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   Chapter 8 I'm Just Mrs. Ren

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Divorce was the only way for Melissa to leave this demon.

"You have no other choice. Just be a good wife." Seeing through everything, Charles sneered, breaking her unrealistic idea.

Since she had offended him, she had to bear the consequences!

The game had just begun. How could it be possible to stop now?

Wasn't she too naive?

The car jolted and Melissa, who was leaning against the door, gradually woke up.

She seemed to have fallen asleep just now and recalled what had happened before the marriage.

Everything seemed to have happened yesterday, which was so unreal.

The strapless dress had been torn into pieces and could barely cover some parts of her body.

Melissa looked out of the window. It was a very beautiful European style villa, which occupied a large area in this extremely expensive district.

When the car stopped, the voice of a middle-aged woman came. Melissa looked up at this woman. It was Helen, the housekeeper of the Ren family.

"Master, Mistress, please get off the car."

Helen had opened the door for Melissa and stood beside the car.

"Thank you." Facing the loyal Helen, Melissa couldn't vent her anger. She thanked her in a gentle tone.

"Melly, I'm the one you should fawn over." Charles got out of the car, walked to Melissa, held her hand and said in a doting voice.

"Really?" Melissa looked into his eyes coldly, with hatred and unyielding in her eyes.

Charles squinted his black eyes and stood face to face with Melissa. His fingers slowly slid from her face to the Adam's apple.

A pair of slender hands encircled Melissa's slim neck at a very slow speed, Charles said with a sneer, "Melly, what qualifications do you have to bargain with me?"

After a pause, he continued, "In my eyes, you are just a wife. Nothing else."

Every word coming out of his sexy thin lips was like a sharp knife scratching Melissa's heart.

"So, you'd better rest your head, just stay at home and be a qualified Mrs. Ren!"

It seemed that Melissa was sentenced to death and status.

Charles didn't show any respect to her in public.

Melissa trembled with anger and gasped for breath.

"Charles, I won't let you get what you want." Melissa shouted at Charles with her eyes wide open.

"Then I'll wait." Charles smiled and moved closer to Melissa. She was instantly surrounded by the fragrance from him.

Then he whispered in Melissa's ear. Tears were rolling in her eyes, but she didn't let them fall.

She hated Charles, but there was nothing she could do.

The Wen family had to rely on him to make a comeback.

If she mean mugged Charles now, the Wen family would be doomed.

So what Charles said was right.

She had no right to be willful.

Her life and the life of the Wen family were all controlled by this devil like man.

Melissa raised her head slightly to restrain the impulse to cry. Then she looked at Charles again.

Looking at his cruel eyes, Melissa said calmly, "As you wish, I'm just Mrs. Ren."


I am just a representative of Mrs. Ren.'

"Well, you are smart enough to see your current situation."

Praise or ridicule? Then his cold and thin lips covered Melissa's.

He was like a king, exerting his power to the servants with all his might.

The irresistible momentum made Melissa have to bear passively.

Melissa closed her eyes and ignored Charles's cold and ruthless eyes. She treated her

self as a puppet doll and did whatever he wanted.

Such a brutal abuse, in the eyes of outsiders, was endless pampering, which made all the women who liked Charles envious and jealous. They wished that they could immediately replace Melissa and kiss with Charles.

However? The truth was not like that.

Melissa felt that the air in her chest was all sucked away, and she was not far from the state of a dead fish.

She began to struggle and push Charles away.

Charles stood firmly like an iron wall.

After a long time, Melissa weakly leaned against Charles's chest. Her cheeks were as red as clouds, and her eyes were blurred and affectionate, as if they were in a state of love.

"My dear wife, let me take you to meet the Ren family." Holding Melissa's waist with one hand, Charles led her into the villa step by step.

Charles's soft voice and intimate action made other women blush again. They even had an illusion that Charles was talking to them, holding their waist.

Melissa had seen the Ren family before. Her best friend Elisabeth was Charles's sister. It was a pity that Elisabeth couldn't come back this time because she was busy. But the wedding gift for Melissa had already been sent back through international express delivery.

All the people gave their best wishes. They all welcomed Melissa to be a member of the Ren family.

Melissa kept thanking them, shuttled with Charles in every corner and made small talks with guests of the Ren family. Unavoidably, she had to drink with them.

When the wedding banquet was about to end, it was already midnight. The guests left one after another.

Melissa and Dora Lin, Charles's mother, were resting in the lounge. She listened to Dora Lin talking about Charles's childhood, the relatives of the Ren family, and the care that Dora Lin had for Melissa.

The feeling was like her own mother's exhilaration. Even if Melissa had never experienced it, she could not help but enjoy it at this moment.

"Melly, now that you have married into the Ren family, you should treat this place as your own home and regard me as your mother." Dora Lin held Melissa's hand and said intimately.

"Mom, I will." Melissa called Dora Lin in a hoarse voice.

"Alas." With a gentle smile on her face, Dora Lin rubbed the back of Melissa's hand.

There was no need to be overhasty, since there was ample time ahead.

Dora Lin watched Melissa grew up, thus she knew this daughter-in-law well. Melissa had a cold and obedient personality, and was also a good friend of her precious daughter. She was very happy to have Melissa married into the Ren family.

Melissa was not like some woman who had a good opinion of herself and thought the whole world revolved around her.

The two of them were cultivating their relationship in the lounge, while the reception room outside was ushered into another wave of climax.

All the guests stayed in the reception room and watched the coquettish woman walking in, twisting her slim waist.

She wore a fiery red evening dress, which set off her fair skin. Her wavy hair was scattered behind her back.

With every step of the woman, her hair swayed like waves.

The woman had a clear goal and walked towards the most shining man on the scene.

"Honey, why didn't you invite me to your wedding today?" The woman said in a charming voice, and her soft body leaned against the man standing there.

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