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   Chapter 1 First Intimate Encounter

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The early morning sunlight passed through the leaves and branch gaps and cast long tree shadows as it moved toward houses and buildings. The sun's warmth made its way across the horizon through the wind, and a warm, gentle breeze ruffled the leaves, lightly stirring the curtain.

Lying on the bed, Sandra Sheng shivered from the breath of chilly air, and her long lashes moved gently. The bright sun shone upon her face, and she unconsciously shielded her eyes with the back of her hands. The pain she felt all over her body fully awakened her.

What made her mind clearer was the sight of a naked man after she opened her beautiful eyes. What the hell was going on?!

Sandra Sheng tried her best to recall the events from last night. However, throbbing pain in her head stopped her soon. She only remembered being in the casino early that evening.

But how to explain that she was lying here now? Did she have the superhuman ability to return with her spiritual sense? Then what about him? Using her spiritual sense would not be able to bring him back.

Sandra Sheng stared at the man snoozing soundly on the bed. He had an unfamiliar look, tanned skin, a straight-edged nose, and a gorgeous sleeping face.

She was in a daze for a moment. A few seconds later, the look she gave at the man on the bed turned intense. Good-looking men were all playboys, just like that bastard Jeremy Ji.

He was her ex-fiance, and the only person she would never forgive or forget in her entire life, including the day she arrived home and saw plenty of clothes scattered all over the ground. The mixed clothing belonged to a man and a woman, with some pieces already torn apart. The trail of outfits extended to the bedroom like a map.

Sandra Sheng peeped through a crack on the door and saw two people making out on the bed. However, the woman entangled with Jeremy Ji was no other than her half-sister from her father's side.

Sandra Sheng burst in, kicking the door open. The loud sound of the door crashing to the wall attracted the two people's attention. Jeremy Ji's eyes widened after turning around to see that it was his fiancee, and he almost rolled out of bed.

While hastily putting on his pants, he strode towards Sandra Sheng.

She stepped back and surveyed the entire room in disgust.

"Don't come near me, you filthy pig,"

Sandra Sheng demanded.

The cool breeze then snapped her out of her nightmare and brought her back to reality.

Enduring the pain and headache, she put on her clothes and tied up the man on the poster bed's frame with a rope. After making a dual confirmation, Sandra Sheng stood aside, holding a baseball bat. She tapped the cold metal rhythmically with her fingertips.

When Levi Song woke up, he could not fully open his eyes because a beam of sunshine flashed in front of him. He wanted to cover his eyes with his hands only to find that he could not move because he was tied up. Seeing that it was Sandra's doing, he grinned.

His expression irritated her. She swung the baseball bat and hit Levi Song's shoulder hard. The force felt so painful that his head tipped to one side. He frowned and remained hushed.

Sandra bent over and whispered in his ear, "Now I have the upper hand. You'd better recognize the situation."

Levi Song looked at her calmly, and there was a trace of panic in Sandra's eyes. She pretended to cough a few times.

"Cut the crap! Tell me now! How did you get here?"

Levi Song replied helplessly, "Miss, you gambled so hard in the casino, yet you did not have enough money to pay up. Have you forgotten? You invited me to the bar to drink until midnight, where you kept on emphasizing your name to me the entire night, and then I sent you back. Did you also fail to recall this part? Also, you held my hand nonstop and would not let me leave."

Levi Song showed her which hand it was.

Hearing his words, Sandra seemed to remember something. Last night, she wagered in the Phoenix Deer Club. She bet on whatever her mood necessitated and did not care much about the result.

However, no matter how much she drank, she always forgot what happened the night before. How could she know if this man spoke the truth?

Staring into Sandra's suspicious eyes, Levi was too helpless and did not want to explain anything.

"What else did we do last night?" Looking at the mess on the floor, Sandra soon realized how stupid her question was.

Levi chuckled. "Sandra, kindly untie the rope for me so I can repeat what happened last night for you."

Sandra's face flushed in an instant. She held up the baseball bat and attempted to hit him.

"Well, do you want to return kindness with aggression?" Levi raised his eyebrows and looked at Sandra.

Sandra did not know whether to put the bat down or hold it up

, so she threw it directly. She took out a crisp hundred dollar bill from her wallet and threw it to Levi's face. "This is the tip for last night. It is too much to pay one hundred dollars for a toy boy like you."

Then she stepped out of the room without looking back.

Levi was lost in his thoughts when he saw the crumpled money on the ground. Submerged in his memory, he smiled. 'Sandra, you have not changed a bit.'

Then he regained his serious expression. A drug must have slipped into his drink last night, or else how could he end up unconscious with no control of himself? Fortunately, he met her.

As soon as Sandra went out, she ran into Yvonne Sheng, her adopted sister. She was Sandra's current CEO assistant.

Sandra first noticed the one-piece Dazzle dress in her hand. It was pink all over and inlaid with diamonds.

She inadvertently glanced at the dress that Yvonne wore. It was pure white with no intricate details. An idea came up to her at once.

"Take off your dress for me," Sandra ordered.

"Why? No Sandra, you cannot wear my gown for the wedding. What about this one instead?"

Yvonne Sheng took a deep breath before continuing, "Try it on. It is all up to how you carry yourself if you want to appear more charming than the bride."

Sandra glanced through her watch and realized that alcohol would indeed hold things up. It was already time.

Sandra got out of the car, took a champagne glass, and made her way straight to the newlyweds in the middle of the venue. During this moment, some reporters noticed her and began pressing the shutters simultaneously for fear of missing anything. It caused quite a stir and attracted more attention.

Jeremy had a look devoid of any emotion as he observed Sandra walk toward him. With a trace of panic in his deep-set eyes, he comforted himself that Sandra wouldn't make a scene, with so many reporters, business people, and personalities around, and secured Amy Sheng behind his back.

Taking notice of his defensive stance, Sandra smiled harshly.

"You've done such an impressive job to end up together. You should live side by side until the last days of your lives." Sandra's words were brutal and emotionless, and her wishes sounded more like curses.

When Amy Sheng was about to lose her cool, Jeremy held her hand.

"Sandra, we can talk about anything that needs to be discussed later."

Jeremy attempted to pull Sandra away from the venue, but she dodged him. His hand abruptly suspended in the air.

"What? Are you driving me away so soon?"

Amy Sheng couldn't stand it anymore. She shoved Jeremy aside despite his best efforts to block her from getting near Sandra. She didn't want Sandra to ruin her wedding. She looked daggers at Sandra as if she wished she could murder her on the spot.

"You just revealed how bitter you are, Sandra." As Amy Sheng spoke, she reached out for Jeremy's hand. Sandra sneered and glanced at the reporters next to them. Amy Sheng thought Sandra would do something awful, so she took a step back. Without warning, Sandra stepped forward and hugged Amy Sheng.

She whispered something only Amy could hear.

"Don't worry. I will ruin your wedding beyond any doubt."

Amy pushed Sandra away wildly.

Sandra didn't have enough time to react and stumbled backward. The reporters feared that they would miss some sequence, so when Sandra closed her eyes, she heard a series of digital shutters clicking nonstop behind her.

Just when Sandra was ready to embrace the ground, someone gripped her waist, and when she opened her eyes, she was already held in his arms.

Sandra looked up and recognized the face she had seen early this morning.

"It's you again? You are stalking me!"

"Silly woman. Am I that crazy in your eyes?" Levi waved the invitation card in his hand. He was also one of the guests.

Sandra eyed him with suspicion.

"You'd better be telling the truth."

"Sandra, you should say thank you to me in this situation, shouldn't you?" Levi lifted his brows, indicating that she was still in his arms.

The crowd exploded into an uproar. The reporters continued clicking the camera shutters. Yvonne, who came in a hurry, also clamored together with the onlookers.

The Ji Family's power was at the upper level in HX Country, so no one dared to get involved in such a situation. But when did her sister know Levi? From how the two people behaved and acted, she knew they were very familiar with each other. Now, it was time for Jeremy to be scared of trouble.

Jeremy and Amy's faces showed utter astonishment, and Jeremy came to his senses first and patted the back of Levi's shoulder.

"Mr. Levi, what a pleasant surprise that you could grace us with your presence right now. It's our honor to have you on our wedding day."

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