her head, she didn't notice the oncoming vehicles.

She had appeared so suddenly that one of the cars, unable to swerve in time, hit her. Elise instantly fell to the ground, unconscious. The pedestrians nearby nervously gathered around her. The driver who had hit her got out of the car and ran up to her as well.

"Hello, Miss, wake up. Miss?" he said nervously, patting her face.

When there was no response, he ran back to the car and spoke to the man sitting in the backseat. "Sir..."

"Take her to the hospital." An emotionless voice came from the car.

"Yes, sir." The driver quickly carried Elise into the car and drove to the hospital.

A while later, a doctor walked into one of the wards at the hospital and faced a man who was sitting on the sofa, reading a document in his hand. "Mr. Mo, the patient is emotionally unstable, but there are only a few bruises on her body and no concussion. She will be fine as long as she takes rest in the hospital for a few days," the doctor said.

"Okay," Adam Mo said without raising his head.

"Well, Mr. Mo, I'm going to make the rounds of the wards now." The doctor rubbed his nose, feeling uncomfortable because of Adam Mo's intimidating aura.

"Find a nurse to take care of her.

And inform me when she leaves the hospital." Adam Mo finally stood up. He glanced at Elise, who was still sleeping on the hospital bed, and then walked out of the ward.

"Okay, Mr. Mo. Take care!" the doctor called after him. When Adam Mo had disappeared out of sight, he finally patted his chest and let out a sigh of relief. Having to interact with Adam Mo had almost scared him to death.

When Elise woke up, she found herself alone in a ward and furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. It was not until she talked to a nurse that she learned what had happened.

The nurse she talked to explained that the driver who had brought her here had left his number and asked her to contact him when she was being discharged to discuss the compensation for the car accident.

Elise held onto his number, but made no move to contact him. After all, she hadn't sustained any serious injuries. Besides, the driver had already paid her hospital fees and hired a nurse to take care of her. He had even asked people to buy fruits for her.

She was not a greedy person. In her eyes, the driver had already compensated her more than enough, so she didn't see any need to pursue the matter further.

When she was finally discharged from the ward, she went home to change her clothes, and then visited her mother at the hospital.

It had been too long since she had seen her mother, whose health was in a precarious state. Her mother was already in the advanced stage of breast cancer, so her days were numbered.

Every time Elise thought about it, tears sprang to her eyes. She wanted to ask God why her mother had been made to suffer such a disease for no reason.

After that visit, she went to her company. As soon as she walked in, her group leader looked at her with concern. "Elise, your mother..."

"She only has a few days left," Elise replied calmly.

"Well, you can talk to me about it any time if you want to." The group leader patted Elise on the shoulder, not knowing what else to say.

"Thank you for your concern, Sir." Elise nodded.

"Your wounds haven't recovered yet?" the group leader asked, pointing to the gauze on her forehead. Of course, he had already been informed about her car accident.

"The gauze will be removed in a few days. It's not a big deal." Elise shook her head with a smile. She felt much better after hearing words of concern for her.

"You know what, you should take the next few days off. Go home now, and come back once you recover. I insist."

The group leader was a compassionate person who cared about his employees. He especially sympathized with Elise, who seemed to be followed by misfortune everywhere she went.

So, he tried to be as lenient as possible with her.

Elise was used to the group leader's kindness, but she still thanked him profusely before leaving the office.

When she got home, she sighed, feeling exhausted. Without her mother, this dark house didn't feel like home at all. After taking a look at her mother's room, she took a quick shower and went to bed.

At four o'clock in the morning, Elise was suddenly awakened by the ringing of her phone.

"Hello..." she said groggily.

"Miss Ai? I'm the attending doctor for your mother. She is in critical condition. I'm afraid...

Miss Ai, are you listening?

Miss Ai..."

The doctor's voice kept coming from the receiver, but the phone had already slipped out of Elise's hand and onto the quilt. Elise put on her clothes in a hurry, grabbed her things, and rushed out of the house.

On the way, she kept urging the cab driver to drive faster.

'Mom, please wait for me,' she prayed in her heart.

Finally, the car reached the entrance of the hospital. Elise got out of the car and faced the hospital doors, but she didn't dare to take another step forward.

"Miss, no matter what you are going to face, you have to face it bravely." The cab driver uttered words of encouragement before driving away, leaving behind a cloud of exhaust smoke.

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