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   Chapter 81 Charles Knew It

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This time, Melissa didn't tell Charles about her meeting with Ellie, nor did she tell Norman. When Norman asked her, she just took the excuse of going out for a walk.

It was easy to deal with children, but she couldn't deal with Charles easily. Melissa had no idea that there were bodyguards around her. As long as she went out alone, she would be followed by two to three bodyguards.

The dutiful bodyguards recorded the meeting between Melissa and Ellie, including the conversation, and sent it to Charles immediately.

At that time, after listening to the conversation in the video, Charles's expression was mysterious and unpredictable, especially in his deep and black eyes, which were as mysterious as the universe. His smile made people tremble.

The video repeatedly played the part of the conversation between Melissa and Ellie. When his phone was power off automatically, he murmured,

"It seems that I'd showed mercy to them."

Charles stood up and buttoned up his clothes slowly and elegantly. If there was a woman who loved him here, she would be attracted by him just by looking at these movements.

"Secretary Cao, someone is jumping out again. What do you think we should do?" There were more than one person in the office. Secretary Cao was standing there like a ghost without any sense of existence. He didn't walk up until Charles asked.

"Please rest assured, Master. I will handle it well and won't make Mistress embarrassed." Secretary Cao replied respectfully.

"Well, I hope you can do it as soon as possible, instead of telling me that you haven't handled it well when I asked you again." Charles's smiling eyes made Secretary Cao nervous. He knew that this was a warning and he couldn't be careless, so he became extremely vigilant.

"Next, I'll leave the company's affairs to you. Report the progress to me at any time." With his hands in his pockets, Charles walked out of the office leisurely.

"Yes, sir." Secretary Cao nodded.

He didn't relax until Charles went far away. Secretary Cao made unspoken criticism.

'It is really pathetic for a woman who falls in love with Master. If Master doesn't like her, it means that she is trash to him. She even comes out to s


"Then... I'll eat sweet and sour spareribs after Mommy gives birth to the baby." Norman felt a little wronged. He lowered his head and rubbed his hands together.

"The baby is still young. Cooking a sweet and sour spareribs is not a big deal. The doctor said that as long as I have a good rest, proper exercise will not harm the baby." Melissa quickly moved to the side of Norman and held Norman in her arms. She comforted him in a soft voice and complained about Charles's sternness.

"Don't spoilt the child." Charles insisted.

"I would like to spoil my child." Melissa refuted.

For a moment, the atmosphere at the table was about to freeze again. Fortunately, another dish was served by the nanny, which temporarily eased the atmosphere.

The cook in the kitchen now didn't live in the villa now. She would leave after cooking three meals a day.

After cleaning up the kitchen, the cook said goodbye to Melissa and Charles and then left.

Being interrupted by the cook, Melissa, Charles and Norman began to have dinner quietly. The sound of bowls and chopsticks colliding was heard in the living room.

When Charles was half full, he put down his chopsticks and served himself a bowl of soup. Then he asked a question that made Melissa worried since he came back.

Sure enough, Charles knew it. It was impossible for him not to know the meeting between her and Ellie.

"She came to me." Melissa wiped her mouth with a hot towel and answered.

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