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   Chapter 6 Finally, I Am Not Willing To See You Be Treated Unkindly

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"Hertha, can she find Lev? We all know Lev's personality. Unless he appears himself, no one can change the situation." The one who spoke was Levi's aunt, also Hertha's sister. She confusedly looked at Sandra who had walked to the door. It was not because she didn't believe Sandra, but because she knew Levi well. If he wanted to hide, no one would find him.

Hearing Sandra's words, Hertha was also lost in thought. Levi was such a person. When he met problem, he would not want to solve the problem but just wanted to escape. When they got the marriage license that day, she saw him with a dark face and didn't say anything. They must have quarreled. But maybe only Sandra could make Levi so angry. Maybe... Sandra really had a method.

After coming out of the Song Family, Sandra called Yvonne and told her to send all the bodyguards to look for Levi, mainly to focus on the night, and not to let go of every bar and night club. She also informed the reporters that she would hold a press conference with Levi three days later to announce their marriage.

Yvonne didn't know why her sister was so confident. She really wanted to remind her of the true colors of those playboys. She might have some clues in a week. But in two days? What's more Sandra asked them to search just at night. How could it be possible? If Levi didn't show up in the press conference, it was Sandra who might be the one to suffer.

Sandra pretended to be calmly working in front of the computer, and she had read one email for the whole night. She was betting that Levi would appear tomorrow.

The night was noisy. Levi was drinking quietly in the corner. The light was dim, and his cold expression could not be seen. His mind was full of the statement issued by the Legend Company, 'In tomorrow's press conference, the Song couple would officially appear and announce their marriage.' Only Sandra could do such a thing. Whether the press conference would be postponed if he did not see the statement? What if? What if he really didn't see it? Sandra, what were you going to do? Levi felt lucky to know the news.

When Levi was in a fret, he looked up and found the figure of Yvonne who was looking for someone clumsily. Levi frowned and thought, 'They spent two days to find me here. Sandra, your people are not so good." He sighed helplessly. Sandra's intelligence was also worrying. Now only she could call him, as long as she called him in person and told him that thing and he would definitely go.

Levi went straight to the stage and whispered to the singer. He picked up the guitar and started to play it. Yvonne was surprised and pleased. Her time and energy was not a waste to find Levi. She swore that Sandra would praise her this time. She stared at Levi. The light on the stage was dim, and Levi was playing the guitar silently. His expression was hidden in the dark, making the noisy bar quiet and caught everyone's attention in the bar.

Yvonne excitedly called Sandra and told her that she found Levi, who was playing the guitar on the stage.

"On the stage!" Sandra was full of doubts. Didn't he hide from her? Why did he run to the stage? Obviously, he wanted to give Yvonne a signal. Levi, what on earth did you mean?

"Do you need us to take him back?" Yvonne heard Sandra said these words and then didn't say anything, so she asked Sandra with uncertainty.

"No, keep an eye on him!" Sandra wanted to see what he was going to do!

Yvonne didn't expect her sister to do so, so she said worriedly, "But tomorrow is the press conference. If I don't take him back, who will you attend with?"

Without any response, the phone was hung up. Yvonne sighed. It was hard to guess a woman's mind, but she was also a woman.

After the song, Levi left the bar. Yvonne followed him like a bodyguard.

To Yvonne's surprise, Levi went back to the Song Family. She couldn't help but sigh that her sister was so awesome. It was said that Levi had disappeared for a whole week in

order to avoid a woman. It was said that his brother had sent armies to find him, but it was in vain. But he was easily found by her this time. The rumor was not reliable.

When Levi came back, Hertha was drinking tea on the sofa. The TV was broadcasting the news of the press conference held by the Song couple. Seeing Levi, Hertha took a sip of hot tea, and she immediately spit it out. Levi glanced at the TV and went into the bedroom without saying anything.

How could Sandra do that? Let Levi come back by himself! Hertha changed her opinion to Sandra again. She called Victor in a hurry.

"Oh? Lev came back by himself!" All of a sudden, Victor felt that he couldn't underestimate his sister-in-law. He remembered that he had mocked her for being stupid when she made the statement. It turned out that it was his brother who was stupid.

"Yes, he didn't say anything when he came back. His face looked worse than that day."

In the past, the daughter of the Zong Family wanted to marry Levi. The Zong Family had sent out all the bodyguards, and even Victor himself had also sent some people to look for Levi. But Levi hadn't shown up for a month, and everyone couldn't find him. Did this boy really fall in love with Sandra?

The mother and son analyzed the situation word by word. Levi's mind went blank. He didn't even know why he appeared. Everyone in the whole HX Country knew that Mr. Zong's granddaughter forced him to marry. On the first day he disappeared, his phone was exploded by that willful woman. He didn't know why Sandra was so confident that she even didn't call him. No, maybe it was not because she was confident, but because she didn't care.

It was just Sandra and just a marriage of interests. Levi told himself not to care too much about it.

What they two didn't know was that they each other tossed and turned the whole night and couldn't fall asleep.

Sandra arrived at the place of the press conference when there was still preparing. She looked calm on the surface, but her restless hands exposed her nervousness. As far as Yvonne knew, her sister was not as strong as others thought. She still hoped him to come.

Levi wandered around at home as if it was none of his business. He took a glass of water and a glass of milk for himself. But he kept looking at his phone. Seeing his childish son, Hertha couldn't help laughing. She turned on the TV and adjusted it to the news conference channel. Fortunately, it hadn't begun yet. She peeked at Levi and saw him watching TV secretly.

Hertha picked up the remote control and changed the channel. She murmured to herself, "after today, she is not the daughter-in-law pf our Song Family. Today we announce the marriage, and tomorrow we have to announce the divorce."

After hearing these words, Levi widened his eyes in disbelief.

"Did my brother do something else?" Levi had a rough guess. Victor would never leave a way out for others

"Sandra and your brother have made an agreement that she will divorce if she can't find you in three days!" Hertha stressed the word "divorce" on purpose, as if she was eager to stir up trouble.

Levi clenched his fists. Divorce! Sandra, you would rather divorce than make a phone call, or you don't care at all. Then what am I to you? Sandra, you can't succeed. Levi took the clothes and ran out.

The press conference was about to begin. Hearing the sound of the car starting in the courtyard, Hertha suddenly felt as if she had become younger. "Come on, son, you must catch up!"

When the reporters arrived one after another, the host also gave a hint to her and then Sandra nodded.

Sandra's appearance alone caused sharp questions from the reporters.

"Miss Sandra, are you getting married with Mr. Levi just for a love relationship or for some other purpose?"

"Why are you alone? I heard that Mr. Levi is missing. Is he escaping from you?"

"Miss Sandra, could you please tell us your relationship with Mr. Jeremy?"

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