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   Chapter 10 Aunt's Warning

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Melissa's eyes were filled with pain, and the aching heart made her breathless.


Now she had completely regretted. She wanted to go back to the past, but all the paths of retreat were blocked.

'It doesn't matter to be treated as a dead person or a dirty thing. I just hope that Charles could hate me and end the marriage as soon as possible.'

After taking a deep breath, Melissa squatted down to help up the suitcase on the carpet. The moment she raised her head, she fixed her eyes on the huge wedding photo above the bed.

The length of the wedding photo was almost the same as the width of the bed. The man and woman in the photo had a happy and sweet smile on their faces.

The man was dressed in a purple suit and the woman wore a pink and cute dress. He held her in arms with infinite affection and love in his eyes.

In their eyes, there was only each other, no one else. The two of them became a picture freeze at that moment forever, witnessing an enviable love.

But the actual situation was completely different from what was shown in the photo.

Melissa forced a smile, looked away and began to tidy up her luggage.

The sound of water in the bathroom gradually stopped. Melissa's clothes were put into the wardrobe, and the daily care products were also placed on the dresser.

Except for what she had just put out, there was no man's belongings in the wedding room, which indirectly told Melissa that this was only her room.

That's good. They will have nothing to do with each other except for a marriage certificate.

Lived under the same roof but had different minds.

Slept on the same bed but dreamed different dreams.

In the next few days, even if they slept in the same room, they treated each other as strangers.

But that's good.

Melissa had to admit that she was so lucky to have Dora, Charles's mother to be her mother-in-law.

Melissa once felt the feeling of mother from Dora, which was so sentimental.

She had stayed at the Ren's house for a week. If it weren't for Dora, Melissa would have felt as if one day was a year.

"Melly, why don't you sleep a little longer?"

"Do you feel sleepy after getting up so early?"

As soon as Melissa went downstairs, Dora came over with a gentle smile. She held Melissa's hand intimately and asked smilingly. Her words of concern were pleasing.

"Mom, I slept well last night. I didn't feel sleepy when I got up in the morning. Instead, I felt energetic." Melissa answered with a smile and went to the dining room to have breakfast with Dora.

The Ren family had a tradition that the whole family would have dinner together on weekends.

Mr. Ren, who seldom lived here, also appeared at the table today. There was also a woman with exquisite makeup. She was Charles's aunt, who was over 30 years old and had not been married.

According to what Melissa had heard from Dora, this aunt was a tough woman who longed for freedom and was excellent in each aspects.

These were all heard from Dora. Melissa would not blindly believe that this aunt was easy to get along with.

"Everyone is here?" Mr. Ren put down the newspaper in his hand, looked at Melissa and Dora expressionlessly and asked in a slightly serious tone.

"Dad, we are all here." Dora gave a gentle answer. Melissa, who was standing next to her, politely greeted Mr. Ren, Lambert and this aunt.

As for Charles, Melissa didn't take notice of him at all.

As soon as Mr. Ren started to eat, there was only the sound of bowl and chopsticks colliding with each other on the table, which was very quiet.

When Melissa was seven percent full, she slowed down and took her time in eating the rest of the porridge.

On the opposite side, her aunt, Sa

ra Ren, was staring at Melissa with fire in her eyes. It was impossible to ignore her.

Melissa didn't know why her aunt looked at her like that, which made her feel unsure. It was impolite to ask why directly, thus she made a pretense of ignorance and ate the porridge quietly.

After Melissa finished eating the porridge, the aunt didn't say anything to her. Melissa didn't want to stay in the dining room anymore, so she left first. She was going to the garden to see if the flowers she have planted survived or not, and took a walk by the way.

The Ren family was wealthy indeed. The villa alone covered an area of more than ten acres. It was equipped with all kinds of facilities and people could enjoy everything without leaving home.

Apart from other things, Melissa liked the villa of the Ren family very much, especially the small garden. Most of the flowers in the garden were what Melissa liked. Especially when she stayed in the garden and bathed in the sun, she felt as if she was free of troubles and forgot everything. She seemed to be one of the flowers, a leaf, or a grass here.

"I thought you would feel uncomfortable living in the Ren's house, but I didn't expect that I underestimated you." The voice was a little hoarse. Even though it was strange for Melissa, she could recognize it.

It was her aunt Sara Ren. Melissa didn't expect her to come to the garden.

After composing all her emotions, Melissa stood up with a decent smile, gently greeted Sara Ren, and obediently waited for her following questions.

Sara Ren was an arrogant woman. In her world, there were only two kinds of people, who she liked and who she disliked. As for Melissa, who suddenly appeared, was somewhere in between.

At first, Sara Ren didn't want to say anything or meddle in other people's business. But when she saw the submissive look of Melissa, she got angry.

Sara Ren didn't want to suppress herself. Since she was angry and unpleasant, she would find an opportunity to speak it out.

"You and Charles was totally a mismatch. Why do you get married? Do you love him? Do you know anything about him? Maybe you know nothing. You are just blinded by the things in front of you."

"As Charles's aunt, I advise you not to fall in love with him. Otherwise, you will regret it and meet your doom. If you can leave him, you should leave as soon as possible. The Ren family, Charles Ren, is not the one you can possess now."

"I'm telling you this only because you're young and have little experience of life. There's still room to pull back before it is too late."

"As for Charles, he seems to be... a demon that sucks blood but never spits bones..." The voice of the last sentence was very light, and Melissa happened to not hear it. She just heard the previous words.

The implication and frankness in those words were clearly heard by Melissa, although these words were somewhat hurtful, mocking her innocence and overestimation of herself.

But on the other hand, she could tell that Sara Ren was worried about her. Maybe it was her illusion.

"Aunt Sara, what do you mean?" Melissa looked at Sara Ren with a confused expression.

Sara Ren cursed inwardly for Melissa's stupidity and was about to give a more direct warning. However, she quickly caught a figure from the corner of her eyes, thus she bitted her tongue.

Sara Ren wore an arrogant and noble smile with elegant confidence, and her words were totally different from what she had just said.

"I saw your figure blended with the flowers in the garden. I want you to be my model and take a few photos. Would you like to do me a favor?" Fiddling with the high-end camera in her hand, Sara Ren took several pictures of the blossoming flowers.

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