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   Chapter 73 The Sudden Appearance Of Edith!

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Sandra was a little unhappy. Levi picked up the Hawthorn cake on the table and handed it to Sandra. She glanced at it and raised the spoon unconsciously. A doting smile appeared on Levi's face.

When the butler came in, he was in a dilemma. Selina looked at him in confusion.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Miss Zong is outside now." The butler looked at Selina with embarrassment. He didn't know if he should invite her in. After all, it was a family gathering.

The butler's voice was neither loud nor low, but everyone in the living room could hear it.

Levi stopped serving the Hawthorn cake for Sandra. Sandra was also confused. Miss Zong? Did he mean Edith?

Amy rushed to the butler excitedly, "Why do you let her wait outside? Invite her to come in."

Travis frowned and sternly stopped Amy from opening the door. Today was a family gathering, and they would not receive any guest.

"Dad, it is the daughter from Zong Family."

Travis thought for a while, "Zong Family?"

It suddenly dawned on him that it was Zong Family which was one of the most powerful tycoons as powerful as the Song Family. When Travis saw that Amy kept nodding to him, his serious expression disappeared.

"Invite her in, please."

Sandra was speechless. Sure enough, she saw when Travis saw Edith, he looked at her with a flattering smile. Edith had a sweet face and lovely smile, which made Travis and Selina like her very much.

She also considerately brought gifts for them. She put on the scarf for Selina. And it was said that Travis liked playing golf, so she specially asked someone to customize a golf club from France. Travis and Selina were so happy that they could even not close their mouths.

She was like a shining princess that attracted everyone's attention. With a proud look on her face, Amy announced that Edith was her friend.

Travis looked at the golf club that was sent by Edith. It couldn't be seen the stern expression on his face when he stopped Edith from coming in just now.

And he asked Edith to stay for dinner, and she politely agreed.

Sandra thought she must come here on purpose. She tried to discuss with Levi, but found that he was also lost in thought.

"What are

or a while and said, "I want to eat the noodles you cook."

Levi gave her a warm smile and said, "Okay."

Sandra looked down at her phone and sent a message to Norman, 'Norman, help me check where Levi was that night when we drank! Remember, be quick and keep it a secret.'

Judging from the way Levi behaved, it was almost impossible for him to speak it out himself. After receiving the message, Norman thought there was something wrong with the words "one pregnant woman will be silly for three years". He thought the cleverness and sensitivity of Sandra did not decrease at all. In fact, he felt a little strange when he thought of Levi's red eyes.

Every time Sandra looked at Levi, she would think of Zen, who had a very similar character with him. She didn't know where he had gone in the past few days. Every time he lost contact with her, Sandra would imagine if he had been caught.

This time, Zen had disappeared completely. Even his phone number was not connected, so Sandra felt really tired.

"Why don't you question me?" After a long silence, Levi finally opened his mouth.

Sandra was stunned and then regained her composure immediately.

"Why should I question you?"

"Question me why I left, why I lost my temper at Edith, why..." Levi turned the car to the self-driving mode and seriously looked into Sandra's eyes.

Sandra shook her head and didn't say anything. He didn't need to explain anything now. Anyway, Norman was investigating.

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