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   Chapter 9 His Lover

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The man dressed in a silver suit and the woman wore a fiery red evening dress, the two colors were strangely intertwined together.

It was as cold and hot like water and fire.

The man, with an evil and weird smile at the corners of his mouth, said, "Honey, even if I don't tell you, you will know it after all, won't you?"

"You are so annoying." The woman patted the back of Charles's hand which was gently pinching her chin and began to flirting with him in a low voice as if no one was around.

"Women always love bad men. Isn't it the reason why you love me?" Charles lifted the woman's chin to make her look at him. Then he kissed her delicate lips in front of everyone.

The sound of kissing can be heard by the people who stood close to the two of them. And the guests all flushed.

Bold as she was, the woman wrapped her arms around Charles's neck and kissed him passionately.

"Melly, hold back." Dora held Melissa's wrist tightly. Even she was very angry that her son had done such a thing.

But in such an occasion, she was not allowed to do anything out of line.

Besides, she had to restrain Melissa.

The upper class was full of seducement, and the reputation was the most important thing.

If Melissa took action right now, she would get a reputation of 'jealous' after tonight, and then she would be in a more difficult situation.

"Mom, I'm fine. It doesn't matter."

Clenching her fists, Melissa stood at the threshold of the lounge and the living room with her stiff feet. Then she slowly relaxed her body, and a thin smile was creeping around the corner of her lips.

'Just because I have a meal with Ryan who just came from abroad, then you do this in front of me on purpose?

It's even in front of everyone!

If it is the humiliation and revenge for me, I will accept it.'

However, Melissa didn't know that she had already spoken out her thoughts unconsciously. Standing next to her, Dora glanced at the absent-minded Melissa.

'Why do the two kids make such a mess? They just begin their marriage.

Wouldn't this bastard son make a compromise?'

The woman with an enchanting face and attractive figure was kissing Charles passionately.

Her bold action surprised those men around them.

"Bastard, what are you doing?" Lambert Ren, Charles's father, who came in a hurry, pulled him away from the woman and questioned him in a thunderous voice.

"Just as what father has seen." Charles took out a clean handkerchief and slowly wiped the liquid from the corner of his mouth. Then the handkerchief was threw to the ground, just like the woman who was pushed away by Lambert Ren.

Without any pity or sympathy.

"Charles..." The woman fell to the ground and sprained her ankle. She felt so painful that she turned to Charles for help.

"Really?" Lambert Ren sneered and looked coldly at the woman who was still wearing a lascivious face.

"Throw her out!" As soon as the emotionless words was finished, the order was executed by the accompanying bodyguards.

"Charles, I..." The woman was ruthlessly dragged out by the bodyguards. Charles put his two fingers on his lips, and a flash of disgust flashed through his cold eyes. A kiss flew towards the woman.

"Charles Ren, you bastard!" As a father, Lambert Ren finally burst into anger and slapped on Charles's face.

There was dead silence for a long time.

"Only this time, father!" Charles looked

at Lambert Ren and said with a sarcastic smile.

However, he clenched his fists in the pockets. Then slowly loosened his hands.

All the noise and whispers were gone after Melissa was taken back to their wedding room by Charles.

Melissa clenched her teeth and didn't loosen her fists.

The buzz around her ears had never been far away, but it was engraved in the bottom of her heart until one day came.

"My dear Mrs. Ren, you don't mind what happened just now, do you?"

With a doting smile on his face, Charles laced Melissa's fingers in his.

If people didn't see Melissa's expression, didn't pay attention to Charles's cold eyes and what he had done, they would think that the two of them were in love.

However, their relationship was far away from what people had seen.

Melissa didn't answer Charles immediately. Instead, she took a small step back and slowly raised her head. She looked at him as if she were looking at a stranger. Then she opened her thin red lips and said, "Of course not."

Having seen the man's nature from the phenomenon, Melissa couldn't be so stupid to think that they would coexist peacefully.

What happened today was like a joke, an elaborately arranged play, which made Melissa realize that she had to pretend in front of this man. She had to be more good at acting than him, and hided all her emotions. Even if she was ashamed of what the man had done, she had to face it with a smile.

No matter what Melissa was thing about, she didn't show it on her face. On the other side, Charles just glanced at Melissa from the corner of his eyes, and then showed a dull smile.

"Since Melly is so well-educated, considerate and gentle, I am sure that you can forgive me for my absence in the following wedding night. Am I right?"

With a gentle smile on his face, Charles pulled Melissa, who was ten centimeters away from him, into his arms. He naturally embraced her, and his lips were close to her ears. Charles seemed to have touched Melissa's earlobes, whispering to her like a couple.

Melissa was stiffened when she was held tightly by Charles. A sense of disgust rose from the bottom of her heart. The impact gave Melissa an illusion that she had a spasm in her stomach.

But she couldn't admit defeat, nor could she show the timid side in front of Charles. She had to be mighty, strong, and answer him with a smile, regardless of anything.

Melissa struggled a little and found that she was held tightly by Charles. Anger flashed in her slightly lowered eyes.

It's just acting, she knew how to act!

"Yes, I can."

At the moment when Charles's lips touched hers, Melissa made a reply. She looked coldly at the approaching perfect face until the shadow covered her. She felt a little bitter in her mouth, followed along with the unique smell of cigarette from the man. Melissa cooperated with him perfectly.

When the kiss was over, all the affections evanished in the air.

Charles looked at Melissa as if he was watching a dead object, "From now on, you can live here. You can't stay outside for night without my permission, let alone bring irrelevant men and women back. If you can't do this, I will make you regret what you have done."

"Besides, I'm a neat freak."

After saying that, Charles walked towards the bathroom in the wedding room. In front of the frosted glass door, a crumpled wet tissue accurately fell into the trash can.

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