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   Chapter 16 Enemies Are Destined To Meet

Forced Into Marriage And Find Love By Wu Xiaoyan Characters: 6971

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After dispatching Edith, Sandra took a deep breath. How could the person who was attracted by a playboy like Levi be so difficult to deal with? We were not afraid that you were a princess, but afraid that you had princess syndrome. What Yvonne said was definitely right.

With curiosity showed all over her face, Yvonne peeped at the door of the office. At the same time, Sandra noticed Yvonne and gave her an eye of coming in.

"Sandra, how did you send her away? Yvonne said with an expression of bystander.

Sandra rolled her eyes at her. She wondered how could Yvonne live on before she adopted her with her such low intelligence.

On second thought, although her IQ and EQ was seriously insufficient, she could always feel relaxed every day. Maybe this was also a good thing. But was it really good to live like a fool?

"No, I just asked her to wait for me at the cafe downstairs."

"I don't think it's a good idea for you to fight in a cafe. You'd better call Norman over for such a thing."

"Do you know why I can't tell you something?" Sandra held back her temper and asked Yvonne, pretending to be serious.

Yvonne looked that her sister was suddenly serious, as if she was going to say something important. She became serious too.

"Because you don't have a brain here." Sandra pointed at Yvonne's head when she finished her words.

At first, Yvonne was still thinking about what was in her head if it was not brain.

Seeing that she was really thinking about it seriously, Sandra decided to take back the idea that Yvonne's fool was good she had just thought.

"Sandra, are you saying bad words to me?"

"You finally figured it out!" Sandra made a gesture to let Yvonne go out. She really didn't want to waste her time here. She had to save some brain cells. There was a more difficult problem downstairs.

Then Yvonne walked out of Sandra's office, pouting and taking it to heart for her sister's teasing.

But when she thought of Zong Family, she was even more depressed. This ex-girlfriend that his sister was going to deal with was not an ordinary ex-girlfriend. The Zong Family's power was deeply rooted in the HX Country. Although her sister was not bad, it was the first time that the ex-girlfriend came to her. And she also had no experience.

'Oh! Although I can't call Norman, I can call Levi!'

Then Yvonne called Levi when she thought of this. Levi hung up the phone as soon as he heard Yvonne's words. Yvonne were completely frozen. It was true that Edith was a playboy killer, not a boast. Did Levi mean to ignore it?

But thinking of Levi's attitude towards her sister, she found that Levi had gone to the press conference. Just an Edith, it seemed that he would not be afraid of her.

Anyway, she'd better buy some time for her brother-in-law first.

Yvonne racked her brains but couldn't think of a way to stall her sister. She had no choice but to call Norman. She didn't expect that Norman would easily tell her that just left it to him.

Yvonne was waiting for Norman's answer happily. Norman was her reassurance, because he always had a way. No wonder her sister had always put him in an important position.

After hanging up the phone, Levi stepped on the brake. His face was still pale, and he frowned. He looked around and found that there was no shop on the empty road except for the running cars. Yvonne heard it right. Now he was on the road dozens of kilometers away from HX Country.

Today, Levi rec

eived a call from the captain. This was a chance he had waited for a long time and just got the news. Regardless of his weak body, he quickly drove the car. Unexpectedly, he received a call from Yvonne.

Edith was not a threat at all. He believed that Sandra would definitely be able to deal with these things. The trouble was the Zong Family behind her. Mr. Zong spoiled his granddaughter very much, and he would do anything for her granddaughter.....

Levi didn't dare to think further. All he thought about was Sandra's face.

With firm eyes, Levi turned the steering wheel and drove in the opposite direction.

5 minutes later.

"Sandra, we are going..."

Yvonne's words were interrupted by Sandra's serious expression. If her eyes could shoot a knife, she would have been dead.

Sandra went out straight and didn't care about Edith in the coffee shop.

"Sandra, how about her?"

Sandra just glanced at her, "Let her stay here."

Yvonne stuck out her tongue. She marveled at Norman's efficiency and praised him in her heart.

Sandra's face darkened all the time, thinking of one hundred ways to deal with Levi.

Just now, Norman called her and said that Levi was in the Phoenix Deer Club.

Didn't he stay at home in bed because of his poor health? He went to the night club so soon. She even had thought he was different from those playboys but he still behaved like this now. It seemed that Hertha's drug was not so strong.

Sandra stepped on the gas and drove all the way to the Phoenix Deer Club. When she got off the car, she saw Norman waiting for her at the gate of Phoenix Deer Club. She walked so fast in her thin high-heeled shoes.

"Where is he?"

Without looking at Sandra, Norman pointed inside.

Sandra took a look at Norman and frowned. She went straight into the Phoenix Deer Club and Yvonne came up to him, asking Norman excitedly how he did it. Norman touched his nose awkwardly.

"I just said that I saw Levi here."

Yvonne looked at him in surprise. Seeing her unbelievable expression, Norman smiled cunningly and shook his head. Yvonne slapped him slightly.

"Norman, you can also lie!"

Then Yvonne took Norman into the Phoenix Deer Club and didn't notice that Norman's face turned red.

Sandra walked two circles on the Phoenix Deer Club, but she didn't see Levi. Thinking of Norman's reaction, she turned around and stared at him. Norman was so nervous that he didn't dare to look straight at her.

"Norman, did you really see Levi?"

Norman tried to avoid Sandra's eyes and shook his head.

"Look into my eyes and answer me." Sandra said with emphasis!

Norman kept silent and Sandra smiled coldly.

"Lie after changing your habit that don't dare to look into other people's eyes when you lied."

Seeing that Sandra was angry with Norman, Yvonne felt bad, but she didn't know how to persuade her sister.

Seeing the nervous expression on Yvonne's face, Sandra understood a little. Well, it turned out to be collusion.

Throwing them an expression of disappointment, Sandra turned around and left. Unexpectedly, she bumped into the man who was coming.

Before Sandra could see clearly who it was, she heard the person's rude words.

She would never forget this voice and way of speaking.

"Amy, what a small world!"

Yes, Amy held the drunk Jeremy to stand awkwardly opposite Sandra. Sandra looked at them with disgust and smiled.

"It seems that you have a rich life after marriage."

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