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   Chapter 78 They Are A Family

Love Contract: If I Had Your Love By Gu Mumu Characters: 7533

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Charles held his son and wrapped his arms around his pregnant wife's waist. He had attracted a lot of attention in the company, and his image of loving his wife and son was even more impressive.

Only those who knew the truth would cast a pitiful glance at Melissa.

From the moment he held Norman in his arms, some people knew that Norman's position in his heart. At the same time, it indirectly indicated who would be in charge of the Ren Group in the future.

There were many people who were good at observing people's speech and behavior and the sailed with the wind. They didn't need others to remind them. As long as they used their smart minds, they could easily figure out the network within.

Sherry happened to receive a call about it at the first time. She dressed up carefully and came to the gate of the Ren Group to come across Charles.

She was determined to get Charles and never gave up completely. She was his first love and a woman that she could never forget. Sherry had always been confident in this.

In high heels, she gracefully walked to the Ren Group. The hemline of her dress up and down in this early spring season, like a flying butterfly, sometimes in the flowers, and sometimes in the sky.

Sherry deliberately made a braid with her seaweed like golden wavy hair, with a colorful silk ribbon inside. A sunflower like flower was decorated at the end of the braid. With a bright smile at the corners of her mouth and the spring like dress, Sherry believed that she could defeat Melissa who was not beautiful at all.

"Charles, where are you going?" Sherry asked in Chinese. She walked to the side of Charles and held his arm. They were a perfect couple both from a distance and from a close look. The little boy in the middle added more warmth to the family of the three.

The man was handsome, the woman was beautiful, and the child was cute. It seemed that they were a happy family of three.

Melissa, on the other hand, had a big belly. She wore a thick maternity dress. Her hair was swept casually in a ponytail. There was even some of the hair that wasn't tied into in.

She didn't wear any makeup, nor did she have a beautiful face. She looked so common that she didn't match Charles at all when she sto

ver as fast as they could and surrounded the driver.

"Sir, please get of the car. We are the security guards of the Ren Group." The security guard didn't talk nonsense with the driver and told him their names directly.

In Y City, who could not show respect to the Ren Group?

Hearing that they were the security guard of the Ren Group, the young driver's heart tightened. He secretly looked in the direction of Charles with caution.

"Okay, I will..." The impatient driver got off reluctantly and was taken away by the security.

Melissa calmed down slowly, pushed away Charles indifferently and walked out of the parking lot alone.

"Don't follow me. I know the way back." She found that she had really bad luck when she was with Charles. Otherwise, why did unexpected things happen every time?

The baby in her belly was really strong and obedient. After so many incidents, it was still safe in her belly. Sometimes when she thought about it, Melissa felt that she was an incompetent mother.

"You're frightened. I'll drive you home. Don't be stubborn and don't act like a spoiled child anymore. Listen to me, okay?" Melissa wanted to go back, but Charles didn't allow it. He took Melissa's hand forcefully, and then turned around. He held Melissa in his arms and walked towards the off-road vehicle.

Norman and Sherry were sitting in the back seats. Sherry was trying to please Norman, but Norman just leaned against the door and ignored her. When he saw Melissa, he was worried.

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