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   Chapter 13 An Unpeaceful Life

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Victor didn't come back home very often. Every time when he came back, Hertha would cook by herself.

It was the second time for Sandra to see Victor. They met with each other so abruptly last time, so this time should be a more formal one.

Hertha strolled around and chatted with Sandra.

Levi kept a poker face all the time. How lucky Victor was! Mother cooked for him, and now Sandra would help her cook for him. Even he had never tasted it!

"Sandra, what's your specialty dish?"

"Well... Boiled noodles..."

Hertha and Levi looked at each other. With a helpless smile in Levi's face, there was full of tenderness in his eyes.

"It doesn't matter. I can teach you."

"But I don't want to learn it." Sandra blurted out, which shocked Levi and Hertha. This girl was too straightforward. Hertha couldn't help laughing. Sandra looked at her in confusion, not knowing what deserved laughing.

When Hertha went out of the supermarket, she forgot to take out something. Levi threw the car key to Sandra and went back to get it. Sandra took the car key to drive the car. Seeing that they two were in tacit agreement, Hertha nodded with a smile.

When Sandra picked up the car, she found that there were four or five people surrounding the car. She saw from a distance that one of them with tattoos all over his body. They were holding a stick in their hands, looking like they were waiting for someone. But why did they just next to the car she was about to drive?

Sandra passed through them as if no one was around. Ignoring their disgusting and sizing eyes, she walked into the car and was about to drive it.

Those people exchanged glances. One of them leaned against the middle of the car, making Sandra unable to start the car. Even Sandra's appearance on the street was outstanding enough to make people want to commit a crime, not to mention in the empty underground parking lot.

Sandra stared at them coldly. The angrier she was, the happier those people seemed to be.

When Sandra decided to get off the car and ask them what they wanted to do, Levi appeared in her sight.

After taking the things back, Levi found that Sandra hadn't come back yet. He rushed to the parking lot and saw a few hooligans surrounding the car and Sandra seemed to open the door at any time, which immediately ignited his anger.

He walked towards Sandra straight. When Sandra saw him, she felt relieved.

Sandra thought he was going to get in the car directly, but she didn't expect that he fought with them without saying a word. Sandra was shocked and thought it was unnecessary to do like this. They can just leave.

Those people all had sticks in their hands. How could Levi beat so many people? Sandra saw with her own eyes that Levi had been hit several times. She couldn't help opening the door and getting off the car.

Hearing the sound, Levi pulled the stick of one of them, turned around and shouted at her, "Don't get out of the car."

Sandra stopped and didn't know whether she should move or not. Levi's eyes were sharp and his expression was fierce. The hooligans were frightened by Levi's imposing manner, and they raised their sticks with hesitation. Levi seized the opportunity to beat them up and they had to beg for mercy.

"Get out of here!"

Enduring the pain, they got up from the ground and quickly moved away.

Sandra got out of the car in a hurry and walked up to Levi, checking whether he was injured or not. The aura around him was not hidden at all because of the fight just now, and he looked a little terrifying now.

Sandra saw that he had been angry, and she couldn't speak out anything to thank him. Levi held the steering wheel tightly, breathed fast, and stared straight ahead. Sandra didn't know what to do next, but he must be angry that s

he had caused him trouble.

"Is your phone just decoration?"

Levi turned his head around and asked her suddenly, which made Sandra don't know how to answer his question. Besides, he was like a beast now. In that situation, she had forgot her phone.

"Why did you go up when you saw those people there? Are you stupid?"

"How can I know they want...?"

"Men must have only one thought when they saw you. What's in your mind? If I come a little late, you..." Levi slammed the steering wheel heavily, and the horn made a sharp sound. He didn't dare to think about what would happen if he came late.

Sandra didn't expect that he would be so angry like this, so the words of gratitude became apology.

"I'm sorry..."

Hearing this, Levi turned to look at Sandra, his eyes full of pity, "I should have come with you together."

Sandra smiled, "thank God you finally came."

Levi nodded and started the car. Hertha anxiously asked them why it took so long. Seeing that Levi hadn't sorted out his clothes yet, she covered her mouth with hand in surprise.

"Are you young people so good at playing? That's right. A moment of sex is invaluable."

Hearing Hertha's words, Sandra's face turned red in an instant. Levi was carrying things, and he was also stunned. "We didn't do anything. Don't think too much."

"It's been so long. Haven't you had sex yet?" Now it was Hertha's turn to be extremely angry. She had a dream of having a grandson these days! They two even hadn't had sex yet!

Along the way, Hertha didn't say anything, including when she came back home. She was thinking about something even when she was cooking, and it didn't make any difference when Sandra talked to her.

Hertha's current reaction made Sandra a little confused. After Levi changed his clothes upstairs, he went downstairs and saw Sandra standing there with a plate of fruit in her hand, as if she didn't know what to do.

Hertha was busy with her own business and didn't want to talk to her. Frowning, Levi walked over and took the things over from Sandra.

"Why are you standing here?"

Sandra didn't answer. She glanced at him and shook her head.

"She can't hear what you are talking to her now. I don't know what she is up to." Levi glanced at Hertha.

Sandra looked at him in confusion, showing that she didn't know what he meant.

The sound of a car came from the courtyard. It seemed that Victor had come back. Hertha came to her senses and took Victor to the study room before she gave a formal introduction to Sandra.

Levi sneered, indicating Sandra that she didn't need to care about it. But Sandra didn't know why she had an ominous premonition.

"Just talk less to them when they come down."

"What are they going to do?" Although Sandra looked calm on the surface, she was crazy in her heart. She wanted to live a peaceful life.

Without waiting for Levi's answer, Victor and Hertha went downstairs. Hertha became enthusiastic again to Sandra as if she had changed into another person. But the more she smiled, the more insidious Sandra felt. But Levi seemed to be used to it.

"Victor, what's wrong with you again?"

"You think too much." With a relaxed expression on his face, Victor gave a punch on Levi's shoulder. Taking a look at Sandra, Levi happened to look into her eyes and smiled helplessly.

Seeing what they were doing, Victor smiled mysteriously.

During the dinner, Hertha always looked at Sandra with a smile. She kept picking up food for Sandra and kept saying, "Eat more, eat more.". Sandra kept accepting the food.

"Mom, she can't finish it with so many dishes you pick up for her."

"And you, eat more as well." While speaking, she kept picking up food for Levi.

Victor smiled and said, "Levi, come to the study with me after dinner."

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