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   Chapter 79 I Heard You Said You Wanted Me To Hate You

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In the quiet operating room, the sound of the breathing monitor was particularly abrupt, and the screen showed that the fluctuation of the heartbeat was very weak.

Levi frowned. He had been missing his girl for 12 hours. Now she was lying in front of him, breathing weakly.

Yvonne's words echoed in his ears. He remembered that since Sandra knew that she was pregnant, she would show a peaceful expression from time to time.

Not only did she restrain her coldness a lot, but she also snickered when no one was around. She must like this baby as he did, but he had hurt her a lot to make her say something like that.

The breath detecting machine suddenly made a long sound, and the doctors began to prepare a defibrillant. Levi clenched his fists and couldn't help trembling. He had lost their child, and Sandra must survive.

Every time she got an electric shock, her heart would recover a little, but it would return to a straight line. The nurse who brought them in turned around and said to them, "Talk to her quickly. The patient's sense of survival is too weak!"

Zen got close and said, "Sandra, I know you can hear me. Wake up! As long as you wake up, we can start over."

The doctor decided to power up again. Levi's eyes firmly rushed forward.

"Sandra, if you have no reason to live, then hate me! It's my fault that I didn't protect you well, but you can't hate me until you wake up! Sandra..."

Levi called Sandra one after another. The doctor put the defibrillation device on Sandra's chest. When he removed it, Sandra's body also got up, but this time, her heart beating was still a straight line.

Sandra closed her eyes without any vitality. She felt that she could hear the baby's cry. She followed the sound to find the source. Her baby was calling her, and she was walking towards the darkness...

However, in addition to this voice, there seemed to be someone else calling her. Who is it?

Wake up if you hate me! Wake up!

Sandra lost her direction in the darkness, and at this time, the baby's cry also disappeared. With tears in her eyes, she grabbed her own collar, squatted on the ground in pain, and stopped walking. A light above her head made her unable to open her eyes.

f smoke was shrouded.

Levi's fingers were slender, and his hands were so beautiful that they could be used as hand models. In their spare time, Sandra always teased that his hands were not manly, and he always responded with a smile. It was not up to him to decide how they looked like.

He had smoked two packs of cigarettes the whole night with the memory. Before he knew it, day broke. The ward came the sound of laughter and joy of Yvonne.

"Sister Sandra, you finally wake up. That's great!"

Levi threw away the cigarette he was about to light, turned around and opened the door. Yvonne hugged Sandra on the bed and rubbed her face against Sandra's.

There was still no expression on Sandra's weak face. She turned her face and saw Levi at the door. If indifference was also an expression, it was the first expression she had when she woke up.

Sandra remembered clearly how the car accident happened. 'Is the child still alive?' She wouldn't ask such a silly question.

"I need to talk to him alone." Sandra looked at Zen.

After hesitating for a long time, Zen nodded.

Norman took out the gun of Zen and put it in Sandra's hand. He gently patted the back of her hand and went out without saying anything.

"You said you wanted me to hate you. I heard it."

With a frown, Levi walked towards her. Sandra slowly picked up the gun in her hand and aimed at Levi's heart. Her eyes were full of hatred, like an arrow that had made great efforts to get ready.

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