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   Chapter 138 Guess Richie Ignored

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"If he really bowed to me, he wouldn't have mocked me on the phone!"

"It should be normal for Terrell to have such a reaction!"

"When he invited you, he must have thought that you would agree!" "As a result, you directly refused him, which made him very unacceptable. So he was angry!"

"But the anger should not be aimed at you, but at himself!"

"What's the reason?" Isabel asked in disbelief.

"Because he put himself in a passive position!" "He knows you are angry, but he can't really force you to do anything, especially when he knows you are still angry with him!"

"That makes sense!"

"You need to figure it out by yourself!"

"There are many kinds of men in the world. Some men seem lazy, but they are affectionate; some men seem cold, but in fact they are faithful!" Maybe a cold man didn't know how to be romantic or gentle, but there was another advantage. He was a neat freak in love! "In other words, when there is a woman beside him, the mental cleanliness will control his behavior invisibly, let alone flirt with other women. It should be a lucky thing for a woman!"

With a spoon in her mouth, Isabel thought about it seriously and said, "It seems to be true!"

She had been with Terrell for a long time, but she had never seen him flirt with other women. Sometimes, even those women with evil intentions would feel ashamed and slip away by Terrell's words.

"Maybe you can ask yourself if you are the only one for him."

"A man gave you his only love and the qualifications to stand by his side, which is enough to prove that he is serious about you and wants to live with you for the rest of his life!"

The narrow space became particularly silent in an instant.

The two of them fell into a state of silence, and neither of them went to disturb each other!

After a while, Isabel said carefully, "What do you think I should do now, Sharon?" Just now, I hung up his phone in a domineering manner! "What he hates most is that someone cut off the phone before he finishes his words!"

"You can take the initiative to call him"

"No way!" Isabel shook her head excitedly and said in a low voice, "Don't you think I'm too spineless!" "If there is a quarrel in the future, will I apologize first?"

"Few people won't quarrel with each other!" You are in a normal relationship. It doesn't matter who bows first! "Sometimes the one who bows first is the one who loves the other most!"

"You can also leave him alone for a few days!" But he doesn't feel well even if you are angry. Why do you do that! "You both love each other. I'm sure you don't want to see each other sad!"

"Will he refuse to eat again?"

She had been stubborn just now, but now she felt sorry for him!

Isabel, you are cute so much!

Sharon said, "Isn't it easy?" "You just need to give him a bag for dinner and t

Sharon found that it was an entertainment program.

Her eyes froze for a moment, and then she continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

However, many things could not be solved by escape!

She was always afraid of something!

When the entertainment host talked about Linda, he inevitably mentioned the relationship between her and Richie!

Without knowing it, Celia looked at the photo of Richie and exclaimed, "What a handsome man!" "He is Linda's boyfriend. That's great!"

"He is from a rich family. I don't think they will accept a daughter-in-law from the entertainment circle!"

"Not necessarily!" Their parents had passed away since childhood. It was their grandfather who brought them up! "But most people know that Mr. Ye likes Bryan more and doesn't pay much attention to Richie!"

Watching TV, Shaw talked about the gossip news she had heard from her relatives a few years ago.

Celia screamed and said in astonishment, "Really?"

"Don't be so surprised!" Shaw shrugged her shoulders and Celia swallowed her saliva. "These two people look the same. Why are they treated so differently?"

"There are many speculations outside. One is the CEO of a multinational group with excellent ability, and the other is a playboy with a good reputation. The huge difference between them is obvious!" "What's more, what he has done over the years has proved everyone's thoughts!"

"So you mean he is just a useless idiot?"

"Richie is not that kind of person!"

Sharon could not eat any more and retorted lightly.

No matter what happened between her and Richie, she couldn't accept that someone spoke ill of him in front of her!

Bain looked at her differently and asked, "Do you know him?"

"Yes!" Sharon nodded and said, "Because Richie is the CEO of our company!"

"What?" Everyone said in one voice, and their faces could not hide their astonishment.

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