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   Chapter 12 Back To Song Family

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Sandra was very tired today. When she inserted the room card defenselessly, she found a person appear on the sofa for no reason, which startled her. When she saw it was Hertha, she didn't feel good. Why son and mother were the same. They came without informing in advance.

"Auntie, why are you here?" Although she was tired, she still had to cheer up.

"Are you unhappy to see me? Or did I interrupt your date with an unknown person?"

Sandra didn't expect her to say something like that, and she didn't know how to respond.

"I was right, huh?" Hertha looked serious and it seemed that she was not joking.

"Auntie, what do you mean? The one should be watched should be our son!"

"What about you who as his wife?" Hertha approached Sandra step by step.

"It is unnecessary!"

"Since it's unnecessary, then just go back to Song Family with me."

Sandra looked around and found that her belongings had disappeared. Judging from Hertha's expression, she knew where they had gone.

Observing the expression on Sandra's face, Hertha stopped her before she refused, "Women in the Song Family won't let their men find other women. I think you can deal with this matter better."

Sandra looked at Hertha's interested expression. Although she didn't know what Hertha was going to do, she couldn't refuse Hertha's tough attitude. What's more, in the daytime, Levi said she was boring! This made her extremely uncomfortable. After thinking for only three minutes, Sandra agreed to Hertha.

When Hertha came back home, Levi was drinking water. She knew that her son would drink water when he was nervous. She saw that when Levi saw her come back alone, his eyes immediately dimmed. 'Brat! How could he ignore his mother when he has a wife?'

"Sandra, just park the car there."

Although Levi's expression didn't change much, he obviously relaxed after hearing this. But he went upstairs before Sandra came in. Hertha was helpless about his son's characteristic. He liked Sandra but ignored her, just like his father.

After Sandra came in, she was pushed to the room of Levi on the two floor by Hertha.

It was not until Sandra was pushed into Levi's arms by her that she felt satisfied. When she walked to the door, she said, "Sandra, have you eaten yet? Don't eat even if you haven't. You will get fat if you eat at this time. I think you have gained some weight recently."

Hertha couldn't help snickering when she went downstairs.

Sandra looked at her own figure and wondered if she really had gained some weight recently. Levi thought that Sandra should have more food since it was so obvious that she was so thin.

In fact, Sandra was very hungry when she came out of the company. She even had made up her mind what to eat. At this time, her figure was ridiculed. Seeing that Sandra kept looking her own figure, Levi couldn't help laughing.

"There's no need to look at it. Your temper is enough to drag you down, let alone your figure."


"Fortunately, I have married you."

It was said that Levi was a playboy, but he was cold and serious. As expected, rumors were not credible. In Sandra's opinion, he was not only childish but also fond of playing tricks.

"She was just kidding. Have you had dinner?"

Obviously, Sandra didn't have dinner. After a full heart play, she nodded decisively, but her stomach protested and made a sound. Sandra's face flushed all of a sudden. Levi chuckled, turned around and went out without saying anything.

When Levi went out, Sandra fell down on the bed and buried her face in the quilt. What a shame!

Before Sandra could finish her repentance, Levi came in with a long plate, which was full of delicious meals. Although Sandra was hungry, was she a pig? How could she eat so much.

"Am I a pig?" Sandra just thought for a while but blurted it out unexpectedly.

Levi nodded as if he was saying that 'you finally realize that.'

"I mean I can't eat all of them up."

"I didn't let you eat them all up."

Sandra thought for a while and began to eat regardless of her own image.

"Pay attention to your image."

"You have married me for the sake of other people, haven't you?"

Levi chuckled. His smile was as fresh as the spring breeze, and the cold air around him was also gone, so soft that no one could take their eyes off him.

Sandra raised her head to look at him. He was not as uncomfortable as Yvonne said. "You are so handsome."

Levi's expression froze on his face, and his face turned a little red. Could this woman not speak so directly?

Sandra took several bites of rice and looked at him, "You seem to blush."

Levi's face twitched. He wondered how she could make the Legend Company so big with her intelligence.

"Just enjoy your meal." Levi turned around and went out.

Seeing that he seemed to be angry again, Sandra recalled what she had said and thought that she didn't say anything wrong.

The following whole week was peaceful, and Levi didn't play any tricks.

One morning, Hertha happily knocked on the door of Levi's room. Sandra didn't know whether Levi was pretending to be asleep or not, she had to get up and open the door for Hertha.

The night before yesterday, Hertha told them that since Levi's second elder brother, Victor, came back, Hertha hoped that everyone could cook a family reunion dinner by themselves. Therefore, Sandra was forced to stay at home and didn't go to the company.

"Sandra, have you got up?"

Sandra nodded sleepily. Couldn't she see it? She didn't get up.

"Tidy up. We go to supermarket to buy the ingredients later?"

"Okay, I'll ask Levi to get up?"

"Don't worry. Let him sleep a little longer. He is more tired. He had a light sleep." After saying that, Hertha wore a mysterious smile on her face.

Sandra didn't understand her expression and didn't want to think about it. After closing the door, she still kept yawning.

Sandra turned over to the bed in a daze and continued to sleep. She fell down regardless of anything. Levi suddenly opened his eyes and found that Sandra was lowering her head in the pillow. He tucked her in, held her waist and continued to close his eyes.

Sandra raised her head suddenly

"Did you pretend to sleep and not open the door on purpose? Your mother said you have a light sleep." Sandra squinted at him. She was a person who liked to remember grudge.

"No, I didn't hear it." Levi answered her with his eyes closed.

"It's so loud. How can you not hear it? You must be on purpose."

Levi held Sandra tightly, who was still murmuring. Hearing this, Levi couldn't help smiling. It was good that she nagged like this.

Levi found that the biggest feature of Sandra was that she would say a sentence for several times, and every time she said it, she thought it was the first time. Levi heard that this was a symptom of loneliness, and every time Sandra repeated, he would listen to it as if he heard it for the first time.

Until they went downstairs, Sandra was still talking to him about the thing about opening the door in the morning, as if she wouldn't stop if Levi didn't admit that he did that on purpose. But he really didn't hear it.

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