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   Chapter 141 Relaxing Ordinary Relationship

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During the dinner, Sharon couldn't help asking, "Do you think he will call you?"

Richie said in an elegant and calm voice, "If he has the intentions and takes action, he will choose!" "No one can ask anyone to do anything."

Sharon kept silent. It was true!

He had to seize the opportunity by himself. If he didn't seize it, no matter how many chances he had, it was useless!

After dinner, Sharon planned to take a walk around and have a look. She didn't want to spend such a beautiful night in such a cold hotel.

Seeing that she was in a good mood, Richie followed her.

The relationship between them seemed to be just an ordinary relationship between boss and subordinate!

During the walk, even if the two people walked together, they didn't talk much, let alone physical contact!

The hustle and bustle of the city was the unique charm of this city.

Even a quiet walk was enough to make people feel relaxed.

Near ten o'clock, Sharon finally felt tired and said she wanted to go back.

When they passed a small bar, an accident happened all of a sudden.

A bottle of wine was suddenly thrown down from the window of the second floor. Seeing that it was about to smash into Sharon's mind, Richie pushed her away at the critical moment, but was inevitably hit on his back neck by the bottle. The piercing pain made him groan, and then with a crisp bang, the bottle fell to the ground and broke ruthlessly.

Sharon ran to him in a hurry and asked anxiously, "Did you get hurt?"

Holding back the discomfort, Richie looked at her with a relieved look.

Hearing that, Sharon breathed a sigh of relief, but her eyes were particularly complicated. "Why do you push me away?"

"It's just my instinct!" Richie smiled bitterly and didn't explain too much.

Sharon's eyes dimmed, and she tightened her hands slightly. She asked herself to calm down again and again! Don't think too much, don't flatter yourself……

The repeated self-hypnosis gradually calmed her disordered heart down. She shouted upwards, "Who is throwing the bottle randomly?" "Do you know you hurt others?"

Her voice was loud, with a rare sharpness, and a bit of intention to give someone a lesson.

A figure appeared in front of the window, drunk. His tone was very impatient and very angry. "Who is shouting?" "Are you disturbing me?"

Seeing him like this, Sharon no longer doubted. She frowned slightly, "Did you throw the bottle just now?"

However, the man on the other end of the line sounded even angrier without any guilt. "So what if I threw it?"

"Didn't you check if anyone was there when you threw it?" It's very dangerous. Don't you know it will hurt people? "I want you to come down and apologize right now!"

Since Sharon was an outsider, she spoke Mandarin!

And in this season of travel, when the local people heard that it was spoken Mandarin, they would automatically regarded them as an outsider.

While the outsiders were much easier to deal with than the local!

Obviously, the drunkard knew that. His attitude was dignified and he didn't feel guilty at all. "Nonsense!" "It's you who are blind and want to stand under the bottle. What does it have to do with me?"

"You're being unreasonable!" "You've gone to

t do you think?"

At the other end of the line, the drunkard gave Scott a hard push, with a lot of anger on his face. "You bastard, are you crazy?" It was their fault! Why do they come to hospital? "It's me who should go to the hospital. My hand was broken by this man. It's still painful!"

Scott's face darkened and he didn't have time to say anything.

On the other end of the line, Richie laughed in anger, "So, you mean I have to pay you the medical fees, right?"

The drunkard was stunned and nodded. "Yes!" "That's it!"

"Then how much do you want?"

"Not much!" "Two thousand is enough!"

"Shut up!" Don't you feel ashamed enough? Can you say one more word? "Believe it or not, I will cut off your source of life!"

But that sentence finally made the drunkard shut up reluctantly!

Scott's stiff face slightly turned better, but his eyes were very firm. "Sir, let me take you to the hospital to check the wound!" "I will pay for the medical fees and compensation fees!"

"No, thanks!" "We can do it ourselves!" Sharon shook her head.

Scott's face darkened, but Richie said, "Then let's go!"

With Sharon's mouth wide open, she wondered what was going on.

Seeing the relaxed expression on Scott's face, she understood immediately.

For any man, self-esteem and dignity were more important than anything else.

The three of them registered in the nearest hospital and checked the situation. After the doctor confirmed that there was nothing wrong, the doctor just stressed that his neck should not move too much these two days!

Sharon and Scott felt relieved!

But to the people involved, there was no expression on his face, which was too plain.

Scott's original intention was to compensate, but he was refused!

When they parted, Richie looked at him and said expressionlessly, "Our agreement is still valid!" You are you, and your father is your father. We are clear on this point! "Besides, you should be more helpless when you meet such an irresponsible family!"

Richie's understatement shocked Scott and made Sharon's heart ache.

Was he talking about the others or himself!

Did Jacob really not like him?

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