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   Chapter 13 His Tenderness

Love Contract: If I Had Your Love By Gu Mumu Characters: 7182

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White wedding dress, colorful balloons, the blessings of relatives and friends, under the blue sky and white clouds, they made a promise that they would never give up each other in their life.

He clasped her fingers and ran on the long red carpet. No matter where they were, he was the only man she would love in the world.

What a beautiful dream! Melissa was so immersed in it that she didn't want to wake up at all.

However, no matter how beautiful the dream was, it would end at last, and the sleeping person would wake up.

Melissa rubbed her aching forehead and glanced at the man who was driving on the driver's seat. A surge of emotions surged in her heart.

Although their relationship was so bad, they had to go abroad for honeymoon as per the request of Mr. Ren. The two of them had to pretend to be very affectionate in front of the major media.

She really felt very tired and didn't want to cooperate with Charles at all.

In this unfinished marriage, Melissa really wanted the two of them to live their own lives.

Was it possible?

The car sped in the highway along the coastline. The sea and the sky merged into one. In the orange red sunset, the seagulls and sailboats were sometimes high and sometimes low, and the sea wind brought with the smell of the sea, which made a wonderful scene.

At this moment, there was a bit of sadness in Melissa's eyes, which made her heart ache.

She heaved a long sigh of relief. When Melissa could hardly breathe, the car stopped in front of a hotel built on the cliff.

Before the car stopped, she opened the door and rushed out. She ran to a trash can and vomited heavily.

"Are you not feeling well?" Charles asked with concern, handing a bottle of water and a piece of wet tissue to her.

After spitting out the food in her stomach, Melissa drank the water from Charles and wiped her face with the wet tissue. She finally felt herself come back to life.

But in the face of Charles's concern, Melissa just stood up and stared at him. After a long time, she replied lightly, "It might be an airsickness."

"Are you feeling better now?" Charles frowned slightly.

"Much better."

"Really?" Apparently, Charles didn't believe it. After all, Melissa looked pale.

"Yes." Melissa nodded and adjusted her expression secretly to make herself look energetic.

"Let's go inside." Instead of asking more questions, Charles led the way, followed by Melissa.

Melissa couldn't afford his care. After all, he was unpredictable.

She still remembered what happened in the villa a few days ago.

She really didn't want to experience that kind of despair and loneliness again.

The room was a sea view room that had been reserved in advance. Facing the sea, Melissa thought of the poetry "I have a house, towards the sea, with spring flowers blossoming". However, it was a pity that it was hot in summer now, the hot amorous feelings was overwhelming.

"There is hot water in the bathtub. The bathrobe is on the shelf. You go to take a bubble bath first. If you need anything, just call me. I'll be outside." Charles looked at Melissa with concern.

Her face turned red because of his words.

"Thank you. I can do it." Melissa tried her best to hold back her slightly fluctuated emotions, and suppressed the self-mockery that was about to spill over. She revealed a faint smile to express her gratitude.

On the frosted glass door of the bathroom, there was the unique view of the seaside, but now it was set off by a curvaceous body.

Even Charles, who had seen a lot of beautiful women,

was attracted by her for a moment. He couldn't stop staring at the naturally curvaceous figure until half a minute passed, and then he looked away as if nothing had happened.

However, he looked at somewhere in his body with distress, his concentration seemed to have become much weaker, 'It is just a back...'

When Melissa came out of the bathroom, she saw that Charles, who dressed in a bathrobe, stood in the room. His hair was still wet, and his usual cold and evil face looked softer.

Being silent for a while, Melissa wiped her short hair with a towel and stood at the door of the bathroom for a short while. Then she picked up the hair dryer on the dressing table to dry her hair. After that, Melissa planned to get change and go out for a walk. She didn't want to stay in the same room with Charles.

She felt strange when staying with Charles. He was like a sleepy cat with half closed eyes, staring at her like staring a prey. When the time was ripe, he pounced on his prey and tore it apart.

At the moment when Melissa reached the doorknob, she felt a little happy, but soon she heard a voice, "Can you help me dry my hair? My arm was just hurt. It hurts." His voice was innocent, warm and irresistible, which nailed Melissa's steps.

"Sure, sure." She walked slowly to the dressing table, picked up the hot hair dryer and came to the back of Charles, starting to dry his hair.

The noise was too loud. Charles wiggled his lips and made the sound, but the person holding the hair dryer behind did not hear it clearly.

"Melissa, will you fall in love with me?"

He didn't care whether someone answered him or not. When his hair was half dry, his beautiful thin lips slightly moved, "I'm poisonous. I don't want you to fall in love with me."

The noise of the hair dryer became lower and lower. Melissa didn't turn off it until she tucked a strand of hair behind Charles's forehead.

His hair was smooth and dark brown, neither soft nor hard. The touch was still on her fingertips.

Melissa clenched her fists, eager to get rid of the turmoil in her heart.

"Let's go. I'll take you to the seaside and have some delicious food there." When Melissa was in a daze, Charles had changed into a white T-shirt, capri-pants and a pair of white canvas shoes, which matched strangely with Melissa's Bohemia dress.

Holding Melissa's hand, Charles took out two hats and two pairs of sunglasses as magic when he walked out of the room and put them on himself and Melissa.

During the whole process, Melissa was absent-minded. She was led by Charles to the seaside road. Her dress was blew up in the sea breeze.

'Sometimes he is a demon, and sometimes he is a gentleman...

What on earth does Charles want to do? What game does he want to play?'

Lowering her head slightly, Melissa's expression became numb, until it returned to be cold.

'What is the connection between interests?' She was not an innocent girl. After what she had experienced, she was growing up.

"I'm hungry. Where can we eat?" Her hoarse voice was blew away in the sea breeze, but Charles, who was holding her hand, could hear it clearly.

"We'll get there after turning that corner." Charles pointed at the sharp turn ahead.

"Watch out..."

The oncoming sports car made a sharp turn and sped past the two of them.

Melissa got rid of Charles's hand and walked alone in front of him. She was almost hit into the sea because of the wind speed brought by the car, and her distance from the sea was too short. Fortunately, Charles held her in time.

"Are you okay?"

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