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   Chapter 81 Divorce!

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Levi approached Warren step by step, and Warren couldn't help but step back. When he turned around and was about to escape, Levi took out his pistol and shot at his feet.

Warren held his head and didn't dare to move, as if he was frozen. He felt that Levi was getting closer and closer...

Finally, he sat on the ground with his legs weak.

"You... How could you have a pistol?" Warren even couldn't speak fluently.

Levi circled the pistol in his hand and put it back to the inside of his pocket. Ignoring his question, Levi grabbed his collar and pulled him up from the ground.

As soon as Warren stood up, Levi gave him a hard punch on the face. Warren, who claimed to be a master of Taekwondo, had no chance to fight back under the continuous attack of fist from Levi.

Warren kept waving his hands, trying to stop Levi, but the strength Levi used on his fists were getting more and more, and each punch was almost full of his strength. After a while, Warren's face was swollen like a fist, but Levi didn't seem to stop.

Suddenly, a group of men in black ran into the room. They might have heard the gunshot and each of them had a baseball bat in their hands. Levi put down Warren, who was unable to stand up, and confronted them alone.

He took off his coat and held it in his hand. His eyes were full of disdain. How capable Warren was! He raised many gangsters, and they almost approached Levi at the same time.

Levi kicked Warren to somewhere else. The white shirt on Levi looked particularly abrupt among the group of black clothes, but Levi, who was alone, always had the upper hand. During the fight, Levi saw several men in black trying to drag Warren away.

Levi squinted his eyes, trying to get rid of the tangle as soon as possible. Seeing the distraction of Levi, one of the men in black took out a dagger from his arm and walked towards him. Levi has no time to dodge. He scratched a long blade along Levi's arm, and the blood dripped down his arm to the ground.

Warren woke up a little bit at this time. He struggled to open his eyes which were as big as a table ball. He pulled his subordinates and weakly point at Levi who was surrounded by the men in black.

he hospital he was in was exactly the hospital where Sandra was in. He took off his hospital clothes with difficulty and changed his own clothes. Then he walked out of the room directly.

"Boss, where are you going?" Jasper trotted after Levi.

From a distance, Levi could see a row of men in black standing in front of Sandra's ward. He took a look at Jasper.

"I'll leave it to you!"

For the first time, Jasper had a feeling of being ordered to carry out a task. A sense of proud arose in his heart. He nodded firmly, indicating that he would complete the task.

Jasper stepped forward and entangled with them.

Levi took advantage of the situation and walked in. How easy to be dealt with they were!

He thought Sandra must have fallen into sleep at this time. As soon as he entered, he saw Sandra half lying on the bed. She was not surprised to see him, and she handed him the thing in her hand naturally.

"You came just in time."

Confused, Levi took the paper from Sandra's hand. The big words of 'divorce agreement' stung his eyes. Her signed name was particularly ironic in his eyes.

"Sandra, do you really have to do this? You are even unwilling to give me a chance to explain."

Sandra turned her face away, and Levi tore the paper in his hand into pieces. All of a sudden, Zen broke in, and Jasper, who was suppressed, struggled behind him.

When he saw the pieces torn by Levi, he said to Sandra, "I have printed a stack of it."

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