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   Chapter 12 You Can Get Out Now

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"What a stubborn and unyielding face! I can't help but want to bully you..." Charles said with a smile. He stared at Melissa's cold and stubborn face, the rage in his heart became more and more intense. It was constantly rolling up, made his eyes to be more deep and frightening than a bottomless pool.

When Melissa was about to make a response and get rid of such a situation, the man who was upon her didn't leave. Instead, he suddenly gave her a heavy pressure at a falling speed and forcefully suppressed her.

Melissa was taken aback by the sudden change. Her eyes widen and her toughness and stubbornness collapsed at this moment. She was so frighten that her heart almost jumped out from her throat. Her eyebrows twitched violently, and her questioning voice became anxious and flustered. Melissa reached put confusedly, trying to push Charles away.

"What are you doing?" Charles just raised his eyebrows and got close to Melissa. He looked at her with a faint smile, which looked very ugly in her eyes at the moment.

'She is an ugly duckling, but she wants to fly into the swan group and become a beautiful, noble and elegant swan. It is so ridiculous!'

"Melly, do you still remember who you are? Do you remember who you are to me, and what kind of life is it now?" Charles raised his thin lips and asked coldly.

Unable to break free, Melissa was not completely discouraged or gave up struggling.

She was like a hedgehog. After she pricked up thorns towards Charles for the first time, as long as they had conflicts in the following days, the thorns were aiming at him like the best defensive and attacking tools.

Now, it was the same.

Melissa grinned from ear to ear, showing her white teeth, "My dear husband, I always know my responsibility and role. Please don't worry about me. Instead..."

"Don't bring those women to Grandpa and mom. After all, one lesson is enough."

After saying that, there was a deathly silence. It could be said that Charles hatred her guts.

The hand that was holding Melissa's arm also tightened.

"Charles, you are a lunatic... You are crazy!"

Melissa roared with all her strength, accompanied by strong provocation and ridicule, as if she was going to risk everything.

If someone who woke up in the face of such a scene and he could still be calm, then he was not a human being. Melissa would not be able to cultivate that kind of calmness for her lifetimes.

"Really?" Charles sneered in a low voice, as if he had heard a joke from the outer space, which made him have an impulse to laugh happily.

"Yes, I don't want to be the Mistress of the Ren family at all, and I don't want to have anything to do with you. I really regret my stupid decision to send myself into you devil's territory."

"Since I'm the real devil you said, if I don't do anything evil to you, how can I qualify this title and be worth of your choice!"

"Melly, it's too late. Since you entered the Ren Group and said the first sentence, you have no way back and no choice." Like a real demon, Charles no longer pressed against Melissa, but stood straight with a look of contempt at an ant.

Then, Melissa was pulled down from the soft and comfortable bed by Charles and fell to the floor.

Her back hit the wardrobe directly. When Melissa hurriedly supported herself with her hands on the ground

in a panic, she heard the sound of her wrist bone, which was loud and painful. Her face immediately turned pale, not to mention the other parts of her body, which was more painful.

Her knees were numb at first, and then she felt that her knees were going to be disabled, as if they were not hers anymore.

Melissa smiled bitterly in her heart, 'This is the difference between men and women.'

"You can get out now." Charles drove Melissa away ruthlessly without any emotion, let alone detaining her.

As soon as Melissa propped up half of her body, her cat like eyes directly stared at Charles in stunned.

After a long time, when the pain became numb again, Melissa supported herself by the sliding door of the wardrobe with her painful hands. She stood up and straightened her back. Under the gaze of his cold eyes, she walked out of the main bedroom step by step firmly.

Tears fell down from her eyes one by one on the imported foreign floor tiles under her feet, and the sound of tears could be faintly heard.

The door was right there. As long as she took a step forward, she could leave here and leave Charles. If she left, she would never have anything to do with him anymore.

But that step was so heavy as if there was a thousand pounds hanging on her feet, making her accumulated courage and courage be covered by cowardice at this moment.

"Mistress, think twice before you make the decision." Uncle Cao, who was always mysterious and elusive, stood behind Melissa silently. He saw through everything, but his eyes were indifferent. He stood there dutifully, as if he was not the one who reminded her just now.

"With so much effort, are you willing to give up so easily, Mistress?" He asked again in a calm voice.

"The guest room has been cleaned up. If Mistress has made up your mind, you can move to the guest room. There is good medicine for bruise dispelling." After finishing his words, Uncle Cao took a deep look at Melissa. Then he looked in the direction of the master bedroom, where there was a shadowy figure.

After Uncle Cao left, all the courage of Melissa was gone, and her body collapsed on the soft carpet in an instant.

No more tears fell from her eyes. Her eyes were dry and red.

'I can't leave or regret. It is my own choice and I can't blame anyone else.

No matter how many troubles, I have to endure it. I have to gain a firm foothold in the Ren family, only in this way the Wen family's company can survive.'

Heaving a long sigh, Melissa staggered towards the guest room. When she passed by the floor lamp in the living room, which was emitting dim yellow light, she felt warm in her heart. Her blood flowed quickly in her cold body.

"Humph, I thought you really got out, but I didn't expect that you will stay here."

"Sure enough, Melly is so brave and shameless, which makes people 'admire' you." She didn't know when Charles stood beside the carved handrail on the second floor. His unique sarcastic voice spread out in the whole house.

Melissa paused for a moment and held the doorknob, "I'm your wife, your legal wife, and your approved Mrs. Ren. If I won't stay here, where should I stay?"

After questioning him, Melissa slammed shut the door.

Charles giggled, his expression was no longer uncertain as the weather, but happy like colorful bubbles in a sunny day.

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