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   Chapter 17 Like A Moth Darting Into The Fire

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The fishing village was located in a corner of the bay. Under the light of setting sun at dusk, the orange scenery appeared in front of them one by one, as if they were in an illusion.

Melissa, who had just been discharged from the hospital yesterday, sat at the entrance of the fishing village, leaning against a reef on the coast. Looking at the men and women passing by together, a smile appeared in her eyes, which was both admiration and love.

Behind her back, a faint voice rang out, "I heard that there is a legend here..."

The words stopped. Melissa, who was about to listen to the legend, had to turn around and look at Charles. She raised her delicate face and blinked her eyes in confusion, expecting him to continue the story.

With his hands in his pockets, Charles walked slowly to Melissa and asked, "Do you want to hear more?"

A tinge of numbness and intoxicating breath came to her face.

"Yes, I do." Melissa nodded honestly.

"It is said that this sea is the sea of lovers. All couples who come to this reef can receive sincere blessings and they will be together forever."

Charles chuckled and said the legend he had just heard from the old man in the village. He stared at the little woman in front of him, who was with astonishment in her eyes.

'The lover sea?'


Suddenly, Melissa chuckled, and her shoulders were shaking violently.

She didn't understand what he meant. She didn't dare to think or guess.

For a moment, the two of them were silent. He stared at her bright eyes, and she looked at his deep eyes, which looked like there was a fire in the deep pool.

At last, all the excitement on Melissa's face disappeared in an instant. She calmed down and the smile on her face became not as light as before. It's more like a forced smile.

"You and I are not a couple. How can we be together forever?" Melissa said indifferently and firmly. She didn't ask for an answer, or guessed what would happen next. She just wanted to point out the relationship between them.

That kind of ambiguous relationship was sometimes addictive.

"Not a couple?" Charles stepped forward and asked, "What do you think our relationship is?"

The distance between the two was so close that as long as he lowered his head slightly, he could kiss her lips.

"Contract relationship." The two words were like a knife cutting her heart.

"A contractual relationship?" He frowned slightly, and the flames in his eyes flickered quickly. "Is it just a contractual relationship?"

Melissa was about to say something, but was stopped by a sudden and forceful kiss. When she was stunned, she was questioned at the next second.

"Melissa, what are you afraid of? Are you so scared to touch me? Can't you accept it?"

"What on earth are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being entangled with me by falling in love with me and marrying me? Do you want to get rid of me?"

She brain was down. These words keep lingering in her mind. She wanted to answer 'no', but in the end, she was only silent.

The man's kiss was as cool and overbearing as himself.

After a deep kiss, it turned to be a light and slow kiss, like the hazy drizzle in spring.

They leaned against each other's forehead, enjoying the warmth of the moment.

"Is it so difficult to fall in love with me?" He asked without warning and touched her red lips with his thumb.


Melissa shivered.


"Just tell me whether it is dif

ficult of not?" The fingers of Charles were still against Melissa's lips. The breath she breathed made his thumb a little wet. Her cheeks were as red as the sunset glow and the morning sun, dazzling and gorgeous.

"It's not difficult!" Melissa shook her head.

It was not difficult to fall in love with someone, marry someone, or even divorce someone in an instant.

But the problem was that people were greedy. After having a person, they wanted that person's true heart, a heart that completely belonged to themselves.

The two of them had a contractual relationship. Could they have a true relationship?

With benefits, everything would go wrong in the end.

She didn't dare to make a decision so easily. Even though this fickle man had scared her to escape a moment ago, and now she was captivated by the tender feelings. She didn't want to sink into it.

It was easy to fall in love with someone, but when they didn't love each other and decide to break up, it's like their hearts were piecing by a sharp knife.

Her sluggishness made Charles's eyes darkened, and the thumb on her lips also became stiff.

"I'm not your princess. I don't want your love, okay?" Tears welled up in her eyes. Melissa refused him sharply, but she couldn't restrain the desire in her heart.

It was so difficult before the beginning. What if it started?

Melissa had always thought that she was a cold, tough and unshakable person.

But she was wrong. She was also a human being who could easily be attracted by others.

"Is it so difficult to have a try?" He sounded her out in a hoarse voice and mocked her slightly.

Since when it would be so difficult for him to fall in love with a woman?

In the past, women would gather around him one after another as long as he showed any interest.

However, the little woman in front of him had gone against him for several times, challenging his patience and making him angry, but he could do nothing with her.

"Never mind. You've just recovered. You'd better go back to your room and have a rest. I'll stay here for a while." Charles walked aside, took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one and smoked in the evening glow that gradually disappeared into the sea.

The depressed figure became longer and longer. Melissa looked back several times and saw it until it was about to merge with the darkness in the sky. Her heart skipped a beat.

She turned around like a butterfly, and her long dress drew a shiny arc in the night. Melissa was like a moth, pouncing towards the only light source. Even if the end was a moth darting into the fire, so what?

Melissa grabbed Charles's shirt violently and growled at him like a little beast, "Since you started it first, I should be the one who end it at last. You have no room to refuse or regret!"

Unexpectedly and expectedly, even though his back looked so decadent, on the contrary, Charles looked calm and confident. He took the cruel words of Melissa as the tickling of the little beast and added fun to life.

He held her hand with his big hand, and his affectionate eyes, like silk threads, wrapped around the two in an invisible and tangible way.

Their ten fingers intertwined.

Even if it was like a moth darting into the fire, let it disappear eventually!

She couldn't see through it, then learned to see it. Their relationship was actually tangled together.

She was also a simple woman who wanted to be loved and loved.

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