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   Chapter 21 Levi‘s Father Showed Up

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Yvonne was worried about Sandra. Every time she came to the Sheng Family, she was very nervous, because no matter what happened, there would always be unhappiness.

Yvonne stared at Amy fiercely. Didn't that damn woman cry so sad just now? Why didn't she cry now?

Why did everyone like hypocrisy instead of reality? Amy was just pretending. Couldn't father see that?! And her mother...

Yvonne didn't want to see her sister like this. Her sister should be responsible for being arrogant like an arrogant Phoenix. This was what she felt to Sandra the first time she saw her and this thought had never changed.

"Sandra, let's go." At this time, Yvonne didn't know how Sandra could smile. If Levi was here, he would definitely not allow them to bully her sister like this.

Sandra's face darkened. From the corner of her eyes, she saw her mother's pitiful expression. She really felt ridiculous. Since she was unable to protect her, why did she give birth to her?

Sandra didn't care about anyone else and just let Yvonne help her out of the door of Sheng Family.

While driving the car, Yvonne looked at her sister worriedly, because Sandra didn't answer any questions from her since they went out from Sheng Family. She just stared out of the window. The palm print of her father was clearly imprinted on her face, and her hair was brushed by the wind from time to time. Although she was disheveled, Yvonne had to admit that she was indeed beautiful.

Yvonne was about to doubt life. Was it because God was jealous of beauty? How could a good-looking woman have a rough life?

Without hesitation, Yvonne drove towards the Song Family. It seemed that she had gotten used to it.

Sandra recalled the afternoon 13 years ago when she was ruthlessly taken away. At that moment, her fantasies and unreal dreams were smashed into pieces, and she could not find them back...

The burning pain on her face brought her to reality. She touched her face subconsciously, and the pain made her gasp. She looked around surrounding scenery.

"I can't go back to the Song Family!" Sandra found that they were heading for the Song Family. How could she go back when she was in such a condition? It was already a mess.

"If you won't go back to the Song Family, where are we going?" Yvonne looked at his sister worriedly. On second thought, they really couldn't go to the Song Family. Amy just pushed his sister, and Levi couldn't keep calm. If he saw his sister like this, he would be crazy.

"To your home." Sandra pressed her eyebrows. She had been frowning since she left the house of Sheng Family.

Yvonne nodded and turned the car around. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. After thinking for a while, she didn't say anything.

Sandra knew what she wanted to say. Even she herself couldn't bear to look straight into her own face, if Levi saw.... God knew what he would do if he saw it.

Seeing her sister sitting quietly on the sofa for an hour without moving, Yvonne didn't know what she was thinking.

The hot water on the table was no longer hot. Yvonne sighed helplessly at her sister's lonely back. She held the ice bag for a long time, but it seemed that her hand had been frozen unconscious. She hesitated for a long time and did not give it to Sandra.

Yvonne unlocked the phone in her hand countless times, not knowing whether she should call Norman or Levi. It was hard for her to guess what was on her sister's mind, and she guessed that the person who knew Sandra best should be Norman. After all, he had followed her all the way and was the most important person for Sandra.

Just when Yvonne decided to turn to Norman for help, the phone showed that Mr. Levi was calling. She was so frightened that she almost threw the phone away.

"Is Sandra with you?" On the other side of the phone, Levi looked anxious and a little nervous. He called Sandra, but her phone was powered off. Where had she been?

Yvonne glanced at the direction of Sandra, but would Levi like to see her like this? If her sister wanted to tell him, she would not refuse to go back to the Song Family.

"No, No." Yvonne lied, which she was not good at. She thought to herself, 'Levi, you must expose me, so that I can show that I can't bear your coercion and then tell you my sister's situation.'

"Okay, I know."

Hearing Levi's words, Yvonne was so regretful. She even wanted to scold him. She had thought Levi had a high EQ and now it turned out to be wrong.

After hanging up the phone, Levi's face darkened. His cold and sharp eyes were full of firmness. Yvonne hesitated in speech, so Sandra must be at her place. He heard that Sandra went back to Sheng Family today. What on earth had she experienced?

Levi picked up his clothes and went out. His mind was full of Sandra. He didn't care about Hertha's inquiry about his sudden going out. Now he just wanted to see her safe and sound.

As soon as Levi's car drove out, a pure black BMW slowly drove into the yard. Hertha, who came out with Levi, didn't see Levi, instead, as if she was waiting for the car.

The black car just stopped beside her.

Hertha looked at the car window strangely. It was so dark that she couldn't see the person in it clearly. When the person rolled down the window, Hertha's breath stopped, and her eyes were filled with surprise and relief.

"Hertha, it's been a long time this time. Thank you for your hard effort." The middle-aged man, dressed in white sportswear, opened his arms and smiled at Hertha.

Hertha met this long lost embrace.

"I'm surprised that you still remember this family. Don't come back if you go out for so long in the future." Although what Hertha said was angry words, she said it with a smile.

"Come on. You have been at such age. Don't cry!"

Levi's mind was full of Sandra. Of course he didn't know who was at home. Now he was driving to the house of Yvonne as fast as he could. He hoped that, when he opened the door, he could see Sandra's unchanged face as usual, asking proudly why he would come there.

He parked the car downstairs and ran towards the elevator before locking the door of the car.

The house of Yvonne was on floor 23. Was it for security to live on such a high floor?

Levi knocked on the door of Yvonne's house. When Yvonne was wondering how to move Sandra, who had just fallen asleep, to the bed, there was a knock on the door. Yvonne murmured, 'Is it Norman coming because he feels my telepathy?' When Yvonne opened the door and saw it was Levi, she was shocked.

After entering Yvonne's house directly, Levi saw Sandra sleeping on the sofa. He breathed a sigh of relief.

When Levi was about to ask Yvonne about the situation that they went to Sheng Family, he suddenly saw something abnormal on the other side of Sandra's face. He walked close and saw five fingerprints on her face, which were a little red and swollen.

Levi picked up Sandra's hair with worry and Sandra frowned when he touched her wound. Levi unconsciously clenched his fists.

"Who did it?" The aura around Levi was inviolable.

Yvonne sighed, "Levi, why do you come so late?"

Before Yvonne continued, Levi's phone rang. He picked it up impatiently.

"Levi, your father is back!"

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