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   Chapter 82 I Remember I Was Very Arrogant Before I Fell In Love With You

Forced Into Marriage And Find Love By Wu Xiaoyan Characters: 7599

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Zen looked at Levi provocatively, as if he was the winner. Levi gave the phone to him. Zen frowned and then found that it was the video about he helped Levi. No, it was the video of the International Criminal Police catching the drug dealer.

"You know I didn't betray her from the beginning." Said Levi lightly.

The reason why Zen helped Levi was that Levi reminded him at that time and he didn't want to owe him anything, but he didn't expect things to develop like this. If he had acted more quickly at that time...

Compared with the thing that Sandra stayed in other man's arms, he preferred she was not so painful like this. If he had known it earlier...

"So what?" Things finally happened. He would never look back. He couldn't let Levi touch or take away Sandra.

Sandra looked at them in confusion. She couldn't understand what they were talking about at all. And under the control of the men in black, Jasper couldn't move at all.

"Miss Sandra, boss didn't betray you. He was drugged. It's the sleeping pill 'M'!" Jasper spoke to Sandra loudly.

Thinking of the No. M reagent sent by Zen, Sandra was suddenly enlightened, and then her eyes dimmed again. Even if he didn't mean to do it, it had already happened. What's the use of saying it now?

Zen turned around and wanted to give some punishment to the talkative Jasper. Sandra had made up her mind before. His words made her look uncertain again.

Levi stopped Zen's hand in midair.

"Well, I don't like to owe anyone anything, too. Since you saved me, you can do whatever you want to do to me! But you can't hurt my people!" Levi looked at Zen firmly.

Sandra noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with the expression on Levi's face. He was just holding the hand of Zen. Was it necessary to use so much strength that his hand was trembling? How she wished she could kill herself after thinking of this! How could she care about him?!

She was so upset that she almost couldn't lie down.

"I just want to hurt him!" Zen shook off his hand grasped by Levi.

Sandra found that Levi was short of breath, and the sweat on his forehead shed along his face. There were red spots like plum blossoms on his clothes, which seemed to be expanding.

Without being noticed, Levi put hi

Sandra's breath stopped for a second. She felt her heart twitched inexplicably. But it just lasted for at most 3 seconds and then it returned to normal.

"Then I don't need to do it by myself." She forced a smile.

Jasper didn't expect Sandra to say that. His boss had given up the promotion opportunity for her. If he wasn't injured, he would have passed it without any problem this year.

But now... It was the opportunity that took a lot of effort for Captain Edgar to get. She didn't know, but it didn't mean that it had never happened.

"Sandra, I was wrong. You are not like what you are in my heart. Why can't you take a good look at boss's heart? He..."

"Enough! Get out!" Sandra interrupted Jasper. She had made up her mind hard and it couldn't be shaken.

With a gesture made by Zen, the men in black on both sides of Jasper lifted him out.

"Miss Sandra, he is really dying. He has a high fever and bled a lot. He is still calling your name. He said sorry to you..." Jasper's voice faded away.

Sandra closed her eyes, and then Zen turned off the light for her. He went to the bed opposite to her and lay down. After a long time, Sandra had turned over and over for countless times, and what Jasper said echoed in her ears word by word. She turned around and heard that Zen was breathing evenly.

She simply stood up and tiptoed out. The guards in black were all lying on the ground. After Sandra closed the door, a sigh came from the room. Zen opened his eyes. She still went there.

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