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   Chapter 11 Photos Were Exposed

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When Sandra arrived at the company in the morning, she found that the whole company was filled with a different atmosphere. Although everyone greeted her and said good morning as usual, she always felt the whispers behind her, which made her frown.

Yvonne stood at the door of her office and looked embarrassed. She kept waving at Sandra when she saw her. Sandra looked sideways and saw Levi sitting leisurely on her chair. What was he doing here?

Sandra signaled for Yvonne to let her leave first, and Yvonne ran away as if she had been granted an amnesty. People like Levi who was handsome and usually looked dissolute, but there was always a sense of rejection around him. Yvonne felt tired for her sister to be with such a person.

Sandra put her bag on the sofa and picked up the newspaper on the table, pretending that Levi didn't exist.

Sandra opened the newspaper and saw a photo, which took up the whole piece of paper. With a smile at the corners of Levi's mouth, he waited for Sandra's reaction. Sandra almost vomited the water she had just drunk. On the photo, there was a man holding several women. From the angle of the photo, his face was almost buried in the chest of the woman next to him.

Norman told her last night that Levi was just acting, but when she saw such a photo, Sandra still didn't want to look at it at all.

Sandra's expression of frown was caught by Levi. He sneered in his heart, 'Sandra, you care about it, don't you?'

Levi took out a leather bag from the pocket of his shirt and threw it in front of Sandra. "How does it enough to just look at one piece of such kind of photo?"

Sandra took a glance at the photos sliding out from the leather bag. Those were all evidence of Levi's love affair in the night club last night.

Sandra's beautiful eyes were filled with coldness, and the arrogant expression on Levi's face made her even angrier. There were many women around her who were asking private detectives to investigate their own husband. But why did this situation turn around when she met this kind of matter? It was speechless that her husband handed in the evidence by himself.

"Levi, what on earth do you want?"

"Nothing, I just feel that you are boring." Levi stared at Sandra coldly without any expression.

Sandra admitted that Levi's eyes couldn't be looked directly at for a long time, not to mention that she didn't want to communicate with a playboy like him at all. Boring? Sandra thought of that Jeremy also said this kind of words before.

Of course, Levi noticed that Sandra's eyes became dim suddenly. He realized that he might have gone too far. He was about to move towards her and do something. Sandra turned around and walked to the door without any expression.

"Then you don't need to see me. Get out!" Sandra thought there must be something wrong with her head, or why she would always think that Levi was different from other playboys she had met.

Levi was irritated by the indifferent expression of Sandra and walked towards her angrily. Although he looked like a playboy who deserved to be beaten all day long, his strong aura was revealed without reservation when he was angry.

Seeing Levi walking towards her step by step, Sandra subconsciously stepped back a few steps. Levi took the opportunity to push her to the wall, and it was too late for Sandra to dodge.

She closed her eyes to bear the pain of the collision between her back and the wall. However, when she opened her eyes, she found that Levi held her with his hands and blocked her "kiss" with the wall.

It seemed that it was the first time for Sandra to look at Levi so closely apart from sleeping. His facial features were so delicate that they looked like being carved.

All of a sudden, Levi's lips fell on Sandra's, who was in a daze for a moment. Sandra couldn't move, and her brain stopped working in an instant, as if she had been enchanted.

Holding her in his arms, Levi felt her body stiff and he moved away from her lips. At this time, Sandra a

lso looked at him in a daze.

"Sandra, I don't like your indifferent expression to me."

Levi said it word by word with power. Those words which should be words of love somehow sounded a little sad when they were spoken out from Levi's mouth.

The time seemed to have stopped, and Sandra kept muttering in her heart. 'How dare he...?' Then she suddenly thought that he might have kissed another girl last night, which drove Sandra crazy. "Levi, you! Get! Out! Of! Here!"

Sandra couldn't help but push Levi away, not giving him the chance to speak. Levi didn't know what Sandra was doing. What kind of strange creature was this woman? He kissed her. Was her reaction normal?

"Sandra, you haven't been kissed for a long time, have you?"

Sandra didn't listen to him at all. All she could think about was how Levi kissed another woman and then... She couldn't stand it.

In the eyes of others, Sandra was always like a one-thousand-year iceberg. Although she had an outstanding appearance, the woman who didn't smile and always kept a cold face made others distant from her. Although Levi looked like a playboy, he was born with noble temperament, which made people around him breathe hard.

When Levi was driven out by Sandra, his helpless expression made everyone cover their mouths and hold back their laughter. These two people were really a perfect match.

After driving Levi out, Sandra touched her own lips subconsciously, moved quickly to the table, picked up the photos on the table and began to study them. She didn't find any suspicious photos of kissing, so she breathed a sigh of relief.

She gradually calmed down and picked up her phone.

"Norman, did you stay with Levi all the time last night?"


"Did he do anything out of line?"

"No." Norman felt strange. He should have made it clear last night.

"Kiss, something like kiss, did he do this?"


Sandra hung up the phone and took a deep breath. Norman smiled at the other end of the phone and shook his head helplessly.

It was Hertha's habit to read newspapers every morning. Today, when she saw her son appear on the newspaper as if he was having fun in a night club, she was very angry.

This young man just didn't know how to cherish his life. He didn't enjoy his good life and just wasted his life in a night club. What's more, Hertha was confused by one thing. Since they got married, Levi had been to this kind of place more often than before. Hertha decided to interfere in the two of them.

When Hertha was torn which of the two of them she should call, Levi came back!

Regardless of Levi's long face, Hertha spread the newspaper in front of him and said, "explain it."

"There is nothing to explain." Levi was still wondering why Sandra kicked him out in front of so many people. No one in the whole HX Country had the courage to shut him out, let alone kick him out. This woman was too arrogant.

Seeing that his son was absent-minded and didn't listen to her at all, Hertha pounded the table seriously. Levi frowned and looked at Hertha.

"Explanation." Hertha lost her patience.

"No explanation." Levi looked at the corner of the table indifferently.

"Okay, I'll ask Sandra and see how she will answer me." Hertha was about to walk towards the door, but Levi stood up and stopped her.

"She won't care about it."

Hertha could tell what had happened from his son's injured expression. It was interesting that the arrogant Levi in others' eyes cared about what Sandra thought.

Hertha pretended to be angry.

"Then you have to promise me that you two will all go home and live here in the future. Don't mess around with me."

"She won't come."

Hertha seemed to think of something all of a sudden, "After your marriage, you haven't..."

There was no expression on Levi's cold face. Hertha went out before Levi could say anything. She first packed all the luggage in Sandra's hotel and sent them back to the Song Family. Then she waited for Sandra to get off work silently.

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