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   Chapter 142 Being Anxious

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The next day.

The warm sunshine, the warm earth and the warm wind made her feel very comfortable.

After breakfast, Richie got a bike from somewhere. The appearance of him immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Sharon was stunned and said, "Boss, what are you doing?"

"Get in the car!" Then Richie added, "If we don't come up now, the clients will run away!"

"Client?" Sharon thought she had misheard. Who went to see a client by bike?

She quickly jumped onto the back seat of his bike and grabbed the edge of the seat with both hands. Then they drove away.

On the road, many cars flew past the two people quickly, splashing invisible dust.

She looked around and stared at every corner of the city.

Her wine red curly hair was blowing casually, and the tip of her nose was full of his breath, making her feel very absent-minded.

Her original intention was to return to the starting point, but he was right in front of her, moving all the time. What should she do?

The ticking sound interrupted her thoughts.

The bike stopped in front of a rather chic courtyard with two-storied high.

After looking around, Sharon got off the bike and looked around carefully.

"Let's go!"

"But we didn't bring anything!"

"You don't need to take anything!"

"Ah!" Sharon was stunned again. Seeing that Richie had walked a few steps forward, she caught up with him. She was always curious about where she was?

They arrived at the second floor. In the empty corridor, a door with the word "Fu" on it was eye-catching among the doors.

Richie stopped there and knocked on the door. A few seconds later, the door opened!

An old man in his fifties, with grey hair and high spirit, appeared in front of the two people. With a pleasant expression on his face, he said, "You're here!"

"Professor!" said Richie seriously.

The call made Sharon feel something different!

After entering the room, she looked around carefully. The room was not big, but it was full of all kinds of things. The room was very clean and the light was very good.

The old man poured hot water for the two of them one by one, and then sat down on the next seat. He looked at Sharon kindly and asked in a very gentle tone, "Miss, what's your name?"

"Hello, professor. I'm Sharon Fang, Richie's secretary!"

"Secretary!" Professor Luo nodded, glanced at Richie and smiled.

Richie didn't explain, but explained to Sharon, "This is the famous professor Douglas in history."

Sharon was too shocked to say a word!

Douglas Luo was a familiar name to her.

He was a very famous person in the country, proficient in the seven languages and specialized in studying history. At the beginning of the last century, he had worked for the highest school in the country. Later, he was called honorary teacher and enjoyed the highest level of national allowance for the rest of hi

y!" Sharon hung up the phone and smiled.

Cathy, you finally find your own happiness, don't you?

Her heart was mixed with unspeakable melancholy and disappointment.

Now that Cathy had found her true love, what about her?

She turned around and looked at the back of Richie, who was reading a magazine. She smiled bitterly.

Well, if she can't accept the moral test of her heart, then don't expect her emotions and love that don't belong to her anymore!

After returning to her seat, Richie asked, "What's wrong with Cathy again?"

"She is in love!"

"Is she so excited just because of this? It's not like her style!"

"That's different!" Sharon knew this time was different from before.

Cathy had put a lot of thought into Samuel.

From the moment when the man called Samuel appeared in her life, Cathy had become full of vitality and too many fresh colors.

When they first knew each other, she had gone to the place where Samuel worked just to get close to him and let him remember her existence. Later, a series of things happened in the process of pursuing Samuel, and she made a lot of jokes about it!

Now, almost half a year had passed, and the two of them had finally confirmed their relationship.

Of course, Richie didn't know this, and he didn't need to know either!

Sharon stirred the lemonade in front of her. The ripples on the surface of the water were like ripples in her heart, which were difficult to calm down, but could only suppress everything in her heart.

When she raised her head, she saw a girl in white appearing at the door of Anya's house. Sharon reached out her hand and motioned for Richie to look, "She's back!"

Richie took a look and saw her push the door open.

He put down the magazine calmly, stood up slowly, paid the bill unhurriedly and walked steadily.

Seeing that he was not in a hurry at all, Sharon calmed down no matter how anxious she was!

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