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   Chapter 3 The Forced Marriage Plot

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Yvonne did her job efficiently. As what she had gathered relating to Levi’s background, he was a real rich playboy from every aspect. Sandra just needed a marriage partner, after all. And a good-looking playboy was better than an ugly one.

She tapped the phone screen with her slender fingers and dialed the number after hesitating for three minutes.

"Hello?" In Sandra’s viewpoint, wasting the morning was tantamount to wasting time being young.

"This is Sandra."

"Yes. What's up?"

"Meet me at the Phoenix Deer Club in half an hour."

Sandra hung up and went out of her room, wearing a casual dress.

When she arrived at the Phoenix Deer Club, Levi was already there waiting for her, standing next to his car. When he saw Sandra, he waved at her. Levi wore a tailored, light blue suit that fit perfectly as if he’d been born in it.

Sandra thought, 'Do all playboys look that clean?'

"What's up?" Levi looked like he just woke up.

Sandra glanced at him and walked into his car saying nothing, and hinted him to hop in. Levi had no clue why, but he just opened the door and entered.

Sandra threw him a sheet of paper, and he read it several times. After confirming the contents written on the note, he waved the marriage agreement bearing Sandra's signature.

"You didn’t put in a high bet that day at the casino. There’s no need to marry me to pay off your debt, okay?"

Sandra made no answer but threw the phone at him. Levi saw the blurred photos of two naked bodies on the screen, and then he acted like he needed to keep his cool.

"Sign it."

Levi doubted if he was still dreaming. "Do you know me well?"

"Yes, I did my research. There is no problem."

His jaw dropped. How could she be so calm and casual about doing the investigation on him? "Then, I don't know you thoroughly. What if you are a killer?"

His remark surprised Sandra, so she threw Levi a file. He opened the document and then grew speechless. The report was comprehensive information on Sandra's background.

"Sign it first, and then you can take it back with for further study."

Levi looked at her with amusement. "Do you think I'm willing to agree to this?"

"You won't suffer any loss."

Levi considered what she said made sense, but he was still young to settle down.

"It's said that marriage is similar to a grave. I don't want to die extremely early."

Sandra studied him in silence. His words made her feel that they were going to die for love.

"You can say whatever you want as long as you sign it!"

Levi felt like crying without tears. Looking at the marriage contract in his hand, he frowned and said, "Will my apology be enough?"

When he raised his head, he met Sandra's piercing stare. There was no point in saying more. At this time, his only way out was to run away. Levi opened the car door and climbed out. With a smile tugged at the corners of Sandra's mouth, she said, "You must sign this, Levi!"

After their brief encounter, Sandra called Yvonne.

"Assign someone to follow Levi around and report his present activities to me in advance."

Later that night, the disco ball lights in the Muse Bar kept spinning, and streaks of multiple colors flickered across everyone's faces.

Levi took the wine glass from the bartender and stared blankly at the light red liquid. His face still appeared handsome, but his expression was deadpan. His heart was racing wildly.

Alcohol was no way to take over him. There must be something wrong about that day. If only the girl he met wasn't Sandra, he might have controlled his desire. But that woman had a feeling of familiarity when he first laid eyes on her.

"Damn it! Why didn't we close the curtains?" He was thinking about it, but he couldn't help blurting it out because he was too pissed off.

"I think so, too."

Hearing the voice, Levi lowered his head smoothly and was getting ready to run away, but Sandra grabbed his clothes' rough edges.

"What? Don't you want to drink anymore?"

Sandra motioned the bartender to make the drinks. "The same as his."

"Why do I keep bumping with you everywhere? I will sincerely offer my apologies to you, I swear!"

Sandra smiled, shaki

ng her head, "I won't accept it!"

"What on earth do you want me to do?"

"I'm only asking for a simple favor." Sandra took out the marriage agreement with her signature from her bag and placed it in front of Levi.

"Why must it be me?"

Sandra showed Levi their photos one after another. He couldn't stand this woman's tenacity any more. If the feeling of familiarity was real, it must be a tragedy.

Levi inclined his body on the table as if he was about to die. Sandra was not in a hurry. Only marrying him was the way to work everything out.

While Sandra was downing her drink as if nothing had happened, an intoxicated man approached them, took out a few hundred dollars from his pocket, and slapped them on the table.

"Beauty, come with me. These notes are yours," said the drunk man as he pointed to the notes.

Sandra eyed him in disgust. "Fuck off!"

"You're a hot-tempered woman. And I'm up for the challenge." As he spoke, he reached out his arm to put on Sandra's shoulder. When she was about to pick up the glass and splash the wine on his face, the man saw through her plot and crushed it. He grabbed her shoulder and was about to hold her in his arms. Sandra struggled to break free from his sweaty grip.

Suddenly, the drunkard let out a scream. Feeling that her shoulder was loosened, Sandra turned around and saw Levi twisting the drunkard's hand.

"Damn you! Are you blind?"

When the drunkard saw the man's face, he screamed and begged, "Mr. Levi, I'm so sorry. I didn't know she is your woman."

"Apologize to her!"

"Beauty. Uh, no. I mean, Miss. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." The crippling pain on his twisted arm caused the drunkard to sober up.

Sandra looked at him in disgust. "Go away!"

Levi let the drunkard go, and made eye contact at the bar's staff. He then took off his clothes and wrapped it around Sandra.

Sandra let him hold her, and they left the bar together. She disliked being touched by others, but it seemed that she didn't refuse Levi. Perhaps it was because they had been so intimate on the bed before.

"I always come to rescue you. How are you going to pay me back?" Levi interrupted her trance-like state.

"I can pay you back by marrying you."

"I don't think it's a good plan."

"You have no choice. You have to take responsibility for the repercussions."

That day after he drove Sandra home, Levi promised to think it over, on the condition that she wouldn't show up in front of him whenever she felt like it.

Sandra accepted the terms. She was not afraid that he would run away because the paparazzi would keep an eye on him for her.

She was determined to get Levi, but it might be a little challenging to deal with his mother, Hertha.

The Legend Company and the Song Family had always been mortal enemies. If she wanted to marry Hertha's son, she had to get to know her first, especially since Sandra didn't know her attitude.

Sandra called Yvonne and asked her to take out the eighty-year-old wine she had kept in the manor's cellar. She was going to visit Hertha.

If her parents hadn't pressured her, she wouldn't have tried so desperately to get married. Just thinking of this made Sandra feel exhausted.

Sandra stood at the Song Family's massive door for a long time, but she didn't expect Hertha to open the door herself, which made Sandra feel a little surprised.

"Hello, Miss Hertha."

"Miss Sandra, I've seen your photos. What a great shot."

For a moment, Sandra didn't know what to say. Why did Hertha have to dive straight to the point, making her tongue-tied? Sandra could only say awkwardly, "Well... It's just okay."

Glancing at the wine in Sandra's hand, Hertha couldn't restrain herself from laughing.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You crack me up because you seemed reluctant to give me this bottle of wine. You held it tightly as if you didn't want to let it go."

Hearing this, Sandra handed her the wine right away, and Hertha received it with a smile.

"Oh, good wine. You are so generous. By the way, can I just call you Sandra?"

Sandra looked at her and nodded. 'What the hell is this woman going on here?' she mulled over herself.

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