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   Chapter 18 Prove That You Are Not Afraid

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The morning sunshine poured in through the thin curtain. When Melissa woke up, she was shocked by the shadow in front of the bed. When she looked carefully, she found it was Charles.

Seeing Charles as long as she woke up, Melissa didn't know how to describe her feelings.

He was sitting under a curtain, wearing a pair of light colored casual trousers, a white fashionable T-shirt, and a pair of popular sandals.

He was dressed in such a youthful style and wore a pair of refined and rimless glasses. When he was reading a book, if people didn't look at him carefully or think about it, it was difficult to find that Charles was a leader who had been in a high position for a long time and held the life and death power of thousands of employees. On the contrary, he looked like a student or a scholar.

When the warm sunshine shone in, the pale golden light with a halo shone on his whole body. Charles, who was reading the book carefully, didn't notice that Melissa had woken up, and her eyes were fixed on him, which she hadn't seen through yet. There was a light and joy in her eyes.

Melissa didn't want to break the peaceful and wonderful moment. It was a rare scene. She wanted to record it with camera, brush and heart.

It seemed that Melissa could not help but breathe lightly, enjoying the beautiful scenery brought by the sight, enjoying her little happiness and joy.

In the end, she couldn't help but want to take photos of the beautiful scenery at the moment, even if it would be discovered by Charles.

Melissa secretly found out the phone, which was put under the pillow after she checked the time last night. And the she carefully turned the sound of photographing to mute, leaving the most tranquil side of Charles in her camera. At the same time, she kept the most beautiful scenery of this morning in her mind, waiting for one day to recall.

Charles was reading too intently. He didn't move his eyes from the book until his eyes were a little tired and sore. He looked at the person who should have been sleeping, but now had woken up. He found that she was leaning against the pillow and staring at him fiercely. In particular, her round eyes were full of charm. A faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

This was a kind of unspeakable happiness!

Noticing that Charles looked at her, Melissa asked with embarrassment, "Have you finished reading? Why didn't you call me when you wake up?"

There was a hint of coquetry in her voice that Melissa didn't notice.

The smile on Charles's face became more brilliant. He put the book on the side, crooked his finger and gently rubbed Melissa's nose. He felt her words were a little funny, "You didn't call me when you wake up either. And you seven spied on me for a long time."

Upon hearing this, Melissa felt more embarrassed and wanted to bury her head in the quilt.

"Of course not!" Melissa mumbled.

"Really?" Charles put his fingers on Melissa's smooth and tender cheek. It was more obvious that he was teasing her.

"No, I didn't." Melissa shook her head like a rattle drum.

Charles felt it funny. Before he knew the woman in front of him, she was just a little beast with thorns all over its body, waving its sharp claws at people at all times.

But as time went by, he found tha

t this little woman was actually a cat. Sometimes she was lazy, sometimes she was wild, which made him feel funny and want to love her.

All of a sudden, Charles threw himself at Melissa quickly, pressed her on the bed and held her in his arms.

"Melly, you are such a lovely girl!" Charles said with a smile and gave her a kiss on the forehead as a reward.

Melissa was completely stunned. She didn't expect that Charles would attack her all of a sudden. Such a sunny Charles was far from the one in her memory.

Melissa often wondered which one was the real Charles.

Melissa felt so scared of that Charles in the past. However, this sunny Charles was like a ball of light, which made Melissa attracted by him like a moth darting into the fire.

"Are you really Charles Ren?" Melissa put her hands on his neck and asked seriously.

He was speechless and at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Charles, who was full of tenderness in his heart, was discourage all of sudden as if a bubble was poked.

This little woman was really good at killing the atmosphere!

This was the most suitable time to talk about love, but what she was asking?

Charles stretched out one hand and wiped his face. The scholar like temperament was gone immediately. He raised his eyes and asked coldly, "Melly, do you think I'm the fake one? Or a fake husband?"

He tapped on Melissa's chest while he spoke.

Being touched by him, Melissa's body suddenly stiffened. When she saw Charles's eyes, the fear in her heart surged up for no reason, and her eyes were a little evasive.

"Are you afraid of me?" Her fear at that moment didn't escape from Charles's eyes, and his heart was stabbed.

"No." Melissa replied decisively.

"If not, can you prove it?" The smile that made Melissa feel a little scared didn't fade away. Instead, Charles pointed at his face with his finger, hinting Melissa.

Melissa knew it at once. Her fear became very contemptuous in front of what she was about to do.

"I'll count to 3. If you..." He pointed at the corner of his mouth again with a hint of threaten.

All of sudden, Melissa's face turned red like a ripe shrimp.

"I... I didn't wash my face or brush my teeth. I..." Melissa refused with a farfetched reason.

"It doesn't matter. I won't dislike you." Charles was very easy-going this time, with a smile in his eyes.

Melissa found various reasons, but she was rejected by Charles easily.

As for what had happen next, it could be seen as long as seeing that Melissa walked out of the room under the guidance of Charles. In the end, she proved it obediently.

The two of them sat in the hall of the hotel, which was connected to the sea. Through the glass, they saw the waves rolling in the sea, and the people who stepped on the waves, picked up shells and little crabs. Under the early morning sunshine, they were busy in the sea reef group. Somehow, she wanted to experience it, too.

The delicate breakfast and seafood porridge were placed in front of them. Every time when Melissa took a sip, she looked outside with longing. The desire in her eyes was getting stronger and stronger that Charles could not ignore.

"Eat your breakfast first, or don't think about anything else." Tapping his fingers on the table, Charles said seriously.

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