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   Chapter 137 Being Clumsy

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At the LMX Restaurant.

Sharon walked to a room and smiled at the people inside, "Isabel."

Isabel, who was playing with her phone, looked up at Sharon and said, "Here you are, Sharon!"

She closed the door and kept everything out of her heart.

"Have you been waiting for a long time?" "I'm sorry that I was delayed in the company just now!"

"It's okay. I just arrived!" Isabel was very easy-going and asked with concern, "How are you?" Are you okay! "You insist on leaving the hospital. I don't know what to do."

"It's all right. You don't have to worry about it!"

"What's more, staying in the hospital for a long time makes people feel more uncomfortable!"

"Anyway, if you feel uncomfortable, please contact me as soon as possible, okay?" I will pay for the medical expenses! "If I didn't drive in a hurry that day, I wouldn't have hurt you!"

On the day when Linda was injured and hospitalized, Sharon was in a bad mood all the way because she couldn't see Richie at the airport.

Carrying her luggage alone, she walked on the street in a daze. Unexpectedly, she was frightened by Isabel, who was not good at driving. Her instinct for survival made her jump to an empty place nearby.

Unfortunately, someone threw some broken glass on the ground, and Sharon was injured unexpectedly. Her hands, feet and body were all hurt by the glass.

At that time, she was bleeding a lot and her clothes were dyed red.

Isabel hurriedly got off the car and rushed over. When she saw Sharon on the ground, her face turned pale with fear.

In a panic, she sent her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

In the middle of the night, after all the broken glass pieces were finally handled, Sharon was exhausted.

The doctor advised her to be hospitalized for observation to prevent inflammation and scars.

Hearing the doctor's words, Isabel immediately insisted that Sharon should stay in the hospital.

There shouldn't be any scars on a woman's body, otherwise…… The consequence would be more serious!

Because of Richie, Sharon was in a bad mood and didn't care about anything, so she stayed in the hospital for nearly a week.

During that week, the news about Linda was broadcast every day in the ward of the hospital.

On the screen, she also saw the media's various guesses about the two people, Richie and Linda.

Of course, the stupidest thing she had done was to sneak into there to have a look!

Then she saw Bryan and Troy appear there.

At that moment, she seemed to understand something!

A man never allows you to enter his social circle, which means that you are not important to him!

She sneaked out of the hospital and returned to her hometown alone.

Then she condoled her dear family there.

Standing in the forest, she finally found the answer to the p

up!" "It makes me feel that I am not valued!"

"I waited like a fool for him to go back to S city with me, but he didn't show up for a long time! I told my mother secretly that I wanted to take my boyfriend home. "When my mother called me, I didn't dare to tell the truth, so I had to find an excuse to persuade her!"

"If my father knows it, he will probably tell me not to contact him anymore!" My father would say that such a man is not reliable. He asked me not to put too much love in it! "By that time, I won't say anything at all!"

Isabel said with a melancholy expression.

Sharon listened carefully and felt her sincerity. It was not easy.

"Your company seemed to have signed a contract worth billions of dollars with German a few days ago!"

She seemed to have seen the news report in the hospital before.

"Is this the reason why he changed his mind?"

"Sharon, you are so smart!"

"Is it that all men put their career first and love is secondary?"

"Isabel, does Terrell treat you well?"

"Sometimes good, sometimes bad!"

"Then what merits do you think he has attracted you?"

"I don't know!" Isabel shook her head and smiled in bewilderment. "In fact, I have thought about it many times. I don't know what I like about him. I just fell in love with him and then became his girlfriend inexplicably!"

"Sharon, am I stupid?"

"Not stupid!" "It is human nature!"

"As far as I know, Terrell is a cold, ruthless and arrogant iron wrist president. He never cares about what he doesn't care, and even directly ignores them to the end!" "But from what you just said, I think he still cares about you!"

"He called to ask you out for dinner, which is enough to prove that he is bowing his head to you!" "But his pride and self-esteem don't allow him to be too direct, so he will only invite you to dinner in this seemingly stupid way!"

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