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   Chapter 5 The Bridegroom Is Missing And The Wedding Is Ruined

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When Sandra went back to the company, Yvonne rushed to her and asked, "Sandra, there are two pieces of news. One is good, and the other is bad. Which one do you hear?"

"Bad one."

"There is something wrong with our cooperation with the French client because we didn't reply in time..."

"French client? Why didn't you reply in time? "

"Because this customer is Mr. Barre. It was you who have been communicating with him in person."

It suddenly occurred to Sandra that she had been so busy that she had forgotten Mr. Barre. He was the stepping stone for Legend Company to control the French market. They had talked about the cooperation for a long time, but she had forgotten it!

Then Yvonne burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Sandra, do you really like Mr. Levi? You don't even care about your work!" Then Yvonne winked at Sandra with a sly smile. Her expression showed the words, 'Don't explain it. I can understand. '

"What are you talking about?" There was no love in a marriage of interests. Let alone the marriage of she and this playboy.

"You are a person who thinks work is bigger than the sky. You can forget such an important client as Mr. Barre. It means that Mr. Levi is a capable man." Yvonne said thoughtfully.

Thinking of the darkened face of Levi, Sandra didn't say anything to Yvonne. Instead, she picked up her coat and walked out. "Book the earliest flight to France for me."

"Really? Now?" Why did she do it so hastily?

Sandra replied her in silence.

"Okay, but there is still good news."

"What good news?"

"The appointment with the church in Berlin I made for you and my brother-in-law has passed!" This thing might let her put aside her work first! Yvonne looked at her expectantly. Ha ha, it seems that she was still very capable.

Sandra expected to ask Levi to sign his name in a week. One week ago, Yvonne had begun to plan their wedding. Berlin church was the place she chose. Sandra was annoyed at the thought that Levi was mad and lost his temper with her.

Sandra stopped and frowned, "Cancel it and it is not good news!"

Feeling like weeping but had no tears, Yvonne looked at the back of Sandra. Only the God knew how many calls she had made for this church! Sure enough, the elder sister was the elder sister. Ten Mr. Levi might not be useful.

A week later, Sandra lay down on the sofa tiredly. The French man was really hard to deal with.

"Sister Sandra, you are so handsome. I can't stop admiring you."

"Stop flattering. It's all luck that we can reach an agreement this time." Fortunately, Mr. Barre was interested in Chinese food. Otherwise, with his strange temper, Sandra really didn't know what to talk about.

"I can propose a toast to you just by the ability that you mentioned the Chinese food name like a cross talk in French." Yvonne said to Sandra with a crackling sound, looking at her with admiration as if she was looking at an idol.

Sandra was in a good mood. When Sandra was having a good chat with Yvonne, her phone suddenly rang. It was from Hertha. It seemed that she couldn't have a rest even for a moment.

Hertha called her to have dinner at home today. Sandra wanted to refuse, but when she thought of that she didn't get any news about Levi in her business trip days for a week and she seemed to have a quarrel with him before she went on the business trip, and she left in a hurry and didn't have time to make it clear with Levi, so Sandra agreed.

When she arrived at the Song Family, Sandra only saw Hertha open the door for her, but she didn't see Levi. She still felt strange. Seeing that Sandra couldn't help looking around, Hertha couldn't help laughing, "No need to look for him. Levi hasn't come back. Let two of us have dinner today."

"Okay." Sandra sounded a little disappointed.

"Young people like you don't want to stay with the elderly, so does Lev. He doesn't want to have dinner with me." Hertha pretended to be pitiful.

"Aunt, I didn't mean that." Sandra was moved by her pitiful look.

"Ha ha, I was just kidding. Wait! Why do you still call me aunt?"

Sandra didn't know what to say in an instant. She tried hard for a long

time, but failed to call out the word "mom". Instead, she amused Hertha, "Take it easy. You will call it out one day without embarrassment."

Sandra smiled awkwardly.

"By the way, Sandra, besides us, several relatives will come here today to let you know each other."

Sandra showed an embarrassed expression and thought, 'Is it to recognize relatives?' It was better for her to go to France to continue to talk with a few clients, and this was not her specialty.

"It's okay. I'll take you with me." Hertha held Sandra's hand and patted it to comfort her. Sandra was not used to being touched by others, but it was not easy to take it back. So she was stiff.

Sandra was not used to the boisterous atmosphere and didn't like to smile. The scene of knowing relatives was nothing more than hypocritical flattery. Sandra had been cold all the time, and the whole room was filled with embarrassment.

When Sandra was about to find an opportunity to say that she had something else to do and escape from this boring place, a small hand held her hand.

"Beautiful sister, where is Levi?" The little girl asked Sandra in a sweet voice. She looked at the Sandra with her big watery eyes.

Sandra didn't know how to answer. Hertha's hand, which was holding tea cup, paused. An elegant woman came to hold the little girl and nodded at Sandra with a smile. "I'm Levi's aunt."

Sandra nodded in response. The smile on her face was just proper.

"She always says she wants to look for Levi every day. Why didn't Levi come with you?" The woman asked Sandra with a smile.

Reminded by her, Sandra finally knew why she felt so strange. She shouldn't have dealt with such an occasion alone, right? Where on earth had Levi gone? She looked up at Hertha, who was pretending to have nothing to do with it and drinking tea. Sandra took Levi's life to guarantee that she was fooled!

"Levi is busy with his work." Seeing that she couldn't rely on anyone else, Sandra could only say casually.

Hearing her answer, Hertha spat out a mouthful of tea, and the whole living room was quiet. Then, Sandra realized that she might have said something wrong.

"Lev is just a playboy. He never mentions work in his life." The crowd followed the voice and saw a man in a military uniform. He was tall and straight, and his skin was healthy wheat color. Just by standing there, he would completely attract the attention of the whole audience.

"This is Lev's third elder brother. He came back from the military camp for you today." Hertha introduced him in a hurry. She took a deep breath and felt lucky that his son came at the right time.

Sandra nodded at him.

"In my opinion, Lev is hiding from you on purpose!" Victor Song provoked Sandra on purpose. He would like to see how powerful this woman was.

Sandra didn't respond. She calmly picked up the cup, took a sip of the tea and sneered.

"Levi is not a child. He doesn't need to report to me where he goes, does he?" How could she know where Levi was going? It was just a banquet that made her embarrassed.

"But Levi has disappeared since he got the marriage certificate with you. As his wife, you should explain!" After saying that, Victor Song stared at Sandra to capture her expression. This woman was really unfathomable. If other women heard that their husband didn't go home for a week, even if they didn't get anxious, they would be angry. But her expression was still as cold as usual, only her fingers holding the tea cup paused.

Sandra was a little bit sensitive to the word "wife", but Levi didn't come back since they got the marriage certificate. It was ridiculous that he disappeared. Was he a child?

"I'll let him show up in three days!" After saying that, Sandra stood up and walked out. Damn it! Did his family want to see her own ability? She'll show them.

Victor Song stretched his arm and blocked the road of Sandra. He looked at her expressionlessly, "What if he doesn't show up?"

Sandra sneered, "Then we have to divorce!"

Hearing Sandra's words, Victor Song put down his arm. This woman really dared to bet!

Seeing that Victor Song put down his arm, Sandra left without looking sideways.

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