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   Chapter 140 Business Trip A Disguised Date

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In T city.

It was a place where the weather was always mild as if spring remained in the city all the time.

The style of the city was antique with bustling modern asphalt roads, ancient alleys of Republic of China period and courtyards with bridges and rivers nearby.

In the clear stream, fish were wandering freely. Birds were resting leisurely on the treetops. It was a very suitable place to live and rest.

At dusk.

In comfortable beige casual clothes, Richie appeared in the famous small alley of T city. He looked leisurely and was in a good mood.

Behind him, Sharon was in a blue striped dress and wore beige flat shoes. Her beautiful and elegant appearance attracted many men's attention.

On the slate bridge, a couple were taking photos intimately. Their smiles were as bright as sunshine and their eyes were full of affection.

Sharon couldn't help but feel a little envious and left.

She looked at the back not far away with a very complicated expression on her face.

There were only two people on this business trip. It was more like a unique trip.

However, she didn't want to be sentimental anymore, lest it would hurt her body and make her sad.

Keeping a safe distance was the only way for them to get along.

Under the stone arch bridge, beside the stream, a man in green with long hair attracted Sharon's attention.

In her impression, only those who specialized in art would have long hair.

After taking a look, Sharon stopped and looked at him curiously.

There was a 2B pencil between his slender and thin fingers. He was quickly sketching the beautiful scene at dusk on the white board under his hand. The scene was very eye-catching.

She was very excited to see him drawing the scene in front of her into an album bit by bit and colored it with different colors. She felt as if she had witnessed something very amazing.

After the painting was finished, the young man next to her put away his pen and turned his head naturally, silently staring at the stranger standing beside him.

At that moment, she saw his face.

Her first impression was that he was melancholy, and then too thin.

He had a regular facial features and a thin face as if he had been lack of nutrition for a long time. His skin was dark and his eyes were dark and cold under the thick eyebrows. It seemed that everything was not a big deal in his eyes and nothing could affect his emotions.

However, it gave people an illusion that he had an old soul.

Sharon was shocked by such a pair of eyes. He looked quite young. How could he have such old and heavy eyes?

"Do you want me to draw you a portrait?" His voice was melodious and deep like a jar of old wine, which was intoxicating and fragrant.

"Oh, no, I just passed by," said Sharon instinctively.

He was not disappointed at all. It seemed that what he said just now was just a casual question.

Seeing this, Sharon coughed and asked sincerel

is. He was not lying.

She suddenly remembered him decorating the house. Did his major have anything to do with art?

The young man looked at his work carefully and fell into silence.

Sharon was nervous. Would he suddenly burst into a quarrel?

It felt as if a century had passed.

Sharon heard the young man's murmur, "No wonder I always feel dissatisfied with my painting. It turns out that the spirit of painting you mentioned is missing!"

"It's not too late for you to understand now!" Seeing that he was not angry at all, Richie had a different opinion of him. Finally, he said to him, "With your skills, you need to work harder to achieve something!"

"Thank you!" He looked at Richie with gratitude in his eyes.

"My name is Scott! Have you also learned arts?"

"No! I've learned a little, but I'm not professional!"

"Are you a freelancer?"

"Sort of!" Scott smiled with self-mockery. His obscure thoughts made people feel sad.

"I want to ask you, what's your pursuit for your work?"

"What kind of pursuit can I have? Of course I want to be the expert of my field!"

"To be honest, it's hard for you to achieve anything by painting here alone even if you spend many years! Unless you are willing to go to a broader world!"

"A broader world?"

"Yes! I suppose your skills are above average, but they are not enough for you to become an expert!" "However, gold will always shine!" Said Richie meaningfully. If you want to fulfill your dream, you can call this person! Maybe he can help you!"

As he spoke, he took out a business card from his sleeve, which reflected golden lights even in the night.

Sharon was surprised when she saw it.

Taking the card with both his hands, Scott looked at the name on it and murmured, "Richie from Xinyu Media Co., Ltd!"

"Yes! If you have made up your mind, just call the number! If you don't want to, just hide yourself!"

After saying that, Richie glanced at Sharon and left.

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