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   Chapter 136 Tolerance

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"President, can you let go of me first?" Sharon continued, pointing at the position of the two people, "It's very difficult to speak in this way!"

Richie pushed her down and she felt a little uncomfortable leaning against the chair.

Richie let go of his hand, but didn't retreat.

Sharon pulled up her clothes, smiled and said, "President, could you please come back a little bit and let me breathe some fresh air, or I'm afraid I can't breathe!"

"Sharon!" Richie was furious. His tolerance was on the verge of breaking out. Why didn't she understand?

Sharon shrugged her shoulders and thought, 'Fine, it doesn't matter!'

She cleared her throat and explained patiently, "I know it's my fault that I haven't come to work for so long. But don't worry. I can go to work tomorrow!"

The blue veins of Richie were twitching, and he squeezed out a line of words from his teeth, "Is that what I asked?" "I'm asking you, where have you been these days?"

Sharon said calmly, "I went out for a walk."

She went out for a walk!

Was she going to reply him with such a simple sentence?

"Where is your phone?" Why is your phone powered off? "Shouldn't you make a phone call before you go out?"

"The phone is gone!" "I can't get in touch with you!"

"Why did you lose your phone?"

"It's gone. I don't care. Boss, you asked too much!"

"Sharon, don't beat around the bush with me!"

"How dare I!"

"Can you speak normally?"

Richie finally knew that she was different!

From the very beginning till now, she had been very easy-going and always smiled.

However, his attitude had been so polite!

"I'm fine!" Sharon looked at him in astonishment, "Don't you think my tone is not gentle enough?" "My voice is high?"

It was not about gentleness or whispering! It was totally about attitude and feeling!

The phone rang. Hearing the ringtone, Richie was stunned. It was the exclusive ringtone of Linda.

He glanced at Sharon and answered the phone, "Hello, Linda!"

With a playful smile, Sharon shrugged her shoulders, took her bag and left.

When she approached the door, her wrist was grabbed. She shook it two times, but she didn't get rid of it.

Richie hung up the phone, "Where are you going?"

"President, if you don't have anything else, I'll go first!" "I have something else to do later. I have an appointment!"

"Who did you date?"

She just came back, but she couldn't wait to see others. What kind of attitude was this!

"It's my privacy. I don't think it's necessary for me to tell you!"

"You……" "Where are you going? I'll drive you there!"

"Thank you, but I don't think it's appropriate!" "Because it's not appropriate for others to gossip!"

"What are you afraid of?"

"Nothing!" "I'm doing this for your own good!"

Richie was speechless by her look. He felt that he had hit cotton with all his strength.

Richie really felt that he was going crazy.

If one's mind was set free, then everything would be in vain……

If she was willing to give up everything, then the pain and suffering she was facing at the moment would all fade away! And she could also have the peace and tranquility that she wanted the most now!

"Let the past be with the wind, with the wind, with the wind, and you just follow your heart!" Yesterday, the flowers were blooming. It was not a dream, not a dream, not a dream! Let the past be with the wind, with the wind, with the wind, and your heart was broken! "The tide will rise and fall tomorrow. It's me. It's still me... "

Cruz Qi's hoarse and indulgent voice passed through the air, like a demon entering into Sharon's ear, making her depressed and desperate in an instant!

Crystal tears fell silently, sliding down her cheeks, and finally fell into her palm, making an extremely dripping sound, as if it was a melody that had suddenly broken a nerve deep in her heart. The abdominal pain was unspeakable, and she was out of control standing on the street where people came and went. She was into an inconspicuous corner, and felt the pain and suffering.

At this time, tears became the best way to vent!

On the other side, Richie, who had been following behind, clearly saw all the emotions of Sharon at the moment, as well as the tears that had not been hidden in time. His heart was also painful and torn apart……

How he wished he could rush over and hold her tightly in his arms…… He wanted to soothe the loneliness and pain in her heart, but he knew clearly that no matter what he said, Sharon would not believe it!

As long as Linda's problem was not solved and there was no complete result, then he and Sharon would only suffer like now, and even go further and further!

And this was not the result he wanted!

However, Linda was his responsibility he couldn't refuse all his life…… He couldn't hurt her!

Because he owed Linda a happy life!

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