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   Chapter 80 Is He Sherry's Child

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Some people, you thought they would never appear again, but just when you were off guard, they appeared from nowhere.

Ellie, the sister of Amelia, was a proud and scheming girl at a young age. Melissa was not comfortable when she met her.

There was really no connection between her and Ellie. She didn't know why Ellie kept looking for her.

Yes, recently, she always received all kinds of text messages from Ellie. At the beginning, she didn't know who the other party was, so she didn't take it seriously. But when she knew it was from Ellie, Melissa was even more impatient to deal with it.

Melissa would never forget what Ellie had done to her. Why did such an eighteen year old girl be so cruel? Wasn't Ellie born in a literary family? Was her heart as poisonous as any viper or scorpion?

Or, Melissa had never understood anyone in this circle, let alone how many true faces they had, so she was in danger again and again.

Sitting opposite to Ellie, for the first time, Melissa found that the girl without heavy makeup was also so good-looking. She also had a temperament that only scholars could cultivate. But behind her temperament was a heart that had already been black and full of venom.

The hot milk tea had already cooled down. Melissa was stirring the pearls and coconut fruit in it. She didn't like coffee in the milk tea. Instead, she liked these chewy and sticky snacks.

Since Ellie didn't take the initiative to speak, Melissa wouldn't be stupid to speak first. At this time, it seemed that they were competing with each other to see who would speak first.

When her milk tea cooled down, Ellie called the waiter to change the hot tea and brought it up. When it was ready to taste, she said,

"I really didn't expect that you would stay with Charles for so long and let him protect you so much. It's really enviable!" Without the cover of heavy makeup, Ellie was soft when she spoke, but the jealousy and paranoia in her words could not be hidden.

"You know what? How did Charles treat me that night in the seaside city abroad?" When Ell


"Are you threatening me?" Ellie's eyes narrowed.

"Threatening you? I don't think it's necessary." Melissa smiled faintly. If threatening a person was useful, then she could have used it to dispel many people.

"So, are you telling me that if I don't get out of your way, Charles will teach me a lesson?" Holding the cup in her hand, Ellie put it on the table heavily. The sound of the cup colliding with the table echoed in the coffee shop, making many people turn around.

"Miss Ellie, I didn't say that. Why do you misunderstand my words?" Melissa frowned and didn't like to be questioned like this.

"If there is nothing else, I have to go back first. There is a child waiting for me at home." Melissa took her handbag and stood up. She didn't want to talk to Ellie anymore.

"A child? Is it the child of the woman named Sherry? Well, I didn't expect that! Melissa, I underestimated you. You are such a broad-minded woman. How could you help Charles raise a bastard and make that bastard like you? I underestimated your means." Ellie stood up, walked to Melissa and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear. Then she gave Melissa a meaningful look, threw the two hundred dollars and left.

'What did she mean? Did it mean that Norman is not a child of Amelia? Was he really Sherry and Charles's?'

'See? It is true.'

'It is useless to struggle.'

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