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   Chapter 5 His Anger

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Melissa's fingertips slightly bent inward, digging through the wall paper. She felt uneasy all over.

"I don't need your explanation, Miss Melissa. Just remember, if you want to be my wife, you can't cheat on me."

"If I find it again, I will let you know what the meaning of 'cost'." Charles whispered in Melissa's ear in a soft voice, which sounded like a demon's warning.

"I..." She felt bitter in her heart, and the joy of seeing Ryan not long ago also disappeared.

Finally, Melissa nodded.

"Mr. Charles, I will remember it. Don't worry. I won't do anything wrong to you." Melissa leaned back slightly and looked into Charles's eyes calmly.

"Good. You'd better keep your promise." 'Yes it is this look, like a wounded and stubborn little beast, which made it more interesting to play.'

"Don't worry. Just watch!" The aroused desire to win and her grievance made Melissa decide to fight against Charles at this moment.

Maybe she didn't realize that her attitude had changed.

Charles was very satisfied to see Melissa like this. With appreciation in his eyes, he made a comprehensive comment on Melissa in his heart, and then he slowly turned around and left.

However, when he stepped into the shadow again, he stopped.

"My wife must be faithful to me unto death, cannot give me up in half way. I hope Miss Melissa can satisfy me."

"Besides, we'll take wedding photos in two days. You don't need me to remind you again, do you?"

Before Melissa could answer the half smiling question, the sound of strong footsteps faded away until the whole building was silent.

As soon as Charles left, Melissa's courage disappeared like a deflated ball. She leaned against the wall and slowly slid to the ground. Sitting on the cold floor, she looked blankly at the bright house.

Melissa didn't notice what Charles said at all, let alone keep it in mind.

Maybe ten minutes, maybe an hour. When her legs were numb and her body was cold, Melissa finally get back her composure.

She stood up slowly against the wall, moved her weak legs and walked towards the nearest sofa.

It was not until she sat on the sofa that she felt she was still alive.

Making a deal with Charles was undoubtedly a negotiation with the death, begging a chance to survive.

Making an engagement with Charles was handing over her own life to death.

This was the most clear and straightforward understanding that Melissa had at the moment.

'I can no longer turn around. I have to bite the bullet and continue.

The Wen family still need my marriage to pay off all the debts. My exhausted father have to rely on Charles to regain the control of the company.

Therefore, I have to be strong. I have to be optimistic and face everything with smile.'

Melissa forced a smile that was uglier than crying, and the fear in her heart slowly dissipated.

'Tomorrow is another day. For now it is better to take a hot bath and go to bed. Anyway, I will cross the bridge when I come to it. Even if the sky would fall down, the taller will withstand it.

And I, I just marry a man named Charles.'

In the evening, Linan City always looked luxurious and beautiful. Melissa sat in her apartment, leaning against the window and watching the street where people coming and going.

Her mood became peaceful because of the peace, and a faint and elega

nt smile unconsciously appeared at the corners of her mouth.

A gust of wind blew in, and a strand of hair slid down from her face. Melissa drew the strand of hair behind her ear by her slender and good-looking fingers, revealing the round earlobe.

Every move was so careless, but there was a quiet and elegant beauty in it, which was so charming.

All of a sudden, the phone that was put aside kept vibrating like a bomb.

"Hello?" Melissa picked it up without noticing the number.

"Where are you?"

There were only three words from the other end of the phone, but it could be heard that the speaker was full of anger.

"Who are you?" Melissa didn't recognize who it was for a moment. Even if he was angry, his voice was still so magnetic and pleasant, especially when it was transmitted into her ears, she could feel a soft itch.

"Twenty minutes. If you can't make it to the Elyssa Wedding Hall, you'll suffer the consequences, Miss Melissa!" On the other side of the phone, Charles hung up calmly.

On this side of the phone, Melissa finally recognized the voice.

'Twenty minutes? To the Elyssa Wedding Hall?

If I remember correctly, the Elyssa Wedding Hall is located in the downtown area, and my apartment is at the four or five rings away from the downtown. It will take at least forty minutes to get there. How can I get there within twenty minutes? By flying?'

No matter how reluctant Melissa was, she had to change her shoes obediently and headed for the wedding shop.

As soon as Melissa arrived at Elyssa Wedding Hall, she almost got out of the taxi by climbing. The thrilling journey was memorable for a lifetime.

In Elyssa Wedding Hall, crystal lights were as bright as the sun. The people walking inside were exquisitely dressed, which made Melissa, who was wearing a shirt, jeans and canvas shoes, feel ill-adapted and have the tendency to go back.

"Miss Melissa, please tell me in advance if you don't want that leg." The man leaning against the handrail on the second floor said in a half threatening and half sarcastic tone.

He leaned against the white carved railing, wearing a silver suit. Under the light, the silver light flickered like ripples, which made Melissa couldn't help but squint at the man.

Elegant, handsome and indifferent, he was dressed like a prince undoubtedly. However, Melissa saw evil charm on the man, which came from the devil in hell.

For her father's company, for her not to be a mistress of others, Melissa also embarked on the path of trading with devil.

To trade with a devil was undoubtedly to shackle the soul and mark it with a devil's mark.

"Have you seen enough?" Charles walked down the spiral staircase elegantly, slowly and rhythmically.

"I..." Seeing that Charles was approaching her step by step, Melissa felt like her throat was blocked and couldn't make a sound.

"Are you dumb?" Charles walked up to Melissa and gently raised her face with slender fingers.

In Melissa's delicate face, her grape-like round eyes were full of innocence, confusion and fear. She looked into Charles's eyes.

"Miss Melissa, you have the guts to ask me to wait in the wedding dress shop for a whole day. Are you protesting that you don't want to marry me?" Charles got closer to Melissa. He breathed with the fragrance of mint, brushing against her eyelashes.

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