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   Chapter 11 Avoiding Him Like Plague

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The change was so fast that Melissa didn't know what had happened at all. She could only stare blankly at Sara, who was taking pictures casually.

"Auntie, are you taking photos with Melly in the garden?" With a gentle smile on his face, Charles called Sara and Melissa intimately.

"Yes. You won't be reluctant to let me take pictures of your wife, will you?" Sara raised her head slightly like a proud peacock and said to Charles in a defiant tone.

Charles laughed in a low voice. His voice was magnetic and numb, and his eyes were shining.

"Auntie, you are so humorous. How can I hide Melly from you and not let you take photos?"

"Melly can be your model, but those photos can't be spread outside. Otherwise..." Holding Melissa in his arms closely, Charles looked at the priceless high-end camera indifferently. He tightened his grip on Melissa's shoulder slightly and said in a casual but extremely charming voice, "Auntie, I'm jealous!"

How could Charles be jealous?

It was like a thunderbolt, which shocked Melissa and Sara who were present. They couldn't look at Charles in a normal way and couldn't believe that he would say something like that.

Obviously, Melissa didn't have strong concentration. After being shocked, Sara only looked at the nervous Melissa and the smiling Charles for a second and then withdrew her gaze.

"Of course."

In this way, without Melissa's consent, she became the model of Sara.

In the following days, under the instructions of Sara, Melissa made all kinds of postures again and again to match the flowers in the garden. She were taken a lot of pictures with these flowers.

For several times, Sara asked Charles, who was watching aside, to take some photos with Melissa.

After taking all the photos, Melissa felt like she was going to collapse.

But she couldn't.

Because she was carried in Charles's arms, with her arms around his neck.

She had maintained this posture for nearly ten minutes. From the gentle smile at the beginning to the coldness as if he was looking at something dirty, Charles looked coldly at Melissa, who was affectionate in his arms.

"Mrs. Ren, if you don't get down, I'm not sure whether I will let go of my hands in the next second."

The cold rebuke was more unforgettable than that of a devil. Melissa couldn't ignore it. When Charles was about to let go of her, she immediately loosened her grip on his neck and quickly jumped out of his arms. She ran away like a frightened rabbit.

What she did also made Charles's eyes darken.

"Are you avoiding me like plague?

Since you are so afraid of me, I should show up more often in front of you... Ha ha..."

Charles chuckled. His low voice was more like the whispers between lovers, which exuded magic invisibly. Every word echoed in the empty garden, making the flowers in bloom sway with a graceful posture and their color became more brilliant.

The courtyard was covered with trees and beautiful scenery. The warm and elegant light shone on the trees and flowers, as if covering the courtyard with a gorgeous and mysterious veil.

The comfortable and elegant villa stood on the hillside, with an excellent view of the city.

Especially when the lights were on, the villa halfway up the mountain became so bright.

Inside the villa, the warm and magnificent decoration was everyw

here. The villa was like a picture scroll, showing its beauty in front of people.

A silver gray suit jacket was hung on the crook of Charles's arm, and his white shirt was a little messy. With a lazy temperament, he walked in from the carved wood gate.

Uncle Cao, the butler of the villa, quickly came to the front of Charles and greeted him respectfully, "Master!"

Charles nodded, glanced around the first floor and asked lazily, "Where is Mistress?"

"Master. Mistress has been staying in her room on the second floor after dinner." Uncle Cao was always respectful. No matter what he said or did, he would not cross the line.

He wouldn't be curious about what he shouldn't know, what he shouldn't see or hear.

For these reasons, Charles was very satisfied with Uncle Cao for being the butler of his villa.

"Really?" Charles raised his head and looked at the room where Melissa was on the second floor. A smile of relief and mockery appeared on his face.

"Yes." Uncle Cao nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, Uncle Cao. I'll go upstairs and have a rest."

There was a crack on the door of the main bedroom, and the yellow, elegant and soft light shone through the crack. As soon as Charles walked to the door, he raised his hand and was about to push the door open. But before he touched the door handle, he quickly took his hand back and kicked the door open with his feet in shiny leather shoes.

The warm light shone all over his body, making him look like a God in an instant.

At the same time, Charles's eyes fell on the wide and comfortable bed, on which lay a woman in a silk nightdress. He was not sure whether she was sleeping or not.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and a faint smile appeared on his face. Charles slowed down his steps and walked towards the soft bed.

Melissa's slightly upturned eyelashes looked like a curved moon, casting a very light shadow.

Her gentle breath smelled like orchid, floating between her nostrils and lips, which made Charles feel his lips tickled.

His rough finger pulp fell on the slightly opened lips and gently stroked them.

The moist touch, the hot fingertips, and the strange feeling, flowed through his body with blood.

When Charles's finger pulps were about to move away, Melissa suddenly opened her eyes, which were rippling with sleepiness. Her big watery eyes looked straight into his.

Caught off guard, Melissa, who had just woken up, was confused and slow to react. She didn't know why Charles was in her room, and even lifted up his body above her.

"You..." With the nasal sound that had just woken up, Melissa opened her mouth, but could not say anything suspicious.

"What's wrong with me?" With a charming smile on his lips, Charles drew closer to Melissa. His evil and arrogant face, which attracted countless women, appeared in front of her. As a result, the breath of the two of them was entangled together, making no distinction between them.

"Did the cat take your tongue away? So you don't know what to say." The finger pulp, which was stroking her lips, slowly moved to her chin, and quietly stopped at her throat.

That pair of deep black eyes, which were filled with tenderness a second ago, were now full of malicious and ferocious, as if the next second they would rush out of Charles's eyes and devour Melissa.

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