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   Chapter 16 Illusion And Reality

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Melissa showed no fear. She sneered at Charles and felt unprecedentedly happy.

However, when the door of the ward was opened from the outside and a group of foreign doctors in white coats came in, Melissa felt a flash of panic, as if something was about to happen.

It was a kind of unpredictable feeling.

At the same time, Charles, who had tidied up his coat, was standing by the door. He looked at the busy doctors with a faint smile.

Melissa frowned and kept silent. She watched the doctors examine her body, especially her head. They talked in foreign language.

Melissa didn't quite catch their meaning, but she still understood what had happened.

She was in a coma because of the waves and was sent to the hospital by Charles at last.

The reality and illusory dreams, for a moment, they were like a fierce beast that had opened its gate. They rushed out of the fence, rushing and colliding.

Those memories that were buried deep in her mind because of fear also ran out and occupied her whole mind, making her look evasive when she looked at Charles.

Her emotions and mind was controlled because of the illusory things. She didn't care about right and wrong, as well as the reason. Now when she thought of it, she was too ashamed to face Charles, let alone take back those words. She wished she could hide in a hole in the ground and never come out again.

Charles had saved her life. If it weren't for him, she would have been drowned in the sea and died there.

After the doctor left, Melissa completely shrank her head. She hid herself in the quilt and didn't come out. Even if the air in the quilt was not fresh and she was breathless, she didn't move a little.

The reaction of Melissa made Charles, who had been watching, feel very strange and cute. At this time, he found something interesting that he hadn't noticed before.

No matter it was her unreasonable accusation or her shameful behavior after knowing her fault, Charles couldn't help but want to tease her.

A hint of tease flashed through his eyes. Charles acted as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn't seen Melissa's dodging movements. He walked gracefully towards the bed.

Charles stood in front of her, and his voice echoed in her mind.

Curling up her shoulders, Melissa wanted to escape from the invisible shackles, but no matter how hard she struggled in bed, she seemed unable to escape.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Charles lifted the white quilt with his slender fingers and stared at the little trapped beast who had nowhere to escape. She raised her messy head and glared at him with her eyes wide open.

Charles's hearty laughter echoed in the ward for a long time.

Melissa's face turned red at first, but then she was furious. This hateful man, damn man, how could he... How dare he tease and laugh at her!

Melissa held her breath and said with a fake smile, "Mr. Charles, is it funny?"

With such a gentle and considerate inquiry and a gentle smile, Melissa gave herself one hundred points of satisfaction.

A playful look flashed across Charles's eyes. His slender and good-looking fingers left the quilt and came to her messy short hair. He stopped at it and pressed every part of her messy hair smooth. He repeated his movements with great patience.

"You are so cute. Both your temper and your arrogance are fascinating." He curved his sexy thin lips and his arrogant and evil eyes fell on the little face of Melissa, which was nervous and defensive.

Although Melissa didn't know whether his words were true or not, she still felt scared. Her heart, which had been slowly broken down a few days ago, was once again like a fortress.

She was thin and small. Without a careful look, it was difficult to find her charming feature and pure eyes, as beautiful as water lotus.

"You..." Hearing how he described her, Melissa's shoulder trembled again and refused, "Don't use these words on me. I feel very strange. Let's be the same as before."

Charles stopped her hand which was on Melissa's hair, and the expression on his face changed quickly.

Then, Charles sneered, with his slender arms crossed over his chest. An attractive sneer spilled over the corner of his mouth, "Are you willing to go back to that kind of tit for tat life? Or do you want to leave me as soon as possible?"

Charles stepped forward and asked, "Melissa, do you really want to get rid of me as soon as possible?"

With an unreadable expression, Charles reached out his hand, which was as cold as a snake, moved under Melissa's chin.

Face to face, thousands of words of rebuttal became difficult to speak at this moment.

Melissa opened her mouth and breathed silently. She couldn't utter the word "yes", especially when she saw the look in Charles's eyes. Her heart was tightly clenched.

"No, it's not like that..."

"I, I didn't, I didn't want to leave, really..."

With her chin under Charles's control, Melissa's head kept shaking, and tears welled up in her eyes. Her previous toughness collapsed in an instant.

"Really?" Charles asked in a soft voice. When he was face to face with Melissa, he could see through her mind in an instant.

"Yes, it's true." Melissa pressed her lips and nodded, tears rolling down from her eyes.

In front of Charles, her toughness and all her weapons were like bubbles, disappearing as soon as they came into contact with the sun.

She didn't know how to describe herself at the moment.

It should be so easy to speak out the refusal words, but she couldn't say anything when she met his eyes. The scene that Charles risked his life to save her echoed in her mind. His considerate and gentle arrangements and actions, like a gentle spring breeze pouring in quietly.

"My good girl." Charles held Melissa in his arms and gave her a gentle kiss on her hair, then on her forehead. He rested his chin on her shoulder for a moment. His voice was soft and numb.

Melissa slowly closed her eyes. She didn't want to see or think. She just let her mind be quiet and let her pretend that nothing had happened.

But, could it work?

What had happened could not be changed, especially the touch on the hair and forehead. Without drawing in her mind, it would be played in her mind like an old movie until she remembered it firmly.

A gentle smile blew away the indifference on his cold but handsome face. His soft voice and words were more like talking to the closest and most important love.

Being addicted to it was only an instant thing. When she sensed it again, she couldn't extricate on it anymore.

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