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   Chapter 139 Resolve Dispelling Suspicion

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"There is no doubt that he is my boss!"

Sharon added calmly, which dispelled the last doubt of the three people.

"Wow, it suddenly occurred to me that last time the assistant Clark said that to us! He said at that time that our CEO was as powerful as the CEO of the Ye Group! "It turns out to be the appearance of the two!"

"Secretary Qin is so eloquent. Why doesn't he just make it clear?"

"What do you know? It is mysterious!"

There was some uncertainty in Bain's eyes. "Have you been on a business trip with him these days?"

Sharon nodded, "Not really!" Sometimes he was too busy to show up! "He sent me e-mails most of the time, and I'll complete the task according to his instructions."

"Damn it!" They couldn't figure it out! "He is a low-key person!"

"Why do I feel that it's different from what the media said?" Celia murmured.

Sharon said, "It's normal." We are all from the entertainment media. "Sometimes, in order to sell products, you will do something ambiguous. Some people who don't know the truth generally believe it!"

"Sharon, you see it through!"

"Maybe it's because I have more contact with him!"

"You are right!" "You are the Secretary of the president, so you know more about him!" Celia shrugged and rolled her eyes. She looked at the two male colleagues present and sighed, "I thought you two were the most handsome people in our company, but I didn't expect that our CEO would be more handsome than you!"

Shaw cast a scornful glance at Celia and said coldly, "It's a pity that he belongs to Linda!" Stop thinking about it! "We can't be compared with him!"

The expression on Sharon's face froze for a second. She felt a sharp pain in her heart and her breath became heavy!

Celia got furious and glared at him, "Shut up!" If you don't speak, no one will regard you as a mute!"

"I hit the nail on the head. Are you speechless?"

"You……" "I will beat you!" Celia yelled at Shaw and gave him a hard kick. Shaw was shocked and looked at Celia, "Bitch, you must be a man in your previous life!" You should have a fighting with people! "Both of you are women. Sharon is gentle and generous, why are you so different?"

Was it she was shot while lying on the bed?

Speechless, Sharon and Bain looked at and smiled each other.

They would be together sooner or later.

After dinner, the four of them made an appointment to go for a walk nearby to digest.

When they approached the park nearby, a beautiful and ethereal female voice came from the distance.

"I was sentenced to lifelong loneliness by love. I didn't fight back or let go." "I can't finish drawing circles with my pen. It's you who fill my heart... "

The lyrics seemed to hit the softest part of Sharon's heart!

The piercing pain made her limbs numb and she didn't know what to do.

The three people next to her didn't notice anything unusual. Sharon quickly looked away and ran into a

" "Just do what you should do!"

"Secretary Fang, Secretary Qin, you two go to my office with me!"

Sharon breathed a sigh of relief, ignoring the sense of loss in her heart, and said official, "Yes, sir!"

They took the exclusive elevator all the way up. In the narrow elevator space, Richie, Sharon and Clark stood in one position respectively.

The atmosphere was dull and no one spoke!

Sharon lowered her head and didn't dare to look at his back. She didn't want to sink into that kind of inexplicable fear, nor did she want to let her heart sink again.

Richie's eyes were always frivolous, but only people who were familiar with him knew that there was not much smile in his eyes.

The three of them entered the CEO's office one after another, while Sharon just stood on the side to keep a certain distance from him.

Her behavior made Richie crueler.

He stood in front of his desk and said to Clark, "Go and bring the documents I need to sign recently!" "And book two flight tickets to T city this afternoon!"

Without asking anything, Clark nodded and said, "Yes, sir!"

Richie looked at Sharon and said indifferently, "Get ready. Follow me to T city!"

Sharon's heart trembled slightly, and she refused instinctively, "President, can I not go?"

The expression on Richie's face darkened in an instant, and his eyes became sharper. "Give me a reason!"

"I... I'm not feeling well!"

Richie waved his hand to let Clark go downstairs to book the ticket. Finally, he said to Sharon, "Do you think you can make me believe you with such an excuse?" "How could I not know whether you are feeling well or not?"


"What do you think I'm going to do to you? I asked you to go there just for business!" "As you said, I'm the president and you're the secretary. Can you object to the order of the president?"

"If you avoid me like this, I will think that you are not separating public from private interests!"

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