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   Chapter 15 Appearing In Your Room

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"Doctor, why hasn't my wife woken up yet?" Charles patience was limited. Five hours had passed, and all the indexes were normal. However, Melissa, who was lying in the luxury ward, didn't wake up.

"I'm sorry, sir. Your wife is in a deep sleep now. She is afraid because of falling into the water and she doesn't want to wake up. Only when she overcome her fear can she wake up." A female doctors with blonde hair and green eyes winked at the charming Charles while spoke out the examination conclusion dutifully.

Hearing this, Charles sneered. The conclusion was meaningless.

"Ask your dean to come here." He only said this sentence.

Just for that sentence, the female doctor's heart was broken into pieces.

The dean of the hospital said in the same official tone. The indifferent charisma of Charles was like an icehouse, which made the hospital seem to be in deep distress.

As for what happened in the hospital, Melissa knew nothing.

At this moment, she was in a villa on the hillside. She had just been driven out of their bedroom by Charles. When he scolded her coldly and asked her to get out, she saw a coquettish woman, twisting the snake waist, walking into their room provocatively.

Like the hostess, the woman looked around the bedroom. When she saw Melissa's skin care products, her face darkened, and her nails with nail polish tightly pinched the palm of her hand.

"Mr. Charles!" She called in a coquettish voice.

"What?" Charles leaned against the wall and turned a blind eye to the tit for tat in front of him.

Biting her lips, the enchanting woman stamped her feet lightly on the ground. She nestled in the arms of Charles with grievance, scolding and affection. The two of them watched how embarrassed Melissa was after being expelled.

Melissa walked towards the gate step by step with her painful legs. When she walked on the stairs, she almost fell down accidentally.

The cold eyes of Charles behind her and the gloating eyes were piercing her heart. It was so painful that she could hardly breathe.

She also had dignity. It was a business to marry into the Ren family, but... Being bullied to such an extent, Melissa's unwillingness turned into blood rolling in her throat.

"Close the door." A low and cold voice rang out again, like a death warrant rolling over.

The obedient enchanting woman answered gently, and the door was ruthlessly closed behind Melissa.

'Get out of here!'

'We have divorced.'

'You liar, get out of my house!'

'Get out, get out!'

Countless sounds came from all directions, and her shaky body could no longer stand up. She climbed out of the stairs and fell on the expensive and soft carpet on the first floor. Blood came out from her head and surrounded her whole body.

'I am free now?

I have nothing to do with the Ren family anymore?'

Charles's roar, the woman's scream and laughter turned into a grey picture, disappearing in Melissa's closed eyes.

"I want a divorce..."

"I want to be free..."

"Please, please, please, please let me go."

"If I die, will those things never happen again?"

Her low sobs echoed in the ward. The voice was heartbroken.

Charles stayed in the ward for two days and two nights. At first, he was calm and deep, then the coldness charisma burst out from his body, and now he restrained his breath. Only his deep eyes were changeable, making people unable to see h

is real emotions and thoughts.

'Who is shaking me? Who is calling me? Who is talking there?'

'Is it Charles and that beautiful woman?'

'Charles is so cruel to let that woman kick me all over with her pointed high heels. It hurts and is cold especially in arms, as if my body was poured into a cold water, making me tremble with cold.'

'It is very cold, very cold. My body is cold, and my heart is even colder.'

When Melissa couldn't hold on any longer and opened her eyes, she saw a woman with blonde hair, fair skin and excellent figure, dressed in doctor's coat. The doctor was talking to Charles. The expression on his face couldn't be seen clearly.

The female doctor said a lot of technical terms and concluded that Melissa was sober and was fine.

In the end, the reluctant doctor was sent away by Charles.

Although Melissa didn't figure out what was going on, her body trembled a little. A disdainful look appeared on her face for Charles's ability of attracting the attention of women.

Charles pulled a nearby chair and sat on the edge of Melissa's bed, pouring a glass of water for her.

"Are you feeling better?" He handed the cup to Melissa and softened his voice.

Melissa looked at Charles in horror. She had no idea why he was doing this.

She still remembered what Charles and that beautiful woman had done to her. As for falling into the sea before she passed out and spending her honeymoon, Melissa didn't remember at all.

At this moment, she was completely confused by what happened in her dream, which had occupied her whole mind.

Melissa just opened her eyes and blinked. She didn't answer or make any response. Instead, she looked behind Charles to check whether that woman had come.

"Still feeling bad?" Putting the cup aside, Charles tested her temperature by touching her forehead and then rubbed her chest. Seeing that Melissa didn't look better, he was about to ring the bell to change a doctor.

Melissa's body was completely stiffened by his movements. She moved with his movements numbly, and she said sarcastically, "You don't have to be so good to me. It is just an agreement marriage."

"You can have your beauty and power at the same time. What you have done now is for making other people misunderstand or disgusting them?"

"What were you doing with that woman when I fell down the stairs? You must be laughing at me, disdaining me, and doing what you are happy to do!"

"It's so ridiculous!"

Melissa said sarcastically, not noticing that Charles was looking at her strangely.

Melissa was happy to say what she want, but she felt a little uncomfortable after that.

"Don't you remember what happened before you passed out?" Charles asked Melissa in a hoarse voice.

"What did I forget?" Melissa sneered. So far, did Charles still want to cover up his cold-blooded ruthlessness?

"Oh, have I forgotten about you and your lover? In one week of our marriage, your lover appeared in your room at one night?"

"Charles, you don't have to remind me. Even if you don't tell me, I will forget it. After all, I don't want to remember the murderers all my life. I'm not dead this time. I'll try my best to leave, to end our marriage, and leave the two of you alone!"

After the initial anger, Melissa seemed to be very serious.

On the other hand, Charles stared at her with a strange look, and there was a dark flame in his eyes.

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