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   Chapter 6 The Elf In The Wedding Dress Shop

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Melissa's eyelashes fluttered up and down like the wings of butterflies, and her grape-like eyes became misty.

"I... I didn't..." Melissa explained powerlessly, her mind was in a mess.

She didn't know what Charles was talking about, and she totally forgot what he had told her a few days ago.

And the confidence that she had finally built up was about to collapse in front of Charles.

"Yes. You didn't." Caressing Melissa's face gently with his finger pulps, Charles said gently.

"Dear Miss Melissa, you just forget that we are going to take wedding photos today." The low laughter was more sweet and numb than what she heard on the phone, but what Charles said made Melissa feel like she was in an ice cellar.

'Today is the day for wedding photos?'

Yes, she remembered that last week, Mr. Ren had told her in person and she agreed.

But what did she do in the end? She even forgot such an important day and made Charles wait for her in the wedding dress shop for a whole day.

Therefore, it was her who caused the man's anger. She should bear it and never complain.

"What? Is silence the gold?"

"Don't try to hide your disapproval by not saying anything, and then completely forget what I said two days ago." Melissa's silence was the last thing that Charles wanted to see. How he wished he could crush her head and see what was inside.

She asked him for help, but she didn't take it seriously after problem solved. Was he too easy-going?

In that case... a cold light flashed through Charles's eyes.

"I'm sorry." Melissa apologized and lowered her head in shame.

She didn't ask for his forgiveness. She was just apologizing for breaking her promise.

She became a person who failed to keep promise.

"If apologies can bring back trust, I will consider it carefully before accepting your apology." Charles took a small step aside to avoid Melissa's apology.

"I..." Melissa bit her lips and looked pale.

"Miss Melissa, I don't have time to listen to your explanation now. Let me remind you. There is less than half an hour before we take the night view wedding photos. Have you decided what to do?"

"You will give up or..." With his left hand in his pocket, Charles stood beside Melissa and handed the watch on his right wrist to Melissa like a demon.

The needle that moved inch by inch was like a nail in the coffin.

The ticking sound kept urging Melissa to make a decision.

Maybe it had been a long time, or maybe it was just a blink of an eye.

Melissa raised her head and said in a hoarse voice, "Go on."

"Now that you have made up your mind, I'll give you another chance. The first room on the left of the second floor, if you can't prepared yourself within half an hour, the wedding photo shooting will be completely over. You won't have a chance to shoot again in the future." After saying that, Charles didn't talk to Melissa anymore. Instead, he read the magazine in the lounge.

Feeling bitter, Melissa walked to the second floor step by step with heavy tread.

She neither have the chance to be willful, nor did she have the right to retreat. She provoked all of this by herself, no one forced her.

And she forgot the time to take wedding photos on purpose. She just wanted to make the last struggle.

"Miss Melissa, the dresser team is waiting for you in the dr

essing room. I'll take you there." With a sweet voice, the receptionist walked up to Melissa and led her into the first room on the left.

The top teams hired with high salary, after receiving the approval of Mr. Ren, were wholeheartedly dressing up the newly appointed hostess of the Ren family.

Melissa was at a loss at the beginning, but now she was numb as a puppet.

Melissa closed her eyes tightly. The makeup artist team kept dressing her up.

About half an hour later, the make-up artist told Melissa to open her eyes.

In front of the large floor mirror, Melissa, dressed in a pink wedding dress, looked at the strange feature in the mirror.

Her half-long hair was combed by the hairdresser into messy bob hair, which made her small face looked more like a budding flower.

Her hair was shaggy, with a small diamond crown decorated on it.

Melissa wore a light make-up, her crystal white skin was decorated with light pink, and her round eyes were blurred with mist. People would think that the woman standing next to the mirror was a beautiful girl from a comic book.

So pure and cute!

"Miss Melissa, you are so beautiful, just like the heroine in the Japanese comic book." The receptionist praised Melissa with her bright eyes, and the makeup artist team beside her echoed.

Although it was a compliment, Melissa didn't want it.

"Thank you. You are very cute, too." Out of politeness, Melissa thanked the receptionist with a smile.

"No, No. miss [文清], please follow me downstairs!" The receptionist blushed and waved her hands. The most important thing was to get right down to business.

The smile of Miss Melissa was really, really like the heroine in the comic book!

Stepping on the wooden spiral staircase, the sound of high-heeled shoes was like a knock on a drum, echoing in the wedding dress shop.

Hearing the sound, Charles raised his head, and a pink, delicate and beautiful figure came into his sight.

Unconsciously, Charles's Adam's apple bobbed a few times. The pink figure, like an elf falling into human world, slowly walked towards him with confusion and ignorance.

Then, an evil smile appeared on Charles's face. He frowned and said with disgust, which stabbed into Melissa's heart like a needle.

"Do you think you are a widow? Why do you put on a long face?"

"If you don't want to take wedding photos or even don't want to get married, you can stop at any time, but..."

Everything was clear without a word. Melissa paused for a moment and walked towards Charles with firmer steps.

"I won't regret. Mr. Charles Ren, don't worry. I will never break my promise." As if declaring war, Melissa raised her head and stared at him with her round eyes to assure Charles.

"Are you sure?" A faint smile flashed across Charles's eyes, and then he raised his eyebrows slightly. His tone was full of suspicion. Apparently, he didn't believe that Melissa could do it.

"I'm sure." Melissa clenched her hands and the nails dug into her palms.

"Well, I will trust you again. I hope the result this time is not disappointing." Charles looked into Melissa's eyes and said word by word.

"Thank you." Melissa bit her lips and promised again.

The following shooting went smoothly. The two of them looked like a perfect couple, which made the people around them envious.

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