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   Chapter 7 She Got Married

Love Contract: If I Had Your Love By Gu Mumu Characters: 6834

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Today was Melissa's wedding day, and the most important day in her life!

"Miss Melissa, are you willing to marry Mr. Charles as his wife? Whether he is healthy, sick, poor or rich, you will love him all your life, respect him, take care of him, accept him, be loyal to him forever, never abandon him, until the end of your life?"

Wearing a white wedding dress, Melissa hesitated, "I, Yes I do."

As soon as she finished speaking, there were sounds of relief around. Melissa smiled bitterly in her heart. There was no room for her to turn around. In the end, she still did not get rid of the arrangement of fate.

Then the priest asked the groom Charles again.

"Yes I do." Without any expression on his face, Charles just said these three words lightly.

"Now you can start to exchange rings."

Melissa closed her eyes, took the ring from the bridesmaid and put it on Charles's finger with a trembling hand.

But when Charles was about to put the ring on her finger, she didn't know whether he did it on purpose or not, he put the ring on her index finger first and paused for a while, and then put it on her ring finger.

The people who had been paying attention to them all took a deep breath, but they didn't dare to say anything. Fortunately, the priest announced directly that the groom could kiss the bride, so they can turn over a new leaf.

Melissa would remember that she was married.

Charles was telling her that even if they were married, they were still single.

A gentle kiss, with cold touch, was imprinted in the bottom of Melissa's heart, and also put a perfect end to today's wedding.

After the wedding, Charles drove her back to the villa by Ferrari.

Melissa curled up in the corner of the car and closed her eyes for rest. In the eyes of Charles, it seemed that she was afraid of him.

As soon as Charles parked the car on the side of the road, he stepped directly to the back seat, pushed Melissa down and pressed his body on her at the same time.

Different from the coldness and ruthlessness in the church, which made Melissa a little scared. She stared at the man and asked, "Charles, what do you want to do?"

"Melly, what do you think a couple can do?" Charles asked softly, his fingertips slowly touched her face.

"Let me go." Melissa got goose bumps and struggled to get up because of his action and intimacy.

"Don't move! I can't guarantee what will happen next." Charles ridiculed, making an effort to suppress her.

"Melly, since you proposed this game, you have no right to stop. Only I can stop this game when I'm tired of it." Charles whispered in Melissa's ear.

Melissa felt extremely sad. She regretted what she had done, but she had no choose but to make the deal.

'Daddy's company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Without the investment of Charles, not only the company will be destroyed, but also my family will be destroyed.'

Seeing her glaring at him, Charles felt very happy and wanted to play about with her.

It was this woman who had provoked him fearlessly and then pretended to be lofty. He would take off her mask gradually and let her know what reality was.

Melissa's curvaceous figure stiffened under his deep gaze.

With an evil smile on his face, Charles fixed his eyes on her chest.

Her chest was not very big but with good shape.

The strange sight made Melissa even more scared. She struggled to c

over her chest with her hands and shouted in a trembling voice, "Charles, don't mess around."

Before getting in the car, she had changed into a strapless dress, which showed her curvaceous figure completely.

Charles's gaze was too aggressive, which made Melissa felt more and more uncomfortable.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything reckless. After all, I am a person who abides by the law." His cold words were full of irrefutable aggressiveness, which made Melissa's heart jump to her throat.

'I can't escape in the end?'

She closed her eyes and bit her lips.

She was like a dead fish lying on the chopping block, waiting for a butcher to cut her off.

"Melly, don't be afraid."

"I, Charles Ren, am your legal husband." Charles comforted her with a gentle tone, which didn't match his sarcastic expression.

Melissa kept her mouth shut and didn't make any sound. Her chest heaved more violently, which showed that she was angry and helpless at the moment.

However, all the movements of Charles were like playing the piano, playing the most beautiful and elegant music.

When everything was over, Melissa just stared at the man with her aggrieved and angry eyes.

Her dry lips uttered one word silently -- demon.

"Demon?" Charles drawled this word, his half smiling face revealed the joy of hearing this title. There were playful lights in his eyes, which were filled with coldness and cruelty.

"I just checked whether my benefits were damaged before the wedding night. Is there anything wrong?" He asked Melissa with a smile.

Such a reasonable rhetorical question made Melissa, who was about to scold, choked with sobs.

She felt humiliated and wanted to get rid of this situation immediately.

But the man in front of her wouldn't give her such a chance.

"Charles, I'm your wife..." Melissa, who was on the verge of collapse, said in a hoarse voice.

'Wife?' Charles's eyes turned cold. 'What a ridiculous title.

Is this woman my wife?

Maybe! But so what?'

"As my wife, you stayed in the same room alone with other man after you are engaged. Is this what a wife should do?" Charles's cold voice echoed in the car.

The sound from the hell extinguished Melissa's last hope. At the same time, she felt sad for herself, and the tears in her eyes could not stop.

"However, it's good for you to have a clear estimation of yourself. You keep your chastity. If you don't keep it, then what you will suffer today is not just that."

Regardless of the pain on his shoulder, Charles squinted at the woman biting his shoulder. A hint of rage flashed in his calm eyes and disappeared quickly, as if it had never appeared.

"Melly, you have to remember that I'm your man. Don't let me see any traces of other men on your body, or..."

Charles fondled her soft black hair affectionately, and his fingers shuttled through it until he grasped her hair suddenly and pulled Melissa, who was still biting his shoulder, to a distance that was at the same level with him.

"I don't like wild cats with claws, especially you."

Charles threw away Melissa ruthlessly and went back to the driver's seat to drive.

Melissa felt cold all over.

This cold-blooded, ruthless and brutal man, how on earth did she come to him?

She was very regretful. She didn't want to marry this man. She would rather find another way to help her family than live with a devil.

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