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   Chapter 14 Fell Into The Sea In A Coma

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"Thank you, thank you..." Still in a state of shock, Melissa thanked Charles in a casual manner, lying in his arms.

She was almost to be hit and fell directly into the sea from this turning, and then...

"Don't be afraid. I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you."

"Take a deep breath. You're fine now. Look into my eyes."

Charles lowered his eyes, moved gently and said in an unprecedented gentle tone.

Following his movements, Melissa gradually calmed down and breathed smoothly. Looking at his charming eyes, she was no longer afraid miraculously, as if she had found a safe haven.

"Good girl, you are really brave."

She looked into his eyes with her bright eyes and clear smile, which made Charles gasp for breath. His voice became a little hoarse, and his breath was as strong as the sea heat wave, or even stronger.

His heart slightly tightened, and there seemed to be a blooming firework in his mind.

Somehow, he grabbed the back of Melissa's neck and forced her to face him. Without any explanation, he took her to him with another hand on her waist and kissed her on the lips.

Her lips were as soft as cotton candy that he had eaten when he was a child. They melted and tasted endless.

The kiss lasted a long time, but it seemed to be finished in a short time, as if it was in a blink of an eye.

Her mouth was full of his masculine smell, which filled her whole body.

"Like a sweet and sour green apple..." The touch of their lips was accompanied by a gasping whisper.


Melissa's face turned red. She couldn't refute what he said, but she didn't want to be seen through by him like this...

In the end, Melissa had no choice but to let him lead her hand by hand. As for the scenery along the way, the distance between the two of them and the sudden change of Charles, she couldn't think about it.

The weird atmosphere had been maintained in the following two days. Charles had been busy with his work. Even at the honeymoon moment, he didn't really relax himself because of this rare free time.

As for Melissa, who had been flustered by him, he would not spare time to talk to her for the time being. He could only finish all the things above his hand.

It happened to be a sunny day, and the sea breeze was fresh. When one looked at the blue sky and the blue sea, the sea and the sky were connected together, the visual shock was more aesthetic.

When Charles finished all his work, Melissa had sorted out her messy mind.

Charles invited Melissa to bask in the sun and swim at the seaside, which were part of their honeymoon plan.

When Melissa heard the word "swimming", her expression was very strange.

She knew that swimming was a weakness for her. It was shameful for her to show her swimming skill, but she had to say yes to Charles.

It was just because they were a couple and they were still on their honeymoon.

With the unspeakable bitterness, Melissa followed Charles to buy a swimming suit, and then the two drove to the beach which was especially for a carefree vacation.

The sunshine was so bright that it could reflect the light on the body. Walking outside required courage, especially for women who loved beauty and wanted white skin.

Melissa applied the sunscreen layer after layer until she felt it was enough.

"Can, can I not go swimming?" Getting close to the sea, Melissa flinched. She looked at the umbrella behind her wit

h her round eyes, wishing to rush over immediately.

With his arms crossed, Charles didn't say anything, just looked at Melissa with a faint smile.

The look in his eyes made Melissa shrink her neck and dare not have any more extravagant hopes.

She had thought that the demon Charles would really live in peace with her, but she didn't expect that a leopard cannot change its nature.

It was really wishful thinking.

Melissa followed Charles into the water step by step. She tried to walk forward but soon withdrew her feet, didn't dare to go any further.

Charles didn't urge her. Instead, he swam in the water like a fish with the most beautiful and vigorous figure in the sea, causing all kinds of beauties to scream.

As an onlooker, Melissa was also attracted by the vigorous swimming posture of Charles. She walked into the deep water unconsciously, imagining that she was a mermaid, making the most beautiful arc with a beautiful fish tail.

However, in fact, after entering the water, Melissa kept swimming like the doggy paddle. The posture was so ugly and embarrassing that people couldn't bear to look at it.

The handsome men and women next to Melissa swam to the other side because of her doggy paddle, which gave her an empty zone.

Standing in the water, Charles looked at Melissa affectionately and quietly with a smile on his handsome face.

Melissa was enjoying herself that she didn't notice the changes around her until there were screams from the surroundings. Waves came one after another in the distance.

Melissa found the situation and swam to the shallow with both hands and feet, but the more worried she was, the slower she could raise her speed.

The waves were about to drown Melissa, she choked on water and began to fall.

Noticing something was wrong with Melissa, Charles jumped into the water and swam towards the direction where she fell.

When the wave was about to drown, Charles had found Melissa in the muddy water. He held her who was struggling to fall into a semi coma and began to swim out of the sea.

When the second and the third waves were about to catch up with them, Charles finally escaped the waves with Melissa in his arms.

Melissa, who was in a coma, didn't know that she was rescued. She struggled, called for help in the boundless darkness, but no one heard. They were like strangers, coldly watching her drowned in water until she died in the sea.

'Am I dead?

It is good for me to die, so that I don't have to pay for those things.

This is a relief.'

"Melissa, wake up! Don't sleep! Wake up!"

"I order you to wake up right now!"

"You are my wife. You haven't fulfilled your duty as a wife yet. Do you want to slip away like this? I don't agree..."

Charles kept squeezing the water in Melissa's abdomen. After a dozen times, the water spilled out of Melissa's mouth. After a while, all the water was squeezed out.

However, Melissa didn't wake up. Her eyes were closed and her face was pale. She was like a lifeless doll, lying in his arms.

Charles felt a sharp pain in his heart, which made him gasp for breath. Blue veins stood out on his hands.

"Sir, the lady in your arms must be sent to the hospital for treatment. Please cooperate. I am the staff of the beach bathing spot." A staff came in time and spoke to Charles in a fluent foreign language.

Charles cast a cold glance at him and said coldly, "Go away!"

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