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   Chapter 7 The Song Couple Showed Up In Public

Forced Into Marriage And Find Love By Wu Xiaoyan Characters: 7235

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Under the stage, Levi quietly observed Sandra's expression. Sandra glanced at all the media reporters, took a deep breath, and was about to retort one by one. Looking at all this helplessly, Levi felt a little guilty for Sandra. She didn't need to face it by herself, even if she didn't care it at all.

'Let me protect you. It's not because I don't want to see you being weak, but because it can be only me who can see you being weak.'

"Sorry, everyone. I'm late." Levi walked to the stage with his long legs. Sandra saw him fall from the sky like an angel with wings in the light. She looked at his face in surprise, which she hadn't seen for a long time. He was so dazzling everywhere.

Levi walked to Sandra's side, naturally put his arms around Sandra's waist, and looked at her with a smile. In the eyes of outsiders, the two were very affectionate, but the information Levi received from Sandra's eyes was not like this.

"You will be the one to blame after this."

"Please, I saved the scene in time."

They quarreled with each other with their eyes as if no one was around. But no matter how others looked at them, they could only think that they were expressing their love with their eyes. The rumor just now was scotched naturally.

"Mr. Levi and Miss Sandra love each other so much."

The quarrel between them was interrupted by the reporters. Suddenly, they realized that this was not a good place to quarrel. They should solve the current problem first.

When Levi turned his head to look at the reporters, his eyes were not as naughty as when he looked at Sandra. His eyes were fierce, and his undisguised handsome was obvious. But there was a cold air around him, making people not want to get close to him.

"I felt your curiosity just now when I was under the stage. If you have any questions, I will answer you." While speaking, Levi hugged Sandra again. The aristocratic atmosphere from the inside shocked the whole audience. As if he was used to such a scene, and he could naturally glanced at these media without any uncomfortable feelings.

The reporters looked at each other in silence. Sandra looked at him with great interest. He seemed to be really different from the playboys she met before. The noble temperament between his eyebrows was irresistible, and she was a little obsessed with it.

"Sandra is my legal wife. There is no interest in our marriage. If there is, that is because of love. Don't dig news about us for no reason. If you are really bored, I can find a job for you."

Hearing Levi's words, which showed there was no room to negotiate, and knowing the strength of the Song Family and the Sheng Family, the reporters all put in a good word for them.

After the press conference, there were some reporters not leaving. Sandra had been keeping a serious look. Levi made some childish moves aside. He poked Sandra from the left and appeared on the right. Or he stood side by side with her and bumped into her when she relaxed her vigilance. There were so many people, Sandra wanted to ask if he could be more childish.

"Levi, can you not be so childish?"

"Sandra, you are the first one to say that I'm childish..."

Seeing that Levi became a chatterbox in a second and regained his playboy nature, Sandra thought this was the real Levi Song. How could she be so stupid to think that a playboy would change! But anyway, she was grateful. He could choose to not come, but he deliberately let Yvonne find him. Sandra smiled.

"Thank you."

Levi smiled, not as cold as he was in front of the reporters. Thanks! He had heard it many times,

but he never thought of the thanks from Sandra. As if he had experienced the power of wildness, those kinds of questions, doubts, and even hurtful words Levi wanted to ask before had been swept away.

Sandra looked around and found no one around. She held Levi's arm kindly and smiled at him gently, "Honey, are you angry with me?"

Hearing the word "honey", Levi couldn't help touching Sandra's forehead. Was there something wrong with this woman's brain? Yvonne, who was next to them, tried hard to hold back her laughter. Before the press conference, Yvonne had taught her sister how to use a gentle weapon, but she just said it casually. Yvonne didn't expect that Sandra thought what she said was reasonable. It was the first time that she had seen her sister like this. Thanks to Levi's good luck.

Embarrassed, Sandra closed her eyes. The way Yvonne taught didn't seem to work. Not only didn't Levi answer her, but also he felt like he was looking at a fool.


Sandra repeated these words. After all, she had rehearsed several times.

Levi got goose bumps because of her words. He quickly shook his head to show that he was not angry. As long as she returned to normal, he could do anything. Sandra like this was so...

Sandra stared at the surprised look of Levi, she exhaled a sigh of relief and smiled slyly.

"Well, let's get even now."

Although Levi didn't understand what she meant, he had an ominous premonition. Then Sandra gave a look at Yvonne, and Yvonne waved her hand to show she got it. Suddenly, a group of men in black rushed out and caught Levi. Levi struggled but it was in vain, "Sandra, are you going to kill your own husband?"

"I told you that I would get back at people offending me!" Ignoring Levi's struggle, Sandra waved her hand and asked her men to pull Levi into the car.

Yvonne whispered in the leader's ear, telling him to remember something, and asked them to put Levi into the car. Levi gave up struggling and wanted to see what Sandra was going to do.

When the car arrived at the door of Sandra's house, Levi even suspected that she was going to have sex with him. But it couldn't be. Levi knew that Sandra was not thinking about anything good from her expression.

"Hey, can you let go of me first. I'll let you do whatever you want to do to me. It's not convenient for me to move like this." Levi smiled slyly and winked at Sandra.

Hearing this, a tinge of red climbed up on Sandra's face. Damn it! Levi's words made people feel she was going to do something to him. Hatefully, "Cut the crap. Tell me where you have been this week."

"Didn't you say that we wouldn't interfere with each other's life? Why should I tell you?"

All of a sudden, Sandra didn't know how to answer. Since she met Levi, she had always made traps for herself. Suddenly, the bodyguard looked at the two men who were catching Levi and gave them a look. After they understood what he meant, they suddenly punched at the belly of Levi. Caught off guard, Levi couldn't avoid it and was hit hard by two fists. The pain made him groan and his fists tremble uncontrollably.

This scene shocked Sandra. She didn't make any order just now, did she? After confirming it, Sandra looked at her subordinates angrily, with fire in her eyes.

"Are you going to rebel! Who let you do this?"

"Miss Yvonne asked us to do it according to the situation." Looking at Sandra's angry expression, the bodyguard was confused and touched his head and said.

Sandra was speechless. What was going on in Yvonne's mind? "Who is your boss? Don't you know? Get out!"

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