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   Chapter 8 Living With A Childish Person

Forced Into Marriage And Find Love By Wu Xiaoyan Characters: 6968

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They had never seen that Sandra was so angry like this that they went out of the room in an instant. Without any restraint, Levi sat on the ground, covering his stomach with his hand, and frowned.

"Don't sit on the ground." Sandra hurried to help him up.

"Wait..." He couldn't stand up. Damn it! How merciless they were! You brat, just wait and see!

Sandra was full of guilt. What was going on here was totally different from what she expected. In fact, she just wanted to question him seriously, but had no intention of beating him.

"I'm sorry." Sandra really didn't know what to do. She could do nothing but look at his twisted face in pain.

Levi even started to doubt his hearing today. Sandra spoke two impossible words today to him. Looking at the nervous expression on Sandra's face, Levi suddenly felt that the two punches were worthy.

"Why should you apologize? Fortunately, I have a good willpower, or I will throw up the breakfast."

Seeing that he began to tease her again, Sandra was much relieved. But she knew clearly that her subordinates didn't know to lower their strength. When she saw the sweat on Levi's forehead, she knew that it must be very painful.

Just when Sandra did not know whether she should help him up or not, the doorbell rang. When Sandra opened the door and saw it was Hertha, she sighed.


"Sandra, are you here with Lev?"

Sandra nodded. After getting Sandra's answer, Hertha walked inside, with two big suitcases behind her. After Hertha came in, she took out all things in the suitcases and threw them on the ground and on the sofa.

"Lev, why are you sitting on the ground? Come here and help me."

"Mom, what are you doing?" Levi looked at her helplessly. There were all his clothes in the suitcase. He didn't understand how Hertha could only put so many clothes in two suitcases.

"You two should live together when you get married. Silly boy, these are all your clothes. You don't have to go home from tonight on. Why do you just look at me? Just come here and help me."

Levi struggled to stand up. Hearing his mother's words, he felt he lost more strength. Who on earth was your child?

Although it was hard for Sandra to digest what Hertha said, she still volunteered to take the clothes from Hertha because she saw it was still difficult for Levi.

"Let me do it."

"I'm relieved to see that you two are so harmonious. Pack up your things. I'm leaving now!" Hertha insisted on dragging two empty boxes back. As if she was afraid that Sandra would put those things back.

Speechless, Sandra and Levi watched Hertha leave. Sandra wanted to cry but had no tears. Hertha appeared less than 10 minutes ago and didn't give her a chance to regret. Besides, what she said was reasonable. They should live together after they got married.

Seeing that Sandra was in a daze, Levi stood up and picked up his clothes. Seeing that Levi was still frowning, Sandra grabbed the clothes from his hand.

"Let me clean it up."

Levi watched blankly at Sandra packing up his clothes and putting them into the wardrobe one by one. His heart was filled with unknown tenderness. Didn't she dislike him? She could have refused Hertha.

Sandra was also amazed at how skillful Hertha was. How could she put so many clothes into two suitcases? She had been packing for an hour without stopping. Holding his chin with a smile, Levi followed Sandra with interest, "Hey, Sandra, can you cook?"

"No, I


"What a coincidence! Me too."

Sandra thought he was going to show off that he could cook, but he said what a coincidence! For the sake of his discomfort, she wound not argue with him.

Levi sighed lazily, "How can we live together since both of us are not independent?"

"There are cooks. You won't starve to death."

"From which country? I like French cuisine."

"There are only Chinese dishes here! ! !" Was he a child? So many questions.

Levi didn't say anything. He kept visiting the house. Seeing this, Sandra doubted if he was pretending to be so painful just now.

"Sandra, let's redecorate the house."


"Because I don't like the decoration style of your house. No romance!"

"Fuck off!"

It took Sandra a lot of time to put up with him in the evening. After dinner, Sandra had a video meeting. She glanced at Levi, who was playing games, and turned on the computer at ease.

In the middle of the video conference, Sandra was talking in English. Levi put his innocent face behind the computer. Sandra had an ominous premonition but still kept talking. She began to warn Levi with her eyes that if he dared to do anything bad to her, then he could have a try if he was not afraid of the consequence.

"Shall we redecorate the house?"

Sandra nodded, it was okay as long as he left as soon as possible.

"Change the bed to a double bed?"

Sandra nodded.

"A swimming pool?"

Sandra kept nodding.

"A dog or a cat?"

Sandra looked at him coldly. Could he go away? She was working.

"We'd better keep a dog. The cat is always not close to its master." Then he smiled innocently to Sandra.

Sandra gave him an eye to urge him to get out of here. Instead of leaving, Levi sat opposite Sandra, watching her having a meeting in fluent English with a smile on his face. Sandra looked at him while talking, fearing that he would do something. Levi kept silent for a long time, and Sandra gradually entered the state. Suddenly, Levi said, "don't forget your promise."

Sandra was suddenly interrupted and forgot what to say next. She frowned and looked at Levi, who waved his hand to show that it had nothing to do with him. Sandra swore to kill Levi after the meeting.

Sandra finally ended her speech and took a long breath. Now she had to listen to other people's opinions and pay attention to what Levi was doing at the same time. The speaker's opinion was very unique, and even Sandra's attention was attracted by the people. Levi secretly glanced at the computer screen and found that the person who was speaking was a man!

"Tonight we sleep in a bed."

The speaker paused for a moment, and then continued. Staring at Levi, Sandra was so angry that she wanted to spit out fire. Levi picked up the power line of the computer and repeated what he had just said in English.

"How dare you!"

The speaker's words were interrupted completely now. Sandra acted as if it was none of her business, which made Levi laugh. Sandra doubted if she had married a rogue. Seeing Levi still holding the power line, Sandra nodded helplessly. After getting Sandra's approval, Levi took an apple from the table and finally left.

Did he do it on purpose!

The video conference finally came to an end. Sandra felt extremely tired and exhausted. If it weren't for Levi who always made trouble, such a conference wouldn't be a problem at all.

By the way, where was the childish man? Why was it so quiet? Did he hide?

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