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   Chapter 143 Bad Times Make Me Strong When Waiting For Someone Who Can See My Potential

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When Anya opened the door, she looked obviously tired.

Her blurred and doubtful eyes were under the thick black frame of eyeglasses. "May I ask who you are looking for?"

Sharon smiled kindly. "Excuse me, are you Anya?"

"I am! Who are you?"

Anya wasn't an outgoing person, so her friends were limited.

The outstanding young couple in front of her made her feel strange but also attracted her attention.

She would definitely choose them to be the hero and heroine of her next novel.

Seeing that she was alerted, Sharon still smiled and said, "Professor Douglas told us your address."

"Professor Douglas!" Anya's expression suddenly changed and her attitude became very sincere. "Come in, we can have a talk!"

"Thank you!" As Sharon spoke, she looked at Richie and said, "Let's go!"

Her room was a little messy. The computer, the desk and the food were all mixed together.

It was a woman who seldom left her home.

On her desk, there were many thick notebooks and printed A4 papers. The desk was covered with all kinds of refills of different colors.

When she saw a plush toy lying quietly on the sofa, Sharon couldn't help smiling.

It was said that every girl had a princess dream in her heart.

It was true!

Turning around, she found that Richie was reading the draft carefully with an unreadable expression.

Anya brought two glasses of water. After taking them, Sharon started the conversation in a seemingly plain way, "I heard that you are an online novel writer. Did you write all these?"

"I'm just an ordinary author. Not even a writer!" Looking at the pile of abandoned drafts, Anya felt sad.

"These are all the drafts I wrote in the past few years! Some of them had been posted online before, but I don't have many readers! The small amount of manuscript earned every day is not enough for me to pay for water, electricity and living expenses!"

"Why didn't you send it to the press?"

"Press? I've sent my draft to the press. When it was published, the author was changed into another person!"

"How could it be?" Sharon was surprised. Richie also looked away and glanced at Anya.

Anya pushed her glasses and smiled bitterly, "How could it be impossible? Now that the press doesn't have conscience. As long as there is profit, they don't care about moral arguments!"

"You once had a lawsuit?" Richie, who hadn't spoken for a long time, suddenly said.

Anya nodded, "Yes! It happened three years ago! The draft I sent to the press has been published, but they signed someone else's name on it instead of mine! I was not reconciled, so I sued the press! Even if I can't get what I want, I will never let others use what belongs to me to make money! I can't bear such a situation!"

"But in the end, I lost it because of insufficient evidence!"

"What about your parents? Do they support you?"

"I don't have parents. I grew up in an orphanage. When I grow up, I live alone."

The atmosphere suddenly froze!

Sharon lo

ass all over the mountain with depression and loneliness in the early winter.

She hadn't come back for many years. She almost forgot where her home was?

Carrying her suitcase, Sharon walked carefully on the soil that could only support one person.

The cloth shoes she bought for this reduced a lot of burden for her.

There were mountains around and no one could be seen at all. Except for the sound of the wind and the smell of grass, there was nothing. There was a faint sense of coldness.

After walking for more than 20 minutes, a two-story wooden house came into her view.

She suddenly stopped.

Standing in the middle of the farmland, Sharon looked at the wooden house and felt extremely sad for things had changed a lot. Tears were rolling in her eyes, but she forced them back.

There was a heavy bronze lock on the door of the wooden house.

Sharon put down her suitcase and squatted down. She dug the thick soil with her hand until she took out the key hidden in it and smoothly opened the door.

The sound was like a heavy melody, sobbing heavily.

When she stepped into the living room, Sharon looked around and saw a table, a chair, a bowl and a basin. Except for the thick dust, everything was the same as when she left!

However, things were still the same while her family has gone!

Tears finally fell down from her eyes!

After a while, she changed her clothes and dressed simply like a practical rural girl.

She wiped the things in the room clean and sorted them neat by herself.

In the evening, Sharon changed her dirty clothes. Dressed in fashionable and neat clothes and combed her hair in a very comfortable way, she took out a bunch of chrysanthemums she bought from the downtown and walked step by step towards the lonely tomb not far away from the house in the setting sun.

She slowly crouched down and touched the cold stone tablet sentimentally with her fingers. Her voice was hoarse and dejected. "Dad, I'm back! How are you?"

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