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   Chapter 4 To Get The Marriage Certificate

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When Levi opened the door, he was shocked to see the harmonious chat between Sandra and Hertha.

Although it was Hertha who was keeping talking, Sandra, who was standing next to her, listened very carefully. When they were talking some happy things, Sandra would also raise the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were gentle, not as cold as usual. Sandra now should be what she was really like, and such a scene fascinated Levi.

It was not until Hertha found him and waved at him that he came to his senses.

Seeing that it was him, Sandra was helpless. He must think that she came here before him because she knew his whereabouts.

"Why are you here?"

"She came here for a drink with me." Hertha said first, and she picked up the wine brought by Sandra and showed it to Levi. Meanwhile, she gave an eye to Sandra.

Sandra replied with a smile, which happened to be seen by Levi. When she smiled, she looked so beautiful.

Sandra had to stay for dinner because of the kindness of Hertha.

"Levi has accustomed to indolence. He needs a woman to take care of him."

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Levi didn't know why she was so satisfied with Sandra. And she even pushed her son out.

Sandra lowered her head to eat without saying anything.

After dinner, Hertha suggested to let Levi show Sandra around the house. Although Sandra didn't want to visit, she agreed out of politeness. She listened to Levi's introduction seriously. When there were only the two of them left, Sandra couldn't stand it anymore.

"Well, be serious. Have you made up your mind?"

"Do you really think it's a good idea for a woman to force a man to marry her like this?"

"I just want to find a marriage partner. It's just you."

Levi knew that Sandra had many ways to make him helpless, so he didn't want to talk about it at all.

The two maids passed through the corridor and whispered. It was not so loud but enough for Sandra and Levi to hear them.

"I heard that the person who took the bed photo with Mr. Levi was Sandra, who came here today."

"Mrs. Hertha seems to like her very much."

"Yes, but she is cold, and I don't like her."

"Me too. I heard that Mr. Levi doesn't like her either. She still brazenly wants Mr. Levi to marry her."

Levi kicked the door, which startled the two maids. They looked around and found no one was there. Then they left in a hurry.

Levi took a look at Sandra, who was expressionless. Levi couldn't stand her expressionless look. He took her hand and pulled her into his room, took out the previous marriage agreement, signed his name without hesitation, pressed the fingerprint, and handed it to Sandra.

Sandra took it over, still expressionless, but with infinite tenderness in her eyes.

"I've signed the contract. At least you can show me that you're a little happy."

Hertha chuckled at the door and proudly walked into the room and looked at the agreement in Sandra's hand.

"I just said he likes you!"

Levi was speechless. Was he fooled?

"See you at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow," said Sandra proudly.

Looking at the back of Sandra, Levi smiled dotingly.

On the second day, when Sandra went out early in the morning, she saw Levi waiting for her at the door, yawning. He should have come early.

"Didn't we say that we would meet at the Civil Affairs Bureau?" Sandra wondered if he hadn't heard what she said yesterday.

"Have you heard any couple who took action separately when they go to get the marriage certificate?"

Sandra slightly smiled and thought what he said made sense.

Levi looked at Sandra up and down. She was wearing a white shirt, a pair of small skinny black pants, and a pair of exquisite stilettos, which made her legs look long and straight and made her feel simple and capable. But c

ompared with him, who had been wondering what clothes he should wear since last night, what she was wearing really looked like a casual one.

"Sandra, are you going to attend the funeral in your clothes?"

Sandra glared at him, thinking that if he could put in some good words. She had thought about what clothes she should wear after she came back home yesterday, but she had no other clothes except for clothes of the two colors of white and black.

Besides, it was just to get a marriage certificate. Who would pick clothes as carefully as him? Looking at the fancy tie in front of his chest, she wanted to laugh. At the same time, Levi happened to see the restrained smile on Sandra's face.

"Hey, Sandra, what do you mean by that expression? How can you understand such a taste?" Levi showed his tie to Sandra. It seemed that she didn't know what kind of taste it was.

"Good taste." Sandra gave a thumbs up and went into the car

Levi touched his tie and found it was indeed a little fancy.

When they came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Levi was still complaining that he had stepped into the tomb at such a young age, and Sandra didn't want to talk to him.

"Our marriage must be unhappy. We would go to the divorce office before the wedding." Levi looked at the two marriage certificates under the sunshine.


"Yes, you are going to follow your childish husband's surname, Sandra Song." Hearing what he own said, Levi was stunned. How could he say it so naturally? He gave a glance at Sandra secretly, but she didn't show any emotion on her face as usual.

"Who wants your surname? Although we got married, I think you know that this relationship has no foundation of love, so you don't have to take it too seriously."

"Since you don't care, why do you try your best to marry me?" Although Levi knew what Sandra would say, he still wanted to hear it from her.

"Marriage is the best solution. It can not only guarantee the interests of our two families, but also explain to our family." Sandra didn't understand what he meant by his injured expression.

"We just have an interest relationship. Am I right?" Sure enough, she had no feelings for him at all. It was just a matter of interests.

"You can think of it in this way. So we don't have to interfere too much in each other's life." Sandra explained to Levi seriously. But the more she explained, the more bad Levi's expression looked like.

Levi didn't continue to speak. It turned out that in her heart, their marriage was just a relationship of interests, and she married him just because it happened to be him. Even if it was someone else, it was the same?.

"I won't interfere in your life, as long as you don't go out of line." On the way, Levi kept silent with a darkened face. Sandra was not used to the quiet Levi, so she decided to make it clearer to him.

"What is out of line?" Levi turned around and stared at her, with his hand off the steering wheel and slowly approaching her.

Looking at his action in surprise, Sandra also slowly stepped back

"Levi, do you want to die?" He didn't drive carefully. What was wrong with him all of a sudden.

"What kind of behavior is out of line? Is it out of line to sleep with you for one night?" Levi almost forced Sandra to the corner of the car.

"Levi, keep an eye on the road!" Seeing that the car was going to hit the guardrail, Sandra pushed Levi away.

Levi calmly controlled the steering wheel to make the car return to the right direction. He wanted to say something but hesitated. He looked at Sandra with a complicated expression in his eyes.

They didn't say a word all the way. When Levi sent Sandra to the Legend Company, he flew away. When Sandra recalled the look in his eyes, she wondered what on earth he minded.

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