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   Chapter 2 Consent To His Request

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In response to her request on the phone, the insulting and threatening words of Cory arrived non-stop and made Melissa's eyes wet again. Tears began to fall down from the corners of her eyes.

"Fuck off!"

Charles suddenly grabbed Melissa's phone and roared at whoever was on the other end in a gloomy tone. He then promptly smashed the phone against the wall, dismembering it into pieces.

"Miss Melissa, I underestimated you. On one hand, you have come to me with the utmost sincerity, but on the other hand, you colluded with Cory from the GM Group. Did you come to me as a backup plan?" Charles suddenly asked in a cold voice.

Tears kept on falling down Melissa's face. She was at a loss and had no idea what had just happened. Why was Charles so angry with her?

"No, it's not like that." Melissa didn't know how to explain it, so she could only step back in fear.

Facing a furious Charles, she felt flustered and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

However, as soon as she took that step, Charles grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms.

"Why are you so afraid of me, Miss Melissa?

I am not going to eat you up now, am I?" Charles leaned against Melissa's ear and asked. His suddenly gentle voice was totally different from the gloomy tone that she had heard just now.

"No, no, I'm not afraid of you. Not like that." Melissa denied the claim, shaking her head rapidly, with her hands pressed against Charles's chest.

"If you are not afraid, why did you want to leave?" His voice was still low and pleasant, like the soothing echo of a violin, reverberating around in the office and touching her heart.

"I..." Hearing such a pleasant voice, Melissa forgot what she was going to say. She flushed and her eyes became somewhat blurred.

"My good girl, I can help you, but you have to promise me one thing. One thing totally within your ability. What do you say?" Like Wolf Grandma who had tried to seduce Little Red Riding Hood, Charles slowly put out the bait in front of Melissa.

"What... What is it?" Joy flashed through Melissa's heart. 'He is going to help me...

But why do I feel so unreal?'

"Well. Let me think about it. Wait a moment." Charles then slowly reached out and raised Melissa's chin with two of his fingers. Her lips were only a mere centimeter away from his.

"Have some dessert first. Then I'll tell you." A soft and passionate kiss, planted with extreme affection on her lips, brought the ignorant girl who was still hazy about the concepts of love into a whirlpool of emotions.

'This is my first kiss. How can it be...'

At first, she was struggling, but as the air in her mouth became thinner and thinner, her mind became muddled. Then, her hands unconsciously wrapped themselves around Charles's neck to support her falling body.

The sweet feeling of being kissed so passionately spread in Melissa's heart. It was the kind of feeling that was immediately addictive to whoever tasted it.

The kiss lasted so long that Melissa almost fainted in Charles's arms.

Finally, he let go of her after seeing that she was out of breath. He then held her in his arms and sat her down on the sofa.

But he was still holding her in his hands. They looked like a couple who had been in love for a long time now. His fingers ran through her half long hair softly, twisting, and a doting smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Then he whispered his request in her ear.

"What did you say?" Her hands resting on Charles's chest, Melissa couldn't help but scream out softly. The blush on her face caused by the passionate kiss was quickly replaced by pale spots.

"Sorry, can you say it again?" Melissa was afraid

that she had misheard. She couldn't believe that Charles would make such a request in return for agreeing to help her.

'Marry Charles?

My background, history, knowledge, nothing I have is good enough for him.

How can he make such a request? It must be an illusion.

Yes, it is just an illusion.'

Melissa assured herself and stood up hurriedly from the sofa.

'Oh my God! What happened to me just now?

Everything has become a mess. It shouldn't be like this!'

"Is it so difficult to marry me, Miss Melissa? Or did you take it for granted that I would help your family for nothing in return?" There was a flicker of anger in Charles's eyes all of a sudden. He fixed his deep black eyes on Melissa. She could see the anger and her own reflection in his eyes.

"No, it's not like that. I didn't mean it that way." Melissa shook her head desperately.

"I thought that I would only need to work in the Ren Group to pay back my debt. If everything else fails..." Melissa bit her lips tightly. She couldn't speak out the remaining words.

Charles burst out laughing, which made Melissa's heart tremble.

"So turns out that Miss Melissa regards me as someone like Cory. Did I overestimate myself? Or can it be that I overestimated Miss Melissa's character?"

Charles stood up and walked towards Melissa with heavy steps, forcing her to back down into a corner. He grabbed her chin as saying, "Miss Melissa, listen carefully. I'm short of a wife now. And that is all I am short of! I have a lot of lovers, so I don't need you to be my mistress.

It's up to you to decide if you want my help. In any case, it's not my company that will go bankrupt." Charles let go of her and strode back to his desk. He then turned his attention towards the table full of documents, writing down something swiftly. He didn't even look at Melissa anymore.

A dull pain arose in her chin now, but it was not as painful as what she was feeling in her heart.

She had humiliated herself right now!

If she had consented to Charles's request, the Wen Group would be saved. But the problem was, Melissa couldn't take such a big step just like that!

She felt so humble in front of Charles.

Even when she were hugged and kissed by him, it was like a dream and it felt totally unreal.

Marrying him would feel even more unrealistic.

Charles was like the king of Ancheng City. How could a woman as insignificant as her deserve the to be his wife?

"You want us to get married?" Melissa repeated with a pale face.

"Only then can I save the Wen Group?" She walked towards Charles's desk and sadly repeated what he had said.

"It's up to you, Miss Melissa." After signing some pieces of paper, Charles put the pen back in his suit pocket and took a meaningful look at Melissa.

'It's up to me?

But I have no choice here at all.' She thought to herself,

'The Wen Group is on the verge of bankruptcy. Mom is forcing me to be the mistress of Cory, and the road of retreat has already been blocked.'

The reality and the direness of the situation made Melissa lower her head and choose the most advantageous option she had.

"Alright. I, I accept. I will be your wife." Melissa raised her head and looked at Charles firmly, though her voice didn't sound as sure.

"Good! You really are a good wife. I appreciate Miss Melissa's guts the most." Charles stood up, clapped his hands and came towards her with a warm smile.

"To celebrate our engagement, I'll treat you to a dinner tonight and we can get to know each other too. What do you think?" Charles asked her politely.

The die was already cast. Melissa could never refute Charles's decision now, so she nodded.

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