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   Chapter 78 It's Good Like This

Forced Into Marriage And Find Love By Wu Xiaoyan Characters: 7355

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Yvonne witnessed the whole process with her own eyes. Her mind went blank, and she was still holding the porridge she bought for Sandra. Sandra didn't like porridge, and she could barely eat pumpkin porridge, so she waited in line for a long time.

When she came out, she saw Sandra feeding the dove. There was a smile on her quiet face. In her heart, Sandra was like an angel, but for some reason, she ran crazy towards the road.

With her heart in her throat, Yvonne shouted while running towards Sandra. It was not until Sandra picked up the foreign child in the middle of the road that she breathed a sigh of relief. She had thought that she was going to have a suicide.

The child, who was saved by her, was lying on her back. He might be frightened. Although the surrounding cars whistled, they all avoided them. Yvonne shook the porridge in her hand towards Sandra and didn't know if she had seen it.

She stood next to the person applauding on the roadside. If she didn't have something in her hand, she would also applause for her with the highest sound. Sandra rubbed the child's back gently.

Then Yvonne noticed that there was something wrong with the car driving towards them. But the speed was too fast. It was too late when Yvonne came to her senses.

She saw Sandra fall to the ground, but there was nothing she could do. The applause stopped abruptly. Everyone approached, and the porridge in Yvonne's hand fell to the ground with a bang.

She pushed away the crowd. Lying in the blood, Sandra closed her eyes tightly. But Yvonne didn't dare to test her breath. Blood was still gushing out between Sandra's legs.

Yvonne held her head and Sandra slowly opened her eyes. She touched her lower abdomen with her own hand, and tears spilled from the corners of her eyes. She forced a smile.

"It's... it's... good like this." Sandra completely lost consciousness again.

Yvonne shook her at a loss. With tears all over her face, she shouted at the passers-by around, "Help! Help! Please......"

The passers-by might also be frightened by the sudden change.

The scream of Yvonne made them suddenly come to their senses. And someone called and someone took out the key t

time, and his heart seemed to be stabbed by a knife after he heard what Yvonne said. Every word Yvonne said, the edge of the knife seeped in.

Yvonne said as if no one was around, "She knew she had lost her child at that time, but Levi, she even said it was good like this with a smile. Since you can't treat her sincerely, why did you agree to marry her?"

Just as they were in a stalemate, another nurse with an Asian face ran out of the operating room. She was stunned when she saw their faces.

"The patient's sense of survival is weak. Family, which one of you is her family?" She didn't speak English but Chinese, but they still didn't seem to understand. When she was about to ask again in English, Zen and Levi spoke at the same time.

"I am!"

The nurse looked at the two of them and handed a piece of paper to Zen. It was obvious that she wanted him to sign it. Zen tore it up without even looking at it.

"She won't die!"

The two of Levi and Zen were in a stalemate, but only one could enter the operating room.

"You have already had no relationship with Sandra. Disappear when I still want to keep you alive!" Zen's tone was cold and emotionless.

"When I come out, you can take my life at any time."

"No way!" Zen stood in front of Levi and stopped him.

Time was pressing, and it was impossible for the two of them to fight for deciding who the winner was. The nurse leading the way had no choice but to take the two of them in.

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