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   Chapter 3 The Marriage Was Settled

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Charles and Melissa were sitting by the window in a pastoral style restaurant. The general ambience practically shouted comfort and class through its soft and warm lighting.

The colorful night sky could be seen refracting in through the window. Several delicious Chinese dishes were laid out in front of them.

The soft and fragrant red date porridge had just arrived and Charles seemed to be in a mood to feed her that.

"Your face is a little pale. Take some red date porridge. It's really healthy." His voice was so gentle when he said that, and the way he looked at her was rather affectionate.

Those who didn't know the story behind their date would think that the duo had been in love for a long time if they could see them now.

Perhaps they were the only humans who knew that they had just started going out today.

"Thank you." Melissa took a bite of the porridge, which was garnished with red dates. The sweet taste eased her nerves and a smile appeared on her face unconsciously.

"Melly, you don't need to thank me for anything. We are a couple now. It's natural for me to love you." Charles leaned forward and looked at her with a gentle smile. His eyes were full of an unlimited quantity of affection

"I..." But a very soft and deep kiss broke her sentence. It was totally different from the violent one they'd had in the office.

'I would be loved in such a marriage, right?

I mean even if I can't see through the man who is kissing me, I would still be loved, wouldn't I? God, I hope I am not making a terrible mistake.'

Melissa was confused.

But very soon, she came to her sense. After they completed their dinner, he sent her back home.

During this entire process, nothing unexpected happened. It was all very calm and reassuring.

But the calm only lasted until the day the wedding was put on the table for discussion.

"Charles, have you really decided to get married?" Mr. Ren, who was the leader of the Ren family and two generations above Charles, sat down at the table. Coincidentally, he was also eating porridge. He asked Charles, who was reading newspaper and sitting right next to him.

"Yes, Grandpa. Isn't it what you've always hoped for?" Turning a page of the newspaper, Charles looked up at Mr. Ren.

"What I've always hoped for?" Mr. Ren was so angry when he heard this that he threw the bowl back on the table.

How dare the young man say that!

"Yes." Charles nodded sincerely, as if he were merely stating the truth like a robot.

"Alright! If you're going to do this, then I want a great-grandson as soon as possible. You hear me?" But in response, Charles's tone was so righteous and firm that Mr. Ren felt his teeth ache. How could the Ren family have such an infuriating grandson?

"Grandpa, if you really do want a great-grandson, then on the 6th of next month, you may attend the wedding!" Charles finished his words simply and left. Mr. Ren was still in a fit of toothache.

'Uh, this old age confounds me! If I were still young, I would never allow this little bastard to be such arrogant' Mr. Ren sighed in his heart.

"Alright, I'll handle your wedding myself." His only grandson was going to get married, so it was impossible for Mr. Ren to let anyone else be in charge. He wasn't going to let even his own son and daughter-in-law get involved. Charles' mother and father would have to sit this one out. At most, he would inform them, and handle everything himself.

Mr. Ren was a decisive old man. Once he made a decision, he would immediately issue the orders for it to be executed. And anyone who didn't follow that order would only suffer.

The next morning during breakfast, the housekeeper of the Wen family dutifully informed of the message she had received. Mr. Ren was coming over!

The entire Wen family went in an uproar when they heard that, especially Mrs. Wen, who somehow became less mean and cruel than her usual self. She had been celebrating and therefore, in a good mood. And now, she began making a fuss out of Melissa.

"Melissa, Charles'

s grandfather is going to be here. Get up and get dressed quickly. Don't make him feel like you don't respect him.

Don't forget to wear a decent and virtuous dress.

You know what, forget it! Let me help you dress up!

I give you so much money every month. Why is there not a single decent dress in this closet?

Forget it. I am getting you a new dress from your sister's room. I bought it yesterday when I went shopping. It's a limited edition! Be careful when you wear it..."

Mrs. Wen kept on talking endlessly. Melissa didn't interrupt her. She was afraid that she would get scolded if she tried to say anything.

"Your appearance is average. It is the dress that fits you well." Mrs. Wen sourly scowled when she studied Melissa after the latter had dressed up. The anger in her had returned when she saw Melissa's smooth and delicate skin, and she was jealous to death.

Fortunately, the woman knew what was more urgent so she didn't want to make things too difficult for Melissa right now, but she did roll her eyes secretly.

As soon as Mrs. Wen went downstairs with Melissa, she heard a hearty laughter come from the living room. In between, a steady and aged voice could also be heard.

"Remember, behave well in there. Don't be a disgrace to the Wen family, otherwise..." Mrs. Wen didn't finish her words, but Melissa could understand what her mother meant. Her heart sank. Then she nodded.

'The Ren family? They are going to be the sugar daddy of the Wen family now. How can I offend them?

I can't and won't flatter them, but what I can do is to try my best to play my role.'

Sitting at the head of the table, Mr. Ren afforded Melissa a single cursory glance. She was wearing a floral dress and looked beautiful. Even Mr. Ren's serious face went soft.

"You are Melissa, right?" When Mr. Ren had first seen Melissa's photo, he had the feeling that Melissa and his grandson would be a perfect match. Now meeting this girl in person made him realize how much his grandson needed to be with this woman instead of that crazy woman...

Disgust and hatred flashed through Mr. Ren's eyes. If it hadn't been for that stupid woman, his grandson would have been in a much better place than now!

"Yes, my name is Melissa. It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Ren." Melissa kept her head down and didn't look at Mr. Ren until she was directly in front of him.

'She is neither overbearing nor servile. With some training, she can become quite a bit of a qualified hostess.'

Mr. Ren couldn't help nodding secretly. His bastard grandson had finally found a good taste.

"Melissa, if you are willing to marry Charles, you two need to get along well in the future. No matter what difficulties you two encounter, a good couple always overcomes troubles together. Can you do that?" On one hand, Mr. Ren was here to discuss about the marriage, and on the other hand, he was also giving an indirect warning, especially to some people of the Wen family. That was evident from the way he glanced at the family members sharply.

"Yes, I can, Mr. Ren." Her mother was winking at Melissa rather quickly. Melissa's father, Vincent Wen, looked guilty and expectant. As for her brother and sister, one was just sitting there with a poker face and seemed alienated from her, and the other was in a fit of jealous rage.

"Alright. You two will get married on the 6th of next month. Next Monday, you and Charles should go to the Elyssa Wedding Hall. I'll arrange for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Time is limited now but I will try my best for you." Mr. Ren stood up and promised Melissa.

"Thank you, Mr. Ren." Melissa didn't know how else to express her thanks.

It had been only a few days since she had made the decision and now, the marriage was settled.

Melissa's world had undergone some rather strange and huge changes.

Mr. Ren left after getting the result he wanted. The Wen family went into an instant uproar once again, but Melissa felt like a stranger who didn't fit in here anymore. Not that she had ever fit in here before!

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