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   Chapter 2 A Successful Counterattack

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Levi sneaked a glance at Sandra. She stared at Jeremy icily, who was complimenting him. If a knife was nearby, he was uncertain if Sandra would stab them both to death.

"My father had no choice but to accept Mr. Jeremy's invitation. He doesn't want to show up at such an insignificant event, so he asked me to go here instead."

Levi didn't look at Jeremy as he spoke but kept patting the spot where Jeremy had just touched.

Such brutal words Levi expressed so casually not only shocked Jeremy, but also prompted Sandra to stare at him in a different light.

Levi seemed to have a strong background, at least more powerful than the Ji Family.

Everyone around them exchanged glances at each other. Although Jeremy was mad, he dreaded Levi's power. His face turned crimson, and he didn't say a word. Sandra slightly laughed at his hilarious looks.

Amy couldn't stand it anymore. How could the Sheng Family's union with the Ji Family feel threatened by the Song Family? Despite Jeremy's hindrance, she rushed over to Sandra to slap her, but Levi, who was in front of her, stopped her hand.

Levi frowned and looked at her with a stern expression.

"Miss Amy, don't you have a respectable position in your family, right?"

"What do you mean, Levi?"

"You two are daughters of the Sheng Family, but now you are going to slap your dear sister in public. How inappropriate! You must haven't learned the etiquette."

When Amy was close to losing her temper, Jeremy, who was next to her, whispered in her ear, "The Song Family is not something we can afford to offend, and you are..." Amy's intense glare halted Jeremy's words from completing. Even if she was an illegitimate daughter, she was still a member of the Sheng Family.

Then she scowled at Sandra.

"Sandra, just don't forget what you have pulled off on my wedding day. I will watch you cry when Levi dumps you."

Sandra was not the type that anyone could trifle with. But now there was Levi who stood up for her, and yet nobody could offend this man. Why didn't she take advantage of that?

"Then, remember as well it's me who provided you the groom."

Levi took a champagne-filled glass and handed it to Sandra. "There's something this occasion needs."

Sandra understood what he meant. She took the drink and splashed it on Jeremy's face, catching the newlyweds off guard. Amy, standing beside him, got sloshed as well.

"So, how do you feel to sleep with your sister-in-law?"

It never occurred to Jeremy that Sandra would throw this on his face in such a causal way.

The microphones and cameras around him recorded a genuine picture of his defeat.

He disregarded his manners as a well-bred man and declared ferociously, "I had no choice but to break up with you. It was because of your sex apathy."

The people nearby gasped in disbelief. The sound of digital shutters clicking made the place seem like a concert scene. The president of the Legend Company, which controlled the entire HX Country's fashion industry, had a sexual desire disorder! Such explosive news was more sensational than today's wedding.

Sandra stared at Jeremy coldly. His smug expression provoked Sandra to whack his face, and she did so. But when she lifted her hand, a figure took a quick step ahead of her and punched Jeremy hard until he landed on the ground.

His decisive action shocked Sandra. His noble aura exuded hostility with murderous intent. He eyeballed Jeremy coldheartedly, but the latter didn't dare to look back.

Levi soon held Sandra tight in his arms, as if claiming his jurisdiction.

"Sex apathy? I believe you have the ingenuity to assess this kind of nonsense," Levi announced to the reporters with a serious appearance. His sudden action and explanation shocked everyone present, and the shutter sound was much lesser.

Sandra allowed him to embrace her and kept praying that he wouldn't mention what had taken place this morning.

When Amy came to her sense, she scrambled to check Jeremy's injury. She forgot she had on a fishtail strapless wedding gown and unintentionally stepped on her dress' hemline. Her negligence fully exposed her private body parts.

Even if Jeremy was still on the ground, he promptly took off his suit to cover her. Faced with so many cameras, Amy looked so flustered that she could only scream in mortification.

"Let's go!"

Taking a swift look at Sandra's gown, Levi removed his suit jacket and put it on her, which startled Sandra.

He then murmured in her ear, "Wear more clothes in public later."

Sandra's cheeks flushed, and there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

Despite Jeremy was exasperated, he had to hold back his anger now. In addition to watching them leave, he had to answer more harsh questi

ons from the reporters. But no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't explain it clearly.

Looking at the hand clasped by Levi, Sandra was in a trance for a quick moment, but soon she recovered. No matter how amazing the memory with Jeremy used to be, it all felt like a dream now.

True love was not suitable for her.

"Hey, how long do you want to grasp my hand?" Sandra shook off Levi's hand, but he gripped hers back.

"Hey, who are you calling since last night?" With a playful smirk, Levi looked at Sandra's eluding eyes.

Sandra stretched out her other hand to nudge Levi, but he stopped her at once.

Sandra had no other option but to glare at him grimly. Levi felt awkward with her cold stares.

"Remember the name Levi Song. He is your savior," he said as he prepared to leave.

Looking at his sculpted back, Sandra yelled out, "I didn't ask you to do this for me."

Levi turned around and said, "You're welcome."

Sandra was at a loss for words.

Levi's unexpected rescue act at the wedding once changed Sandra's impression of him, but now she assumed that once a playboy will always be a playboy and never a gentleman.

Even when Yvonne drove the car over, Sandra was still thinking how such an ignorant person could exist in the world!

"Sandra, you were exceptional today. Now the entire HX Country knows what an idiot Jeremy is."

Sandra didn't pay attention to Yvonne. She was still immersed in her thoughts.

"Sandra, are you listening to me?"

"Yvonne, please investigate Levi's background for me."

Although Levi was smooth-tongued and persuasive, she didn't feel offended with what he said, and he gave her a feeling of familiarity, though it seemed impossible. If she had met him before, she would definitely remember that.

Yvonne chuckled, and Sandra looked at her with a frown.

"Sandra, you don't have to investigate Levi. I can tell you now."

"Do you know him?"

"He is rich, handsome, and generous. He is a real playboy."

Looking at the puzzled expression on Sandra's face, Yvonne sighed and thought about how pathetic her sister looked.

"Sandra, it's understandable that you don't know Levi. But have you never heard of the Song Family in HX Country?

He is Hertha Song's son!" Yvonne exclaimed.

A bomb was dropped in Sandra's mind.

She doubted what she just heard.

The Song Family and the Legend Company were both dominant companies in the fashion world, but Sandra's Legend Company had always fared slightly better. The silent war with Hertha Song had already drained much of Sandra's energy. Now her son just got involved in the picture.

How she wished that all the mess was just her another dream!

The next morning, before Sandra could fully wake up, she heard Yvonne clamoring outside her bedroom. When she opened the door, Yvonne almost jumped on her.

"Sandra, take a look at today's news."

Sandra took the phone and didn't see the leading news. She only saw a few blurry bed photos, but the figure seemed vaguely familiar.

"Sandra, do you recognize this figure?"

"Yes." Sandra continued to look at the image carefully.

Yvonne put her arm around her shoulder and said, "Sandra, please tell me it's not you."

Sandra looked at Yvonne in surprise, and then peered at the photos once more and nodded. Yvonne placed her hand on her forehead and groaned,

"Mom and Dad asked you to go home. Take care. I'm leaving now." Yvonne gave Sandra a meaningful look to show her sympathy.

Sandra was in a stupor when she traveled back to the Sheng Family's house.

In the living room, Travis Sheng sat on the sofa with a serious expression. When he heard the door open, he didn't turn his head. Sandra's mother winked at her, and she had to step forward.

"Dad." At the same time, she caught sight of the daily newspaper on top of the coffee table. Although the naked body on the front page was blurry, it was still disturbing enough.

"Is this you in these photos?"


"Is this guy who created a ruckus at Amy's wedding with you?"

Sandra hesitated and said nothing.

"Are you still a kid?"

Sandra sneered, "I wondered if you still remember what I looked like when I was a kid."

"What did you say?" Travis Sheng stood up angrily.

He couldn't stand Sandra's attitude anymore. When he was about to lose his temper, his wife came over to break the dispute.

"Sandra is an adult. She has her opinions, and she needs space, okay?" Then she waved her hand to let Sandra leave the room first.

After Sandra went out, she called Yvonne.

"Check everything about Levi's background and put it on my office desk." Sandra closed her eyes in exasperation, processing in her mind why she skipped closing the curtain at that time. What a huge mistake!

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