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   Chapter 18 It's All Because Of You

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Sandra was speechless when she heard this name. As expected, Yvonne called him. But it was not the right time to come.

Sandra was still thinking about how to explain the clothes of this noble lady. Levi pulled her over and looked at her nervously. Sandra wondered if this was the expression of anger.

"Levi, someone is bullying me."

Sandra turned her head to look at Edith. How could her arrogant look just now change to full of tears now? Was she a normal creature? Sandra looked at Levi nervously. He must lose his temper in such a situation.

"Are you hurt?"

Everyone was stunned by what Levi said. Sandra also thought she had heard it wrong and shook her head with hesitation. Then, as if in a trance, Levi couldn't help but mumble, "That's good. That's good."

It was too abrupt for Edith to stand there, grasping her clothes.

Sandra felt that there was something wrong with Levi's head. Was he a normal person? Normally, when a normal person saw both of tearful Edith and the neat and intact Sandra, he would naturally protect the seemingly weak one. But why did Levi come up and ask if Sandra was okay?

Edith saw that Levi's eyes were all on Sandra. What's so good about Sandra? Edith was sure that Sandra was not so obedient to Levi like her.

"Levi, look at my clothes." Raising her clothes, Edith walked between Sandra and Levi and showed it to Levi.

Levi looked at the clothes of Edith impatiently, and Edith's eyes were full of grievance. Sandra prepared a lot of excuses to fight back Levi, who might turn to her opposite side.

"How did you become that?"

"It's all this woman's fault. She bullied me." Edith pointed at Sandra.

Sandra sighed at Edith's unreasonable behavior. She couldn't understand why there was such a person in the world. It was unbearable.

"Edith, I think Sandra must be careless. Even if she did it on purpose, she is your sister-in-law. You should be polite."

"No, she is not."

Ignoring her, Levi turned to Sandra and said, "Just buy her a new one."

"I bought her 10."

Hearing Sandra's answer, Levi raised the corners of his mouth and had a feeling of holding back his laughter. However, when he saw the expectations in the eyes of Edith, he became serious again in an instant.

"Edith, go back quickly. Don't make trouble again." Levi pulled a long face. It's hard to know whether he was warning her or not.

Seeing that Levi seemed unhappy, Edith had no choice but to go out. When she passed by, she snorted at Sandra and pouted.

Sandra looked at Levi with great interest. She didn't expect that he could deal with the little girl well.

Holding Sandra's hand, Levi said, "Follow me." Levi's face suddenly became gloomy. He took Sandra to the car and started it without saying anything. Sandra wondered if he said that just to save his own face. And in fact, he was still angry that she had bullied Edith?

"Well, where are we going?"

Levi glanced at her and threw her the word "hospital".

Sandra wondered why they went to the hospital. Who was injured? Maybe...

"Are you suffering from kidney deficiency after being drugged that day?"

When Levi heard this, he slammed on the brake. Sandra hadn't fasten the seat belt, so she rushed to the front with the same force and bounced back heavily because of inertia. Feeling the pain, Sandra touched the back of her head. Before Sandra could vent her anger to Levi, he leaned over, only a few centimeters away from her lips. Sandra was stunned and dared not move.

"Kidney deficiency? Do you want to have a try?"

"Here? It's not appropriate!"

"It doesn't matter. I don't care."

Sandra pushed Levi away. What's wrong with him? Why didn't he scare her to death!

Levi continued to start the car and drove all the way to the hospital. He was familiar with the road, and he took Sandra left and right and they finally stopped at a door of

a room. The door was open, and there was a young doctor in it. He was good-looking, gentle and elegant. Levi smiled and knocked on the door. The doctor smiled as a breeze when he saw Levi.

"Why are you free today?" Seeing Sandra behind Levi, he said, "Is she your wife? She is really a beauty."

Sandra nodded with a smile to greet him.

Levi gave him a light punch.

"Don't tease me. Give her a check-up."

"You are great! She becomes pregnant so soon. I think it's better to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department. I'm not good at it."

Hearing his words, Sandra blushed immediately. Embarrassed as well, Levi kicked him directly.

"Don't think too much. Just do what you are good at. Hurry up."

The man in front of him chuckled. His brother could be shy. That's really surprising.

"Hello, I'm Levi's brother. I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously. Come here now."

It turned out that he was Levi's eldest brother whose job was a doctor, Clayton Song. No wonder Sandra thought he was like a person when he smiled when she came in. But Sandra began to be confused. Why did she need to be examined? Was she sick? But why didn't she know?

"Why should I do the examination?" She turned to Levi and asked. Was he angry that she had bullied Edith so he wanted to kill her?

Levi was dissatisfied with her expression showing her thought that he was going to do something bad.

"I have seen your arrogant behavior in the Phoenix Deer Club. I want to make sure you are fine."

Sandra was suddenly enlightened. Was he worried about that she got injury? But Sandra suddenly thought of something, "Are you following me?" Sandra wondered if it was Yvonne who told him again.

"Is it necessary?"

Sandra looked incredulous. Levi felt helpless.

"I have been spending time in Phoenix Deer Club for so long. If there are no several spies of me, these time is useless, isn't it?"

"Then why are you so kind?"

"I need you to give birth to a baby for me. You can't get injured."

Sandra didn't know why the feeling of these seemingly sweet words changed from Levi's mouth. Seeing that Sandra was still in a trance, Levi directly carried her to the examination room. The sudden movement made Sandra scream.

"Put me down, Levi. I will only give you one chance. Don't you want to live?"

Seeing what they were doing, Clayton Song smiled and shook his head helplessly.

When they was waiting for Sandra's examination, Clayton Song inadvertently asked Levi about the promotion selection. Levi thought of that the moment he received the call from the captain this morning, he rushed there without a stop.

Soon he received a call from Yvonne, "Levi, Levi, come here quickly. If you don't come, you won't be able to see my sister."

"What's wrong?" Hearing this, Levi's heart tightened. He really didn't want to hear any bad news about Sandra.

At that time, it was also strange that he turned back without thinking.

Then he called captain while rushing back.

"Sir, I decide to give up."

"Stupid! You know what a good chance it is!"

"I, I know."

The man on the other end of the phone kept silent for a few minutes and sighed, "Young man, you are impulsive." Then he hung up the phone. Levi silently took off his headphones and drove forward with firm eyes.

Clayton Song sighed silently, "Once in four years. Is it worth it?"

Levi smiled slyly. He didn't know whether it was worth it or not. After getting the report showing Sandra's good health, Levi only knew that he didn't regret it. But Sandra was still complaining that he was like a grandma, who always worried about many things.

Levi didn't say anything and didn't interrupt Sandra's nagging mode. He thought of the video from the Phoenix Deer Club. When Levi saw Sandra's trembling shoulder when they mentioned Sandra's childhood at that time, he had an inexplicable heartache...

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