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   Chapter 9 The Battle Of Decoration

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Sandra opened the door and saw Levi lying quietly on the bed and falling asleep! How could he fall asleep just after he did some destruction! Sandra remembered that day when she went to the Song Family, Hertha told her about Levi's preferences. She remembered that Hertha said that Levi had a light sleep. Sandra smiled and deliberately closed the door loudly.

The loud noise even startled herself. But Levi still didn't make any sound in bed. Light sleep? It must be a lie. Sandra walked to the bedside and coughed loudly, but there was still no movement. Pretending to be asleep!

Sandra observed Levi closely and was attracted by his clean face. Levi had a different feeling from his brother, Victor. In fact, their eyebrows and eyes were similar, as if they were drawn with a brush. They were abnormally beautiful. Levi breathed evenly and sometimes talked in sleep. It seemed that he was really asleep. Not only was he too tired today, he also received two punches.

Sandra lay beside him and thought, 'Hope you can behave yourself tomorrow. I'll let you go today!'

Sandra was still not used to seeing someone beside her pillow when she opened her eyes. It reminded her of the first time she saw Levi's face in bed. Although they were married now, she still felt a little awkward. Especially when she was in Levi's arms. It was not because she liked his warmth, but because his arms were just so warm. Sandra rubbed in again subconsciously.

"Can I open my eyes now?"

Sandra was so speechless in the early morning. When did this childish man wake up? Thinking of what she had done was seen just now, Sandra threw a fist at him.

"This is domestic violence!" With his eyes half closed, Levi touched the place where Sandra hit.

"Just sue me. Then we can divorce."

"It's too easy for you to divorce. Besides, you are so irritable. Only I can make do with it."

"Get out!"

So early in the morning, Levi was kicked out of bed and out of the bedroom.

When Sandra came out, she saw that Levi was pitifully sitting on the carpet in the living room, wearing only a bath towel. Sandra really couldn't do anything to him, so she turned around and casually took a piece of his clothes for him and threw it to him.

Levi looked at Sandra plaintively. Sandra ignored him and poured herself a glass of milk.

After breakfast, Sandra arrived at the company. Before she arrived at the door of the office, she was greeted by Yvonne, who waved at her. Sandra thought Yvonne came to her before she found her.

Sandra took a few steps forward and stood in front of Yvonne. Sandra narrowed her eyes and raised the corners of her mouth slightly. Although her expression was so kind, those words were almost squeezed out of her teeth through clenched teeth. "Miss Yvonne, what did you tell the bodyguards yesterday?"

"I told them that they would take action if they saw Levi's bad attitude. Ha ha, is it so good? Is my brother-in-law very obedient now?" Yvonne didn't see the situation clearly and was still waiting for the praise excitedly.

"Who told you to make such a decision?"

"I can't let you suffer any loss."

"You... all right, as long as you are happy." Sandra felt that her IQ would drop sharply if she stayed with Yvonne again, so she patted Yvonne on the shoulder silently. She shook her head and walked into the office.

The door was slammed with a bang, which shocked Yvonne. It was not like what her sister would say. It turned out that people would really change for a better temper after getting married. Her sister must be praising her just now, right?

It was quiet in the company. Thinking of the childish look of Levi when she came back home, Sandra was exhausted. When Sandra went back and saw her home which was almost demolished, she had no interest in doing anything, and she even double checked if she

had gone to the wrong place.

"What are you looking at? Come in." Holding Sandra's hand, Levi introduced every place to her excitedly.

"Stop. I want to know if you are going to demolish the house and rebuild it." Sandra pressed the fire in her heart and asked Levi. But anyway, no matter what he said later, she would explode.

"No. I'm satisfied with some part of the house."

"For example, the door?"

"That's right. The door is not bad."

Sandra pinched her painful eyebrows, trying to suppress the surging magma in her heart. "Levi, you did it on purpose, didn't you?"

"No, it's not like that. All new couples will decorate their wedding rooms. We are catching up with the trend."

"All right... as long as you are happy." Sandra said through her clenched teeth, which made Levi feel cold behind.

In fact, there was some prank in Levi's behaviors. He just wanted to see every expression on Sandra's face. He didn't want her to be only indifferent. Because he knew that indifference was not suitable for her.

"Levi, why is there a pit here?" Sandra shouted loudly.

"By the way, be careful. Don't fall into our swimming pool."

Sandra had proposed to live in a hotel for many times, but Levi refuted her by saying that there was home to live and why they should live in a hotel. It was normal for Sandra to live a regular life before she married him, but now she really started from scratch. The bedroom of the chairwoman of the Legend Company, which had grasped the lifeblood of fashion in the HX Country, didn't even have a door! There was a big pit in the yard beside the living room. The cook had almost fallen into the pit more than once when he cooked these days. If it went on like this, the butler would not dare to come.

Sandra really doubted if her choice was right. Why did she feel that she had fallen into a trap she own dug?

"Do you think I will be in a good mood living in such a house?"

"Of course. We will watch it getting better and better. It's a process of enjoyment."

Sandra nodded weakly. Why did she agree to live with him at that time? Anyway, she was going to live in a hotel. If he wanted to enjoy the incomparable process, he could just stay here.

Sandra stayed in the hotel for three days peacefully. Without the trouble brought by Levi, Sandra even felt easy to breathe. But even if the heating was on, Sandra still missed Levi's hug. They were so close to each other and even their breath and heartbeat could reach the same rhythm. Thinking of this, Sandra suddenly felt that she seemed to miss that childish man. Would he really sleep in that house which had a large pit these days?

Levi silently cursed Sandra thousands of times in his heart. This woman didn't go home for three days. It was too much. She didn't look like a wife. He couldn't put up with it after he imagined to sleep with her for countless nights, so when Sandra opened the door of the hotel, she saw Levi sitting on the sofa and looking at her with bitterness.

"You scared me. How did you get in here?" Sandra was surprised when she saw Levi, though he looked a little bit unhappy.

"Is it difficult? Do you think it's reasonable for you not to go home for three days as a married woman?"

"Then, should you give me an explanation for the disappearance of a married man for seven days?" Why did he have the courage to question her? She didn't disappear on purpose. It was because of him that she couldn't live in the house.

Levi was speechless for a moment. Looking at her fearless face, Levi couldn't help but sigh that she didn't look like a woman at all. He smiled cunningly and walked towards her. Seeing his expression was not right, Sandra retreated frequently. Levi was getting closer and closer, and Sandra had no way back. She stopped him with her hands.

"Levi, what do you want to do?"

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